Gospel Songs by Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner sings lots of good old Gospel Songs. When I was in South Africa, I had three LP records of him singing Gospel Songs. They were a great blessing and inspiration to me. I wish I could find them all on the YouTube.

1. What would you do if Jesus came to your house?

This is the very first song I heard by Porter Wagoner, backed by the Blackwood Brothers. It made a tremendous impression on me.

2. Life’s railway to heaven

I hope he arrived safely through the pearly gates singing this old gospel song.

3. Pastor’s absent on vacation

I sang this gospel song in a church once, and the pastor got very angry with me, and I never sang it again. I have nothing against people taking vacations, but I just feel that when the pastor goes on vacation, there should be a replacement preacher.

4. Trouble in amen corner

I had a record of Jim Reeves singing this song, and it has a lot of truths.

5. Suppertime – Porter Wagoner Gospel Song

I had a record of Jim Reeves singing this song too.

6. Canaan’s Land

I love the banjo picking.

7. God walks these hills with me

8. A Satisfied Mind

I remember hearing this song on the radio in Rhodesia. Perhaps it was Porter Wagoner.

9. Rank Strangers

I had this on a Porter Wagoner record.

10. A picture from life’s other side

Although this is not actually a gospel song, it makes me think about people and their needs.