Healing Songs

1. God is a good God – Richard Roberts

Last night I got to thinking of Oral Roberts and this song. When I was little, my parents had magazines of Oral Roberts and all the testimonies of healing.

2. Touching Jesus – Unknown Woman

Very nice country style.

3. He is here – Robin Herd

This song feels very holy.

4. Reach out and touch the Lord – A.A. Allen

Old tent meeting. A great blessing.

5. Let me touch him – Four Men

A “live” recording. Before they sing, one man tells how his Dad, Vep Ellis, got inspired to write this song. Very interesting.

6. Oral Roberts – Outstanding miracles sampler

Oral Roberts has had so many incredible miracles. I have read some of his books.

7. Rise and be healed – David Harper

A “live” recording.

8. I believe in miracles – Steve Brock and Benny Hinn

9. Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this place – Benny Hinn – Healing worship

At one of Benny Hinn’s meetings.

10. Earnest Angley – Healing ministry

I have seen him on TV, ministering in Namibia, where lots of people were healed, and demons driven out.

11. Angel stories – Joan Anderson

I read a book by Joan Anderson of incredible stories of how God has helped people.

12. The healer is here

I got inspired to write this song at a house meeting while we were praying for a lady who needed healing.

13. There is healing in the name of Jesus

I got inspired to write this song after my cracked spine got healed.

14. The healer – Mitchell Britt

15. Healing stream – The Isaacs

16. The healer is here (with lyrics)