Gospel Songs by Virginia Lee

When I was growing up in Rhodesia, I heard Virginia Lee a few times on the radio. So I would like to feature some of her gospel songs here.

1. Jesus send a song

2. Royal telephone

This was a like a hit gospel song when I was young.

3. Beyond the sunset

4. Each step of the way – Virginia Lee Gospel Song

5. Invisible hands

6. Let me be worthy

This song is running through my mind again. I must have heard it years ago, but I didn’t realize it was from Virginia Lee.

7. Across the bridge

8. Old rugged cross

9. Why me Lord

I first heard this song by Kris Kristofferson. I think it is one of the few gospel songs that he has written.

10. Amazing grace

11. Saggies an teer

This is an old gospel song called “Softly and tenderly” in English. Here Virginia Lee sings it in her mother tongue.

12. In die verre land

This song seems to be the Afrikaans version of Across the bridge. I hope Virginia Lee made it safely across. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.

Country Gospel Songs by Slim Whitman

When I was a little boy, someone had a record of Slim Whitman singing country gospel songs, and I loved it. Some of those songs are featured here, and I hope they are a blessing to you. I had 36 songs listed, but most of them have been taken off the YouTube. So I will try again. Slim Whitman has come to the end of the way, and I trust he has made it safely into the arms of Jesus. I think these country gospel songs are a tribute to his faith in Christ. This morning as I watched the sunrise I was singing: “Sunrise tomorrow.”

  1. A closer walk with Thee
  2. A satisfied mind
  3. Beyond the sunset
  4. Carried on the shoulders of the Shepherd
  5. Each step I take
  6. Face to face
  7. God be with you till we meet again

8. God’s hand in mine – LP

Track No.1…With God’s Hand In Mine (3.08) 2…He Bought My Soul At Calvary (6.26) 3…What A Friend We Have In Jesus (9.03) 4…He Reached Down His Hand (12.10) 5…A Miracle Of Love (14.44) 6…Carried On The Shoulders Of The Shepherd (17.29) 7…My Father Watches Over Me (20.07) 8…How Great Thou Art (23.00) 9…He Set My Tears To Music (25.17) 10…Who At My Door Is Standing (28.07) 11…He’ll Understand And Say Well Done (30.38) 12…The Love Of God

9. Have Thine own way Lord

10. He

11. He bought my soul at Calvary

12. He keeps me singing

13. How great Thou art

14. I know who holds tomorrow

15. I will pilot thee

16. I’ll fly away

17. I’ll never pass this way again

18. I`ll walk with God – single song

19. I’ll walk with God – LP

Track No. 1…I’ll Walk With God (3.05) 2…Whispering Hope (5.52) 3.,..I’m A Pilgrim (7.58) 4…An Evening Prayer (10.20) 5…Jesus Took My Burden (12.30) 6…Sunrise (17.09) 7…Walk Beside Me (19.18) 8…Each Step I Take (22.12) 9…The Great Judgement Morning (25.01) 10…He Lives On High (26.54) 11…Today Is Mine (28.38) 12…When I Go To My Garden

20. I’m a pilgrim

21. It is no secret

22. I’ve got a mansion

23. Jesus took my burden  – and left me with a song

24. Lord, Help me be as Thou

25. Miracle of love

26. Precious memories

27. Riding the range for Jesus

28. Sunrise tomorrow

29. Sunrise tomorrow (a different  version – older I think)

30. Suppertime

31. The love of God

32. There’s a goldmine in the sky

33. Today is mine

34. Under His wings

35. Walk beside me

36. What a friend we have in Jesus

37. When I go to my garden each morning

38. Whispering hope

39. Who at my door is standing?

Country Gospel Songs

Country Gospel Songs are my favorite type of music, so I am sharing some songs with you that I enjoy, and hope you enjoy them too. God bless America, and the rest of the world.

1. The Old Country Church – The Browns

2. They tore the old country church down – Victor’s Quartet

3. Me and Jesus – Tom T. Hall

4. The baptism of Jesse Taylor – Tanya Tucker – Country Gospel song

Someone came onto my website looking for “Who wrote the baptism of Jesse Taylor.”  I believe it was Johnny Russell.

5. I want to stroll over heaven with you

6. I saw the light – Bill Anderson

7. Just a closer walk with thee – Patsy Cline

8. They tore the old country church down – Jake Hess and The Imperials

9. Little old country church house – Stanley Brothers

10. Where the soul never dies – Jim and Jesse

11. Father on – Alaska String Band

12. Lily of the valley – Jesse Lee Campbell

13. The Family Bible – George Jones

14. I’m using my Bible for a road map  –  Sunnyside Bluegrass Gospel

15. Turn your radio on – Down Under Bluegrass Band

16. In the sweet bye and bye – Ben Hester

17. When we all get to heaven – Bill Jolliff Band

18. Higher ground – The Purple Hulls

19. Bluegrass Gospel Medley – The Isaacs

20. Satisfied – The Kingsmen “live”

21. What a day that will be – Southern Raised

22. A friend in high places – Joyce Igo

23. It’s all about Him – Alan Jackson

24. Suppertime – Jimmie Davis

25. God walks these hills with me – Porter Wagoner

26. Lord build me just a cabin – Hebron Boys

27. Mansion over the hilltop – Dailey and Vincent

28. I’ll never be lonely again – Carol and Jimmy Snow

29. Wait a little longer please Jesus – Daniel.O’Donnell

30. I once knew a preacher man – Don Foster

I wrote a few hundred songs when I was young. This is one of them, based on a true story.

31. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me – Tom and Debbie Trammel

On our first visit to America, we heard a lady sing this song in church, and it found a place in my heart.

32. What would you do (if Jesus came to your house) – Porter Wagoner

33. Please don’t send me to Africa – Scott Wesley

This is a very funny song. Well done Scott.

34. Be careful of stones that you throw – Hank Williams

35. The farmer and the Lord – Jimmy Dean

36. The outlaws prayer – Johnny paycheck

Johnny gets kicked out of church for his long hair, then he remembers seeing a picture of Jesus with long hair.

37. Kneel and let the lord take your load – Marty Robbins

38. The baptism of Jesse Taylor – Donna Fargo

I have this one earlier, but here it is again by Donna Fargo. I first heard this song back in 1976, when we were visiting in Virginia, USA. I heard this it on somebody’s car radio, and loved it. Back in South Africa, I found it in a record store in Hillbrow, sung by Connie Smith, so I bought it, and sang it. It means a lot to me. I have met some people in South Africa who were like Jesse Taylor, and whose lives have been changed by faith in Jesus.

39. Why me Lord – Kris Kristofferson

Back in the 70′s I sang at a high school in Roodepoort, and a schoolboy lent me this record, which I sang quite often.

40. The Fourth Man – Johnny Cash

I had a record of Johnny Cash singing this song. In Germiston we had a big yard at one house where we stayed, and we used to make a fire in the garden, and sit around it singing. I often used to start with this song as we sat staring at the fire.

41. The Old Account – The Peasall Sisters

I used to sing this song a lot when I was young.

42. Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now – The Happy Goodmans

I heard this song back in the 60′s by Jimmy Swaggart, and am so pleased to find it here by The Happy Goodmans.

43. Come and dine – Ashlee Blankenship & Blades of Blue

44. I was born to serve the Lord – Becky Thornton and the Alder Creek Bluegrass Band

45. I`m a poor rich man – The Gospel Plowboys

46. Jesus got a hold of my life – John McKay

47. The world didn’t give it to me – Tammy Faye

48. Each step I take – Victor’s Quartet

49. Why me Lord – told and sung by Kris Kristofferson

It is very interesting to hear the story behind the song.

50. The hem of His garment – Cowboy Copas

I heard this song on a record at Pastor Ogden’s house in 1966 when I was doing military training in Gwelo, and it is so nice to find it again on the YouTube. May God bless these people who are loading up these wonderful songs.

51. He knows just what I need – Booth brothers

52. Soon and very soon – Praise Him

53. Put your hand in the hand – Praise Him

54. Shouting time in heaven “live” – Gaither Homecoming – The Hoppers

55. Little boy from the carpenter shop – Bonnie (Edwards) Wallace

I have sung this song many times. It has a very powerful message. I first heard it on a record by Andre Pelser, when I had meetings with John Hitchcock in Fort Victoria (Rhodesia).

56. Jesus said it – Sign R.A.C.

I think this is to do with sign language, but it reminds me of a dancing church we had meetings with when we first visited America.

57. Excuses – Kingsmen “live”

He cannot remember all the words.

58. Excuses – Kingsmen

This version has the full words of the song.

59. I love you Jesus – Wanda Jackson