Gospel Songs by The Hemphills

I have just listened to a whole lot of Gospel songs by The Hemphills, so I would like to share them with you. Some of these songs have got such good words. These folks are a blessing. Be blessed.

1. The healer lives in you – a good Gospel song by The Hemphills

Jesus is in you, and He is the healer!

2. Take off those grave clothes

3. Cover your loved ones with prayer

Jesus prayed for Peter, and we must cover our loved ones with the blood of Jesus.

4. The master of the wind

Our lifeguard walks on water!

5. Consider the lilies

Good words.

6. He’s still working on me

Good words here too.

7. It’s all right & Don’t call me lucky call me blessed

My son doesn’t believe in luck.

8. Angels all around you

Angels were around Elisha.

9. The party’s over

I have a party song too that I wrote in 1982, but I haven’t uploaded it yet.

10. Jesus built this church on love


11. I claim the blood

They overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

12. Let’s have a revival


13. Paid in full

14. I came on business for the King

15. God can change the picture overnight

16. Too far gone

The Hemphills share a very important message in this gospel song.

17. When the praises go up

This gospel song by the Hemphills is very good too.

18. Walking in the light

This is swinging.

19. Uncommon love

20. Jesus saves

21. He wrote my name

If our names are not in the Lamb’s book of life, we will end up in the lake of fire.

22. The only real peace

Thank you to The Hemphills for these lovely gospel songs.

Healing Stories 2


Mr. Tollie Swart is the one mentioned in story number three who was healed of cancer of the forehead.


  1. Introduction
  2. Brain damage healed
  3. Cancer healed
  4. Blind eye opened
  5. My uncle
  6. Squint eyes
  7. Take pills or die
  8. Blood pressure healed
  9. Leg lengthened
  10. Heal or amputate!
  11. A new foot
  12. Faith comes by the word of God
  1. Introduction

After finishing the other booklet, I was lying in bed thinking of all the different parts of the body that have been healed, so I thought of doing a story on healings from head to toe. So I am going to share with you some stories of people that I have know personally, that have had fantastic healings. I do not know all the answers to life’s problems. Some people die of their diseases, while other people get healed of their sicknesses. I don’t know why. Only God knows. So I am going to share with you the positive side, and hopefully some people out there may benefit from it and get healed. Praise God.

  1. Brain damage healed

Many years ago I had some beach meetings with a guy that gave his testimony of how he was a drug pusher. The police caught him at a road block and put him in prison. He spent three months in solitary confinement, and all he had was a Bible that the chaplain had given him. So he read the Bible from cover to cover, and God healed his brain that had been damaged by the drugs. After getting out of prison he met a girl that he used to sell drugs to. She told him how she had gotten saved by believing on Jesus, and didn’t do drugs anymore. He told us how that one night he stood on a rugby field and surrendered his life to Christ. After that he went to Bible school. It is wonderful how the Lord can change someone’s life. With God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19, 26)

  1. Cancer of the forehead healed

I once knew a very holy man that had a wonderful healing. He had something grow on his forehead. One time when he was visiting an old school friend, his friend asked him if he could check the thing on his forehead. His friend, a doctor of medicine, after examining it, said that it was malignant cancer. He said he would take care of it free of charge because they were friends. However, the man declined the offer, and said he would wait a bit longer.

One day in a church service, the pastor prayed for him. He went home, and was walking in his rose garden, when the pastor came to see him. The Pastor broke off a rose and asked him: “Is this rose dead or alive?” He replied that it was dead. The pastor said that the rose would bloom some more as if it was alive, but it could not live because it’s source of life had been cut off. Then he said it was the same with the cancer. He said that when they prayed for him in church, that God cut the roots of the cancer, and it cannot live. He said it will bloom some more, but it cannot live.

My friend said that he went through about three days of terrible pain, and thought of suicide, but he held onto the pastor’s words. He said the thing on his forehead had grown to something like a cauliflower. After three days, the thing started drying up, and little by little the ‘petals’ would dry up and fall off. In the end, all that was left was a little white dot, and he showed it to us. Some months later he was visiting his doctor friend, and while they were talking, the doctor said:”Last time you were here you had cancer on your forehead, let me examine it.” After the examination, the doctor asked: “They didn’t burn it out, and they didn’t cut it out. How did they do it?” My friend answered: “I serve a God.” The doctor started crying. He was Jewish, and said: “We are supposed to be serving the same God.”

  1. Blind eye opened

One weekend I stayed with a man and his family, and he told me an incredible story. He worked at a factory where a piece of metal went into his eye, and he went blind in that eye. They had to get a special magnet from England to get the metal out. Later on, another piece of metal went in the same eye, and it went bad. (I guess they needed better safety standards at that factory). He needed to have an operation, and they took out all the back parts of the eye. (I am leaving out names of countries and places to save confusion). So it was impossible for him to ever see out of that eye again. Many years later, he was prayed for, and his eye came open. He had both hands up in the air praising God, and he could see both arms! When he told me that story, it felt like my faith went up a notch or two – if you can imagine measuring faith! To me, it was so fantastic.

  1. My uncle

When I was little, I remember my mother telling me what happened to one of my uncles. He was at a meeting where an evangelist was preaching, when the evangelist pointed to him, and told him to take off his glasses. When he did that, he could see perfectly. Apparently he could see perfectly for about two weeks, then his eyes deteriorated, and he put his glasses back on. As a little boy, I often wondered how come he lost his healing. I would have thought that it would have been permanent. In my previous book I mentioned about how my spine was healed, but then the pain came back. Maybe my uncle didn’t know about withstanding the devil to keep his healing. The devil is a thief. He will try and steal your healing, your salvation, your peace, your money, your wife, your children, your love, your possessions, and everything you have. Jesus told Peter that the devil wanted to take him and sift him like wheat, but Jesus said he had prayed for him. (Luke 22, 31)

  1. Squint eyes

Many years ago I stayed for a few days with a man who had a Gospel Drive-in Cinema on his property where he showed a movie every Saturday night. My manager told me that he used to be an alcoholic, but he got saved by faith in Jesus. He had an engineering firm in a nearby city. I remember eating with them, and he had a round table with an extra round table in the middle, slightly higher, which rotated during the meal. If for example, you wanted the salt, you just waited until the table rotated, then you took it off, used it and put it back on. I have never seen anything like that before or since. Many years later I spoke to him on the phone, and he sent me a book he had written. One story stands out to me. He said that one day six Pentecostal ministers came to speak to him, and asked him if he spoke in tongues. He said he didn’t, so they told him he should not be operating his Gospel Drive-in Cinema then. They told him he should first be filled with the Holy Spirit, and then he could work for God. I remember when I sang at the cinema, how he would give a gospel message, and invite people to flick their car lights if they wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour. He would say a prayer for them, and then show the movie. I thought he was doing a great work for God. Unfortunately, when God is blessing you, sometimes other people get jealous, and want to cause trouble.

He was so discouraged, that he got in his car, and drove to the hotel to go back to drinking. As he sat in his car at the parking lot, the Lord ministered to him, and he didn’t go in. The next Saturday night he had planned to tell the people that he was going to close down the cinema, but for some reason, he didn’t do it. After the movie was over, a couple came to speak to him. They said their little girl had squint eyes, and wondered if he would pray for her. He felt he couldn’t do it because he didn’t speak in tongues. However, to get rid of the people he said a little prayer, and they left. As he was packing away the last of the equipment, he saw a car come back into the Drive-in. It was the same couple. They said they were driving down the road when their little girl asked how come all the cars have two lights now instead of four! She was healed.

  1. Take pills or die

When I first started in the Gospel singing ministry, my manager told me how he was taking about twenty two pills a day. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was somewhere in the twenties. The doctor said that if he quits taking them, he will die. He told me how one day he gave his life over to God and flushed all the pills down the drain. He lived about another forty or fifty years after that, and died at a ripe old age. I spoke to him on the phone two weeks before he died. Each person must do what is best for them. Pray about it. By the way, you shouldn’t flush harmful pills down the drain. It all goes into the water table.

  1. Blood pressure healed

I know a man that I have stayed with a few times on my travels, and he was telling me how he got healed of blood pressure. He was in a meeting, when the man leading the song service told him to pray for a certain man in the audience. He went to the man and asked him what his problem was. He replied that he had a problem with his blood pressure. (I can’t remember whether it was high or low in both individuals). Then he thought to himself: “How can I pray for him when I have blood pressure problems myself.” However, because he was asked to pray for him, he did his duty. Later on he found that he got healed of his own blood pressure problems. So it is kind of like the teachings of Jesus that when you give away, you receive. (Luke 6, 38)

  1. Leg lengthened

I was at a youth camp once where they had a visiting business man from California. I remember a lady sitting in a chair, and the business man holding her feet in his hands. One leg was about an inch shorter than the other. I was up close and looking intently at the proceedings to make sure I saw everything that was going on. He had been using my microphone, so I was holding my microphone in front of his mouth for the amplification, so my eyes were very close. He just said: “Thank you Jesus!” It was a shock to me, because I had never heard anyone pray like that before. I was used to praying to the Father in the name of Jesus. Instantly, the legs were the same length! Afterwards, I spoke with the lady, and she told me she had been in a car accident, and had a twisted spine. Her spine came straight, and so her legs were now the same length again. She was very happy!

  1. Heal or amputate!

I remember singing in a church where a guy was sitting in a wheelchair with both his legs in plaster. There were just a few toes sticking out from each foot. Many years later I sang at a church where he was playing guitar, and he was so kind as to swap guitars with me, because I needed a guitar with a wider neck. He invited me to his house for lunch after church, and told me the whole story about his legs.

He had been driving an army truck when it hit a landmine. He was blown away from the truck with his legs wrapped around the steering column. The army left him for dead. In a few trucks behind him was his brother-in-law, who came to his aid. He told me how later on when he was in a hospital the nurse would pick up his splintered legs and drop them. She couldn’t handle it. The doctors put his legs back together again as best as they could, and hoped for the best. Each time they checked his legs, the bones would not knit together. There came a stage when the doctors said that when they checked his legs the next time, and the bones had not knitted up, they would have to amputate both his legs.

He shared this with the church, and a little girl said they must put mud on his legs like Jesus did to the blind man. The pastor then suggested that the little girl do just that. So she went outside and made some mud, and put it on his toes that were sticking out. The next time he went for x-rays, all the bones had knitted up! We serve a wonderful God. Thank you God for that little girl too. A child shall lead them.

  1. A new foot

I was invited to sing and minister at a youth camp, and I noticed a guy playing volley ball, jumping around on one leg. Out of curiosity I asked him what had happened. He told me how he was in an army unit, walking through the bush, when he heard a voice out of the sky say: “Stop!” He stopped. He turned to the man in charge behind him and asked if the area had been cleared of anti-personnel mines. The man said:  “Yes.” The next step he took was on a mine. He said that if he hadn’t been forewarned, it would have blown his whole leg off, but having been warned, he jumped, and it just blew off his foot.

During one of the services, I sang the song: “One came back,” about the leper who came back to say thank you to Jesus, when a girl in the audience shouted out that we must pray for him to get a new foot. I felt that if she had that burden to pray for him, then she should do the praying. So I asked her to do it. So she did. On the Sunday night church service, she testified how she got filled with the Holy Ghost at the camp. After the service, I asked her when she got filled with the Holy Spirit. She said that after she had prayed for the man to get a new foot, she went to a side room, and started singing in tongues!

About a year later, I was invited to sing at a big tent meeting. As we walked towards the tent, a couple walked past us and greeted us. They said we don’t remember them. I must admit, that I have met so many hundreds of people in our travels, that it was hard to remember everyone. He said he was the guy who had lost his foot. Later on they invited us to their home for supper, and he told me the whole story.

He wanted an artificial foot, but in that country, they didn’t make artificial feet. They wanted to amputate his leg just below the knee and give him a foot with a leg. He wasn’t happy with that idea, and wanted to keep everything he had. He said how he was at a Christian bookshop in town, when the lady working there told him that there was a missionary convention in town that weekend, and the American missionary that had amputated his foot would be there. Maybe he could help. So he went to the convention, and the American doctor had a friend there from England who said he would get him an artificial foot. He showed how the foot straps onto his leg. If you didn’t know him and saw him walking, you would never know it was an artificial foot. He was very happy. When the girl at the camp wanted us to pray for a new foot, I thought she meant a whole new foot growing out of his ankle. That would have been a very big miracle. So anyway, that’s how things turned out. Everyone was happy. Praise God!

  1. Faith comes by the word of God

Paul said that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  (Romans 10, 17) If we want our faith to get built up, we need to read the Bible for starters, and other faith building literature. I know it is easier to sit back and be entertained by the modern media, but we also need food for our spirits. Just like our physical bodies need regular food, in the same way our spirits need food. We need to make time for God. Jesus said that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4, 4) I grew up in a very religious home where just about everything was a sin, but I am not like that. I enjoy being entertained too, but we need to have the right balance. This is something each individual must work out for themselves. There are so many miracles and healings mentioned in the Bible, that I want to encourage you to read them over and over again to get them into your spirit.

Back in 1982 I did the Books of Mark and Revelation in pictures, and while I was doing them it did something for me on the inside. On the outside I went through a lot of persecution, but God did things to me on the inside. At the moment I am trying to do the Gospel of Mark in full colour using the paint program on the computer. I am struggling because I know my art is not as good as other peoples’ art. If it helps you to read some of the miracles and healings Jesus did in comic book format, you are welcome to check out my attempts. I think I am on chapter five. Just type in: “Gospel of Mark – Christian Comics.”

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2 Corinthians 13, 14). God bless, Don Foster.

Healing Stories 1

Don shorts fixed.crop


  1. Introduction
  2. Cracked spine
  3. Spine healed
  4. Satan tries to steal my healing
  5. Doctor’s pills and feet trouble like torment
  6. Desperation prayer
  7. Feet healed
  8. Stutterer healed
  9. The man in the wheelchair
  10. The man walks
  11. No money
  12. Satanic attacks
  13. Harry’s eye healed
  14. Growth disappears
  15. Bell’s Palsy
  16. Lady has a baby
  17. My wife has a baby
  18. Jesus healed all who came to him
  19. “Your faith” can get you healed
  20. Sin no more


  1. Introduction


There have been some rich and famous people who have died from sicknesses. All their money and fame couldn’t buy the best doctors in the world to heal them. That is the problem. Doctors and medicine cannot heal people. They can help relieve the pain, and slow down the sickness, but they cannot heal anyone. There is only one healer, and that is the God of the Bible. God said: “I am the LORD that healeth thee.” (Exodus 15, 25)


When Jesus was on earth, he demonstrated what the Father is like, by healing every single person that came to him. We can see from the ministry of Jesus, that it is God’s will for every person to be healed. Peter said that Jesus went around healing all who were oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10, 38)


So there is only one way to get healed, and that is to ask the Father in the name of Jesus to heal you. You need to ask the Father what is the problem, why you are not getting healed, then do whatever He tells you to do. How do you hear His voice? You will feel it in your spirit. Some people hear the audible voice of God, but most people don’t. You might say to yourself: “if only you could see Jesus, then you would be healed,” but Jesus said: “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet believe.” (John 20, 29)  So we can be blessed by our faith in believing, without actually seeing Jesus. I will go into details about that later in the story.


First I would like to share with you some of my own experiences, and hopefully you can get some ideas and guidance from the healings that I have received. May God bless you and heal you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as you go through this book. Remember – He loves you. In the book of Job, Satan killed all of Job’s children, and inflicted him with terrible diseases, but God loved Job, and healed him. Satan is the destroyer, but God the healer.


  1. Cracked spine


When I was 20 years old, I was a passenger in a sports car, and the driver rolled the car. I got thrown out, and when the doctor had x-rays done in the hospital, he said I had a cracked spine. I asked him he could fix it, but he said he couldn’t. After a few months in hospitals, and ‘light’ duties, the pain went away, and all seemed well. Six years later the pain came back. It was very bad. I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. To get out of bed was quite an ordeal. I would throw off the sheet and blankets, and roll onto my stomach. Then I got my left leg off the bed, then my right one. From a kneeling position, I could slowly lift up my back until it was in an upright position, and then I would stand up and go to the toilet!


  1. Spine healed


After about two weeks of terrible pain, I went to a religious meeting in a park, arranged by a businessmen’s group. They had a preacher from Australia. He asked us: “How many of you believe you are saved?” I raised my hand, because I believed I was saved. I believed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I had asked him to be my Saviour when I was young. Then he said something that shocked me. He said: “It is the same faith that heals you!” That was different to what I believed. I thought that you just needed a tiny bit of faith to get saved, but to get healed; you needed faith the size of a mountain! I didn’t have faith the size of a mountain, so it was out of reach for me!


Then he quoted a verse from the Bible. “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53, 5)  In other words, Jesus died for all our sins, and was whipped for our healing. So he said that if we believe that we are saved, then we have enough faith to be healed. It was all in the same verse, and in the same atonement. It is paid for in full! He said that Peter spoke of it as being in the past tense. “Jesus carried our sins in his own body on the cross, so that we could stop sinning, and live righteously; and by his stripes we were healed.”  (1 Peter 2, 24 – my own translation!)


It is all past tense. Jesus has already paid for all our sins and all our sicknesses. Then he challenged us. He told us that if we believed it, we were to raise our hands and say: “With the stripes of Jesus I am healed!” He put the healing within my reach. So I raised my hands and said: “With the stripes of Jesus I am healed!” Instantly, all the pain left my spine! That was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

During the day, I was asked to sing. I had just made a long playing record, and most of the back-up band was there, so they backed me on a few songs. Later, I wrote a song about healing, and it is getting more views than any of my other songs on the YouTube. It is called: “There is healing (in the name of Jesus) by Don Foster.”


  1. Satan tries to steal my healing


The next morning I got out of bed like normal. No more struggling. I took it for granted. That afternoon as I was driving my car, the pain came back. My mind went back to a story I heard from Mrs. L. She had told us how she had warts on her hands when she was young. She tried everything to get rid of the warts, but nothing worked. One day, when she was a married woman, she looked at those warts, and said words something like this: “Satan, my body belongs to the Lord Jesus, and these warts don’t belong here!” About three days later, she was vacuuming the carpet, and when she looked down, she saw all the warts were gone! She went running to her husband, dancing around him shouting: “They’re gone! They’re gone! They’re gone!” He thought she had ‘gone round the bend’ until she was able to calm down and tell him what had happened.


As I meditated on her story, I said: “Get thee behind me Satan; with the stripes of Jesus I am healed!” Then, immediately, all the pain left my spine. What a relief. In theological terms, it is called spiritual warfare. Every day the devil tried to steal my healing. When I said the above words, the pain left immediately. The pain came back every day for about three months, then once a week for a few months, then once a year. By the grace of God I am still healed – 42 years later. Sometimes when I share my story with people, they mock me and scorn me, but I can still remember how terrible that pain was, and how wonderful it was to get healed. There will always be mockers and scorners, but when you get healed, nobody can take away the reality of it from you. So forget the mockers. When they have trouble, they will know all about it. Glory to God! God must always get all the glory. He will not share His glory with another. “I am the LORD; that is my name, and my glory I will not give to another.” (Isaiah 42, 8)


  1. Doctor’s pills and feet trouble like torment


Later that year I had another problem. I was singing in a city, and I felt very sick. A lady suggested I go and see her doctor. He gave me some pills. When I took them, my skin turned a purple-reddish colour. So I stopped taking them and went to see the doctor again. He told me to stop taking the pills, and didn’t charge me for the second visit. After that I had terrible sores come out on my feet. Like scabs and oozing. I sat in the sun, hoping that the sun would dry up the problem, but the problem didn’t go away. As time went by, the problem got worse. My feet were so itchy. Every night I would scratch my feet before going to bed. After a few months I scratched my feet, and the blood came through. After that I would scratch on top of my socks. In public, I would have my feet under the table scratching with the heel of the one shoe on the top of the other. It was like torment, day and night. I kept saying: “With the stripes of Jesus I am healed,” but it didn’t work to heal my feet.


  1. Desperation prayer


After about six months, it started spreading up my legs. I imagined my whole body being covered with the scabs and oozing and itchiness. I was very scared. One day a preacher asked me: “Why don’t you pray for the sick in your services?” That was something I never wanted to do. When I was a teenager, I saw an evangelist advertize healing, but I never saw anyone get healed. So, I had made up my mind that I would never do that. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, and I didn’t want to make a fool of God. One night I lay in the bathtub before going to sing in a church service, and I got to thinking about what that preacher had said. I was desperate. So I said a desperation prayer. I said: “God, if you heal my feet, I will pray for the sick in every service.”


  1. Feet healed


That night after I had sung and played the guitar, I just felt like doing it. I invited the sick people to come to the front for prayer. Three people came out, a man and two women. Each one had back trouble. I thought: “That is easy, if God has healed my back, He can heal theirs!” The next morning the man phoned to say he was healed! He had fallen down a mine shaft and broken his back. The two women also said they were healed.


Then a few days later, it dawned on me that my feet weren’t itchy anymore. After about ten days my skin was healed, except for one spot where it had started. A scab stayed there for about three months, then it went away, but it wasn’t itchy. Praise God, I am still healed. For many years I prayed for people and many people got healed. There are so many stories.


  1. Stutterer healed


One day we came to the car to drive four hundred miles to have some church services, and the car windshield was smashed. I mention this to show how Satan works to try and stop the work of God. On the Friday night service I prayed for a boy who stuttered. After prayer, he spoke without stuttering. On the Sunday morning service, his dad came to the church and told us how his boy had stuttered since he was a baby, and struggled at school. He told how on Friday night his son came home speaking clearly. On Saturday morning he made him read a chapter from the Bible, and he didn’t stutter. He did the same Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. So he came to church to say thank you. All glory to God. When you work for God, the devil becomes your enemy. In science class at school we were taught that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is also true in the spirit world.


  1. The man in the wheel chair


One Sunday afternoon, I was reading a book about the Holy Spirit, and as I finished reading the last chapter, I felt I must give a copy of the book to a man down the street. First, I went to the washroom, and then I told my wife. As I told my wife, urgency came over me, like the Holy Spirit was saying: “Right now, hurry up and go!” I grabbed a copy of the book and my jacket and ran down the street. As I ran, I was putting on my jacket. In the Bible it says how the Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness. I think that was what I was experiencing.

As I ran down the street, I saw a man in a wheelchair. He had a short sleeve shirt on, and looked very skinny. He was flagging me down. I didn’t want to stop, I was on a mission to deliver this book, but he looked so pitiful, that I couldn’t ignore him. A story from the Bible flashed through my mind about the prophet who disobeyed the LORD, and ended up getting killed by a lion. (1 Kings Chapter 13) However, I stopped briefly to see what he wanted. He said he wanted me to push him to the Salvation Army Men’s Home. I explained that I had to deliver this book, but if he was still there when I got back, I would push him.

When I got to E… house, there was no reply when I knocked. I left the book by the door, and ran back to the man in the wheelchair. As I crossed the street, an old chorus became real to me: “It’s bubbling, it’s bubbling, it’s bubbling in my soul.” When I got to the man and started pushing him, I immediately asked him if he believed in Jesus as his Saviour. He said he did, and he said he believed he was not going to die of Multiple Sclerosis. I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about, because I had never heard of that disease before.


  1. The man walks


As I pushed him in the wheelchair, I told him how my cracked spine got healed, and how my diseased feet got healed, then I offered to pray for him. He agreed, so I laid my hands on his shoulders, and asked the Father to heal him in Jesus’ name. Then I shot a quick silent prayer up to God asking what I must do next. What popped into my mind was how Billy Graham said that Jesus told the man with the withered hand to stretch out his hand. That is why he asked the people in his meetings to come to the front of the stadium to receive Jesus as their Saviour. He believed we must do something in response to our faith.

So I told the man to test himself. Then he stuck out both his feet and said: “I think I am healed!” Then he got out of his wheelchair and took it from me, and pushed it down the sidewalk. He was shaking, so I automatically reached out towards the wheelchair. Then he shouted at me: “Don’t highjack me!” So I backed off. He was determined to do it himself. As we walked I told him how Peter walked on the water as he kept his eyes on Jesus. I told him to keep his eyes on Jesus.


  1. No money


When we stopped opposite the Salvation Army Men’s Home, he said: “Can I ask you a favour?” I said: “Sure.” He replied: “Will you buy me a cup of coffee?” Up the street was a donut shop, but I had no money. For months I had cried on my pillow for God to send me money. The church was giving us twenty five dollars a week, and after paying life insurance and car insurance, there were times we didn’t even have food to eat. I didn’t tell him my troubles, but just replied that I didn’t have any money on me, which was the truth.

Then he just started crossing the street. I ran and stopped the traffic – I didn’t want him to get run over now that he was healed. He upped the wheelchair by the curb, then at the door there was a big step, and he asked me for help. I was encouraged by what he had done at the curb, and told him to give it a try, and if he couldn’t do it, I would help. He did it himself, and said something in a foreign language, and he was gone inside the building.

As I walked back up the sidewalk where he had pushed his wheelchair, it suddenly became so real to me how Peter had ministered to the man at the Gate Beautiful in Acts chapter three: “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I unto thee, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” Wow. Peter was also poor. He didn’t have any money either! He was leader of the world church, and didn’t have any money! I got so blessed as I thought about that. I felt like I had just stepped out of the pages of the Bible. It felt like I was walking on air as I retraced the man’s steps! For months I had cried to God for money, and now God had done something that money couldn’t buy! Hallelujah! All glory to God. We serve a good God!


  1. Satanic attacks


I mentioned earlier about satanic attacks in connection with the boy that got healed of stuttering. After my experience with the leading of the Holy Spirit and the guy in the wheelchair, Satan came against me big time. The people of the church came against me and called in the head office and the district. They wanted to kick me out of the church in the middle of winter, when it was -10 C in the day and -20 C at night. We had nowhere to go. Our car was broken and we had no money. When we were in England my wife had a vision that the leader of the church was going to come against us. I didn’t want to believe her, but when we landed at the airport, the leader of the church came to get us. At a distance my wife said: “That’s the man I saw in my vision!” I still did not want to believe her, but her vision came true!

It felt like my “crucifixion” experience. The religious leader of the Jews was the one who condemned Jesus. The leader of the church told me my Bible was “no good.” It is just like my science teacher taught me – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everywhere Jesus went, the religious leaders followed him, trying to catch him in his words and plotting to kill him. Jesus said: “Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.” Matthew 5, 11-12. I am putting that in as a warning to you, so when things go wrong, you might feel that it is God working against you, but it is actually the devil that is attacking you, using people, even very religious people. The devil even used Peter against Jesus, and Jesus told him: “Get thee behind me Satan.” (Matthew 16, 23)


  1. Harry’s eye healed


On one of our visits to my parents, they told us how Harry’s eye was completely black. Harry was my sister’s cat. They said that over a period of about six months, the pupil of the eye had grown bigger and bigger until it covered the whole eye. We took the cat to the vet, and he shone a light in the bad eye, and said the cat was blind in that eye. My wife asked him if there was anything he could do for the cat. He scorned my wife saying there was nothing that could be done for the blind eye. When we pulled into the driveway at my parent’s home, my wife suggested we pray for Harry’s eye. She mentioned the tapes we had heard by Kenneth Hagin, where he quoted Jesus as saying that where two agree on earth concerning anything, it shall be done by our Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 18, 19)  Well, I didn’t have enough faith for that so I told her to pray. She told me to hold hands and just agree with her.

The next day we left, and about two weeks later my mother wrote to say that Harry’s eye was healed. She took Harry to the vet and he said there was nothing wrong with the eye. So she asked him to write a note saying that God had healed the cat’s eye, but he refused! He has to answer on the Day of Judgment. Three of the cities where Jesus did mighty miracles, he condemned, because they did not repent. He said that if those miracles were done in Sodom and Gomorrah, they would have repented in sackcloth and ashes! (Matthew 11, 20 -24)


  1. Growth disappears


Many years ago my wife had a growth on her wrist. When she went to the doctor who told her that it was a Ganglion Cyst and she would have to go the hospital overnight for an operation. He said that if they made a mistake, she would lose the use of her hand and suggested to her to smack the ganglion against the wall. At first she thought he was kidding, but he was very serious. Since he thought that it was a fairly dangerous operation she decided against the operation. After the pain became almost unbearable she hit her hand against a wall and then shrieked out in pain. I got very angry with the devil, and rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus. About three days later she showed me that the growth had gone, and it has never come back. That was about 28 years ago when Ganglion Cyst removal was not so easy. Thank you LORD! Jesus said that all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9, 23)


  1. Bell’s palsy


Many years ago my wife had Bell’s palsy, where the one side of her face was paralyzed. It was so bad. I felt hopeless and helpless. She had to wear an eye cap and I saw her closing her eyelid with her finger as there was no moisture in the eye. I didn’t know what to do. My faith felt so weak even though we had seen so many fantastic healings. This problem seemed too big for me.

Then she started listening to Derek Prince tapes and learnt about applying the Blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit told her to have communion three times a day, and tell the devil, out loud, what the Blood of Jesus bought for her while Jesus hung on the cross. She started having communion three times a day, telling the devil what the Blood of Jesus had done for her. After a week she was healed! When she went back to the doctor, he was shocked. He said he had patients who have this problem all their lives, and he could do nothing to help them. Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood on the cross of Calvary that paid for our salvation and for our healing. Thank You too for Derek Prince.


  1. Lady has a baby


When we travelled in evangelism we used to stay in the homes of various congregation members. In one city the lady of the house asked for prayer. She kneeled down by the armchair, and we laid our hands on her and asked her what her request was to which she simply replied “Unspoken request.” As we were praying my wife petitioned God to heal her womb, and felt something move under her hand. The Holy Spirit said, “Within a year you will have a son.” When we were done and were all standing her eyes were big and tears were welling up in them. She asked my wife why she prayed for her womb. My wife told her that that was what the Holy Spirit instructed her to pray. God knows what you need before you ask him, and when you serve him he will give you the desires of your heart. For fifteen years she and her husband had prayed to have a child. God heard and he answered. The next time we went to that city for meetings, she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy.


  1. My wife has a baby


My wife had many miscarriages, and it seems like she would never have any children. Once when we were at a meeting, Sister Gwen Shaw prophesied over her that in a year’s time she would have a son. The following year she was pregnant. Then the devil tried to kill our unborn son. We were working at an apartment building, and one morning at about 5am, my wife went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She walked right past the front door, and as she got into bed there was a big bang at the front door, and the fire alarms went off. Someone had set off a massive fire cracker right at our front door. A few seconds earlier, she was right by the front door, and with the fright, she probably would have lost the baby. Jesus said the devil comes to “steal, and kill and to destroy,” and he uses people to do his dirty work for him. By the grace of God, our son was born healthy and well. About a year and nine months later, we were going on vacation, and someone slashed all our car tyres. The day we left, there was a note at the front door saying that if we came back they would kill our son. So we didn’t go back. Our son is still alive. Thank you Jesus.


  1. Jesus healed all who came to him


Jesus healed everyone who came to him for healing. He never turned anyone away. He never told anyone that they were not good enough or not worthy. I think it is good practice to repent of our sins when we come for healing, to make sure there is no hindrance in the way to our healing. There was never any sickness or disease that Jesus couldn’t heal. So there is hope for everyone and whatever your problem or sickness might be, Jesus is able to heal.

In some cases there were demons involved, and Jesus cast out the demons to get the deaf and dumb healed. (Mark 9, 25) Jesus even raised the dead. There was nothing that was impossible for him. Jesus said that all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9, 23) Peter said that Jesus went around healing all who were oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10, 38) Jesus said: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14, 12)


  1. “Your faith” can get you healed


This is what Jesus taught. Many times it was Jesus’ faith that got the job done, like the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and the stilling the storm. However, there were also many times when Jesus told the people that it was their faith that got them healed. I am going to give you some examples.

Two blind men came to Jesus for healing, and he said to them: “according to your faith, be it unto you.” (Matthew 9, 29) They were both healed. So their faith in Jesus got them healed.

Jesus told the woman with the issue of blood: “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” (Matthew 9, 22) So her faith in touching his clothes got her healed.

Jesus told blind Bartimaeus: “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” (Mark 10, 52) So his calling out to Jesus resulted in getting him healed.

Jesus told the Samaritan leper: “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” (Luke 17, 19) So his obedience to Christ’s words got him healed, then he went back to say thanks.

Jesus told the centurion: “as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” (Matthew 8, 13) His faith in Jesus got his servant healed.

So it is simply by believing in Jesus that we can be healed. If we do not get healed, let us ask the Lord to show us what we must do to get healed. When He shows us by His Spirit, then we must do whatever He shows us.


  1. Sin no more


I think God expects us to smarten up and quit sinning after we have been healed. Jesus healed a man who had a physical problem for thirty eight years. He told him to take up his bed and walk. Later, he found him in the temple and said to him: “sin no more lest a worse thing come unto thee.” (John 5, 14)

We had some meetings once with a minister that had a tremendous healing ministry, and he called out a young man with a leg iron on one of his legs, with a built up shoe. He got him to sit on a chair on the stage of the city hall, and got him to take off the irons and the shoe. The one leg was a few inches shorter than the other. He prayed for him, and nothing happened. Then he said to the young man: “If the Lord heals you will you serve Him?” The young man hesitated. The minister repeated the same question and he said: “Yes.” When he said “yes” his leg lengthened to the same length as the other leg. We never saw him again at the meetings, but I heard a report that a few weeks later his leg shrunk and he had to put on the leg irons again. I was so sad to hear that. God is not a new toy to be played with. He means business.

“Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.” (Jude verses 24-25). God bless, Don Foster

Gospel Songs by Min Shaw – Evangelie Liedere

Here are a collection of gospel songs that Min Shaw sang, and that people have kindly uploaded onto the YouTube. I first heard her in about 1969 when she was a pop singer at the Bulawayo Trade Fair. She was singing and dancing around the stage with a long pony tail that was swishing all over the place. Years later we met her in South Africa, and she went into singing gospel songs.

1. I’d rather have Jesus

2. Amazing grace

3. In the garden – a Gospel song by Min Shaw

This song is based on a vision a man had of Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus at the garden tomb.

4. Whispering hope

5. The old rugged cross

6. Elke een behoort te weet

Everybody ought to know who Jesus is.

7. Halleluja

8. Jesus roep my vir ‘n sonstraal

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Min Shaw had a TV show for children that was very popular called: “The Gospel Express.”

9. Sien my kom, O Heer

10. Al wat my bekoor is Jesus

I remember my mother singing the hymn when I was small: “All that thrills my soul is Jesus.”

11. Saggies en teer

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling. If you feel Jesus calling you, remember, He is only a prayer away. Say a simple prayer, and make Him the Lord of your life. It only takes a few seconds, and you can have eternal life! There ain’t no better deal than that!

12. Gaan my nie verby

Pass me not O gentle Saviour.

13. Ek ken ‘n Naam

14. Die liefde van Jesus

15. O blye Dag

My mother used to sing this gospel song too: “Oh happy day.” She said they sang it when she was baptized in a fish pond by a petrol station on Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale, Salisbury.

16. Sonskyn

17. Die onse Vader

Our Father who art in heaven.

18. Doen slegs U wil Heer

Have Thine own way Lord.

19. God is my stem

20. By die kruis

Another hymn my mother used to sing: “In the cross.”

21. Aan God al die eer

To God be the glory, great things He has done.

22. Ware liefde deel mee

If that isn’t love.

23. Blye Môre

Beyond the sunset. The English version was written by a blind lady who was told how beautiful the sunsets were, but she looked beyond the sunsets to when she would see Jesus face to face.

24. Ek wandel met Hom

25. Blye Vere Sek’ring

26. Tel jou seeninge

Unfortunately it is not all of Min Shaw’s gospel songs, but I guess she has to make money from her recordings too. My wife wanted the song about “A special kind of man” but I couldn’t find it. Dear Min, we are very sorry to hear of your husband passing on, and we pray that good Lord will give you comfort and strength to carry on. God bless, Elize and Don.

Afrikaanse Evangelie Liedere – Gospel Songs in Afrikaans

Daar is so veel mense in Suid Afrka dat lieflike Afrikaanse evangelie liedere sing. Mag die Here vir julle amal groot skatte in die hemel gee.


1. Aan die voete van Jesus – Manuel Escorcio

2. Aan God al die eer – Min Shaw

3. Aan U gewy – Cathy Viljoen

4. Aan U, O God, my dankgesange – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk, NZ

5. Aanbiddingslied – Steven Sterling

6. Aanhouer wen – Dudley Mans

Hierdie Afrikaanse evangelie lied was vir my ‘n groot seen gewees.

7. Al die lof en die eer – Keith Eksteen

8. Al wat ek nodig het – Gershwin Prins

9. Al wat my bekoor is Jesus – Min Shaw

10. Alle nasies moet die here dien – Cathy Viljoen

As ons kan maar net die evangelie orals in die wereld verkondig.

11. Alle nasies moet die Here dien – People’s Gospel Choir

12. Alles gee ek aan die Here oor – Harald Kambrude

13.  Alles op die altar – Philip

14. Alles vir my – Retief Burger

15. As al die kerke afbrand – Rudi Claase

16. As die verlostes – Adoration Choir

17. As ek sit aan Jesus voete – Clements and Dudley Mans

18. As ek voor U voete val – Retief Burger

19. As Jesus weer verskyn – Cathy Viljoen

20. As vandag my laaste dag is – Juanita du Plessis


21. Baie diep haal Hy my uit – Bella

22. Besluit vir God se koninkryk – Johan Vercuil

23. Beste vriend – Willie en Natasha Joubert

24. Blye Môre – Min Shaw

25. Blye Veresek’ring – Min Shaw

26. Bokant die storms – Cathy Viljoen

27. Bring dit vir My – Onbeskaamd

28. By die kruis – Min Shaw

29. By Jesus se voete – Rudi Hartzer – Juanita du Plessis

30. By U is ek veilig – Eloise Saayman



31. Daar is ‘n hemel – Natasha Joubert

32. Daar is niks – Retief Burger

33. Daar is ‘n roepstem – People’s Gospel Choir

34. Daar sal nuwe winde waai – Cathy Viljoen

35. Dankie – Lance James

36. Dankie, dankie, dankie – Du Preez Stoltz

37. Dankie Here – Natasha Joubert

38. Dankie liewe Heer vir hierdie mooie lewe – Du Preez Stoltz

39. Die bewaarde van Israel – Willie en Natasha Joubert

40. Die grootste diamante – Willie en Natasha Joubert

41. Die Here bewaar my – Bella

42. Die Here het my mooi gemaak – River Church

43. Die Here is my herder – Eloise Saayman

44. Die Here is my herder – Hennie Ungerer

45. Die Here is my herder – Marichele

46. Die Here is my herder – Willie en Natasha Joubert

47. Die Here wag reeds daar – Rudi en Charne

48. Die liefde van Jesus – Min Shaw

49. Die liefde van Jesus – Willie en die Wenspan

50. Die liefde van Jesus is wonderbaar – Die 3 Menere

51. Die liefde van Jesus is wonderbaar/ Kom ons verheerlik Sy naam – Neville D

52. Die man met die purper kleed – Cathy Viljoen

53. Die onse Vader – Du Preez Stoltz

54. Die onse Vader – Min Shaw

55. Die Onse Vader – Rina Hugo

56. Die ou ruwe kruis – Mev. Maarman en Gerald Marman

57. Die skepping juig – Derick de Lange

58. Die vergetenis – Cathy Viljoen

59. Dien jy nog die Here – Leon Ferreira

60. Dit borrel in my 

61. Dit borrel in my – Hyron Keteldas

62. Dit laat my so lekker sing – Kriuskyk Harmonie

63. Doen slegs U wil, Heer – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk

64. Doen slegs U wil, Heer – Klipwerf Orkes


65. Een hart – Erika

66. Een ware vriend – Cathy Viljoen

67. Ek bid vir jou – Caroline Grace

68. Ek bou ‘n altar – Elna Haasbroek en Johan Pretorius

69. Ek het U lief O Heer – Leza Liversage

70. Ek is nou in die hemel – Pienaar

Hierdie lied raak my hart aan.

71. Ek is so bly ek behoort aan Jesus – Clemens Mans en die Kruiskyk Kewers

72. Ek ken ‘n naam – Dudley Mans

73. Ek ken ‘n Naam – Min Shaw

74. Ek kyk nie meer rondom my nie – Kruiskyk Familie Orkes

75. Ek maak nou my hart oop – Leon Ferreira

76. Ek maak nou my hart oop – Veronica Hennings

77. Ek prys U – Marietjie du Plessis

78. Ek rig my oe – Leonard J van Rensburg

79. Ek sal bid vir jou – Du Preez Stoltz

80. Ek sien die land van graan en wyn – Tillie Schutte

81. Ek sien kans vir more / Omdat Hy leef –Onbeskaamd

82. Ek slaan my oe op – Retief Burger

83. Ek sprei my vlerke – Leri du Bois

84. Ek wandel met Hom – Min Shaw

85. Ek weet die Here maak ‘n weg vir my, en Die Here is my Herder – Deon Allers

86. Ek weet op Wie ek vertrou – Agine Kisting

87. Ek weet verseker – Onbeskaamd

88. Ek weet verseker – Onbeskaamd – lewendige opname

89. Ek wil gereed wees – Brettian Productions

90. Elke een behoort te weet – Min Shaw



91. Gaan dan heen

92. Gaan dan heen, Lirieke – Flamlied

93. Gaan my nie verby – Min Shaw

94. Geen ander Heiland – Cathy Viljoen

95. Genade – Cathy Viljoen

96. Genade lied – Rina Hugo

97. Genade onbeskryflik groot – Cathy Viljoen

98. Glorie glorie – Cathy Viljoen

99. God sorg vir die mossies – Clemens Mans en Notes of Grace

100. God van reinheid – Eloise Saayman

101. God van wonders – Willie Joubert

102. Gooi uit jou nette – Cathy Viljoen


103. Halleluja – Min Shaw

104. Halleluja in my hart – Retief Burger

105. Heer, my hart verlang – Peter en Adele Nolan

106. Heilige Gees lied – Lede in Christus

107. Helder lig – Kriss Tel

108. Hemelstelefoon – Cathy Viljoen

109. Here lei my – Bella

110. Here maak my los – Namibia hymn songs

111. Here praat met my – Bernice Borman

112. Hierdie huis behoort aan God – Michael Muller

113. Hierdie kind – Jan De Wet

114. Hoe groot is ons God – Die Afrikaanse Christelike Kerk, New Zealand

115. Hoe groot is U – Ghapi 

116. Hoe groot is U – Lance James

117. Hoe groot is U – Matt Prinsloo

118. Hoe verlang ek na die hemel – Charnell Hoogbaard

119. Hoe verlang ek na die hemel – Godfrey Heyn

120. Hoop van ‘n nuwe dag – Due Season

121. Hoor Jy my stem? – Rudi Claase en Corlea Botha

122. Hou die hemel oop – Riana Nel

123. Houtkruis – Derick de Lange

124. Houtkruis – Prophet

125. Houtkruis – Romanz

126. Huise van glas – Cathy Viljoen

127. Hy genees my wonde – Hendoline Gordon

128. Hy hou die hele wereld – Willie en die Wenspan

129. Hy is nog dieselfde Jesus – Exaltation Crew

130. Hy is die liefling van my siel – Dudley Mars

131. Hy’s die lelie van die dale – Ruben Davids

132. Hy is die Here wat voorsien – Willie en Barbara Strydom

133. Hy is Jesus – Romanz en Juanita Du Plessis

134. Hy leef – Danie Botha

135. In die hemel – Derick de Lange

136. In die hemel is die Heer – Louis Britz

137. In die more – Don Foster

138. In die verre land – Virginia Lee

139. In my binnekamer – Clemens Mans

140. In U hande – Jakkie de Beer

141. In Verwondering – Louis Brittz, Retief Burger, Neil Buchner en Helmut Meijer


142. Ja ek weet – Cathy Viljoen

143. Jerusalem – Du Preez Stoltz

144. Jerusalem – Ge Korsten

145. Jerusalem – Ge Korsten en Rina Hugo

146. Jesus ewig trou – Agine Kisting

147. Jesus gaan nou hier verby – Cathy Viljoen

148. Jesus gee krag – Cathy Viljoen

149. Jesus gee krag – Veronica Hennings

150. Jesus is die soetste naam vir my – Ben Otto – concertina

151. Jesus is die soetste naam/soetste loflied – kerk diens – Dawie Kruger

152. Jesus kom praat met die storm – Frank Jansen

153. Jesus le Sy lewe neer – Calvino Watt

154. Jesus lewe – Kelsey Sprye

155. Jesus ons loof U – Retief Burger

156. Jesus roep my vir ‘n sonstraal – Min Shaw

157. Jesus sal nimmer se nee – Cathy Viljoen

158. Jesus van gister – Veronica Hennings

159. Jou God sal jou deurdra – Willie en Natasha Joubert

160. Julle moet mekaar bemin –Bella

161. Jy het te ver gekom om nou weer hier om te draai – Suster Sussa

162. Jy maak my vry – Du Preez Stoltz


163. Ken jy die man van Golgota? – Tillie Schutte

164. Kenner van my hart – Eloise Saayman

165. Keurspel video – Deon Allers

166. Kind van God – Bella

167. Kind van God – Cathy Viljoen

168. Kom Jesus kom – Retief Burger

169. Kom jubel in die Here – John D Oranje

170. Kom kneel hier by die kruis – Linda Jansen van Vuuren

171. Kom loof die Heer – Deon Allers

172. Kom loof die Here saam met my – Veronica Hennings

173. Kom ons verheelik Sy naam – concertina – Ben Otto

174. Kom O Skepper Gees – Mariette la Grange

175. Koningskind – Juanita du Plessis

176. Koning van die konings – Oase Gemeente

177. Koortjie keurspel

178. Kyk ‘n troon – Onbeskaamd

179. Kyk na die Lam – Jan De Wet


180. Laat, Heer, U vrede deur my vloei – Ryan Walt

181. Leer ons om dankbaar te wees – Manuel Escorcio

182. Lees jou Bybel – Willie en die Wenspan

183. Leeu van Juda – Retief Burger

184. Lied van die Here – Ronell Erasmus

185. Lied van die Here – Rudi en Charne

186. Lig jou hande nou bo – Magtige Mans Konferensie 2010

187. Loof die Here Hy is goed – Lede in Christus 

188. Loof Hom met die tromme – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk, NZ

189. Loof Hom met die tromme – Willie en die Wenspan

190. Loof sy naam – Cornwell Bock

191. Loop of die water – Juanita du Plessis

192. Los die wereld en sy slimheid – Cathy Viljoen

193. Luister my siel – Eloise Saayman

194. Mag die Here jou seen – Willie Joubert


195. Maria nooi van Naseret – Cathy Viljoen

196. Met elke druppel bloed – Danie Botha

197. Met My eie hand red ek jou – Crystal Josephs

198. Met my God – Onbeskaamd

199. Moenie moed verloor nie – Nada Herandien-Anta Khoisan

200. More sal die son weer skyn – Billy Paulson

201. More sal die son weer skyn – Cathy Viljoen

202. More sal die son weer skyn – Leon Ferreira

203. More sal die son weer skyn – Veronica Hennings

204. My bewaarder – Cathy Viljoen

205. My God so groot – Willie en die Wenspan

206. My hande hef ek op na U / Kom buig daar in aanbidding – Onbeskaamd

207. My Koning, Heer – Jean Marais

208. My Pa is die koning – Juanita Du Plessis

209. My Pa is die koning  – Marius van Niekerk

210. My Staatmaker – Trinity


211. Naby die hart van God – Melvin en Letina

212. Nader my God by U – Du Preez Stoltz

213. Nagmaalslied – Johan Erasmus

214. Neem my lewe, laat dit, Heer – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk, NZ

215. ‘n Wonderwerk vir jou – Clemens Mans

216. Nogtans – Onbeskaamd

217. Nogtans – Retief Burger

218.. Nooit alleen – Mirelda Josephs

219. Nuwe Generasie – Brettian Productions


220. O blye Dag – Min Shaw

221. Oe van ‘n kind – Cathy Viljoen

222. O Heer my God – Elvis Blue

223. O Heer my God – Johanni Louw

224. O Heer my God – NG Kerk

225. O Heer my God – Veronica Hennings

226. O Heer vergewe my – Willie Joubert

227. O loof die Heer – Remalia Esau

228. Omdat Hy leef – Eloise Saayman

229. Omdat jy nie jou kruis wou dra nie – Piet Smit

230. Ons gaan juig daar in die hemel – Steentjies

231. Ons Koning kom  – Juanita du Plessis

232. Ons noem Hom Saligmaker – Ellenore Van Rooi

233. Ons prys Sy naam – New Identity

234. Ons prys U – Laat die aarde juig – Retief Burger

235. Onse Vader – Angus Buchan diens

236. Onthou net die kruis – Cathy Viljoen

237. Onvergelykbare God – Onbeskaamd

238. Oorwinningslied – Kosie Beukes

239. Oorwinningslied – Piet Smit

240. Oorwinningslied / Dan moet ek juig – Onbeskaamd


241. Pinkster herlewing – Louis en Sarie Fourie

242. Pinkster herlewing – Paul van der Walt

243. Prys die Heer – Oase Gemeente



244. Roep Sy naam – Jonathan Rubain

245. Roep Sy naam – Remalia Esau


246. Saggies en teer – Min Shaw

247. Saggies en teer – Virginia Lee

248. Seen Suid Afika – JP le Roux

249. Seisoene – Godfrey Heyn

250. Sien my kom, O Heer – Min Shaw

251. Sing ‘n hallelujah – VirAnder

252. Skuil net by U – Soulsisters

253. Soos bloed – Derick de Lange

254. Soos ‘n vreemdeling – Notes of Grace

255. Spring in die bad van Betesda – Joyous Celebration

256. Spore in die sand – Piet Smit

257. Staan dan weer op – Bella

258. Stille nag – Onbeskaamd

259. Strome van seen – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk, NZ

260. Sy liefde dra my – Reggie Booysen

261. Sy liefde is wonderbaar – People’s Gospel Choir


262. Te wees soos Jesus – Deon Allers

263. Tel jou seeninge – Afrikaanse Christen Kerk, NZ

264. Tel jou seeninge – Min Shaw

265. Tevergeefs le jy wakker – Derick de Lange

266. Toe begin ek lewe – Dudley Mans

267. Twee growwe hande – Piet Smit


268. U is heilig – Patrick Duncan – Jonathan Rubain

269. U is in my hart – Cathy Viljoen

270. U is liefde –Jakkie de Beer

271. U is my vriend – Donovan Isaacs

272. U is my God – Danie Botha

273. U is my lewe – Eloise Saayman

274. U is waardig om die boek te neem – Kruiskyk instrumentee

275. U’s my God – Retief Burger en Riana Nel

276. U’s my Here wat ek lief het – Eloise Saayman

277. U naam is wonderbaar – Michelle Oosthuizen

278. U regeer – Die Afrikaanse Christelike Kerk, New Zealand

279. U stil die lewens storms – Cathy Viljoen

280. U troon staan vir ewig  – Eloise Saayman


281. Vader ek le my lewe neer – Du Preez Stoltz

282. Vader maak U arms oop – Don Foster – Gospel song in Afrikaans

283. Vader vat my hand – Du Preez Stoltz

284. Veilig by U – Rozaan en Rafkin

285. Verbly jou in die Here – Sarina

286. Vergewe nou – Don Foster

287. Visvang vir Jesus – Willie en die Wenspan

288. Vlieg hoog – Juanita du Plessis

289. Voor die bad van Betesda – Deon Allers

290. Vrou van Samaria – Sechaba


291. Waarlik – Ek het U lief – Onbeskaamd

293. Waardig is die Heer – Freda Francis

294. Waarlik vry – Cathy Viljoen

295. Waarom maak ons mekaar so seer – Andrew Seekoei

296. Waarom min ek Jesus – Cathy Viljoen

297. Want jy is Sy liefling – Paul en Welma van der Walt

298. Ware liefde deel mee – Cathy Viljoen

299. Ware liefde deel mee – Min Shaw

300. Wat is die mens – Cathy Viljoen

301. Wat ‘n mooie naam – Louis en Sarie Fourie

302. Wat ‘n vreugde – Cathy Viljoen

303. Wat ‘n vriend het ons in Jesus – Rina Hugo en Hi-5

304. Wat ‘n vriend het ons in Jesus – Tillie Schutte

305. Wat sal jou antwoord wees – Suster Sussa

306. Wees U my toevlug – Oase Gemeente

307. Weet jy waarom – Nadine Moses

308. Weet jy wat dit sal kos – Jessica Tromp – Afrikaanse Evangelie liedere




Handelinge Hoofstuk 9


Okt.24.2021. Gisteraand, in the middel van die nag, gaan ek badkamer toe, en ek was verbaas dat ek besik was om ‘n lied te sing wat ek nog nooit gesing het nie. “O my siel wees bly.” Vir my is dit ‘n teken dat die koms van Jesus is naby, en ons moet gereed wees. Broer en suster ons moet probeer om siele vir die Here te wen voor dit te laat is. Hier is die lied op die YouTube.

O my siel wees bly

Latter Rain Mission

LedeinChristusKerk Potchefstroom

Daniel Matthysen

Jan Strydom