Gospel songs by The Cameron Family and Roy Turner

I heard a couple of gospel records by The Cameron Family and Roy Turner back in 1971 when I was visiting South Africa. I stayed a few months with Mr. Willie Roeland who had visited Scotland, and came back with the records. So I learnt a few of their songs.

1. The Dancing heart  – Robert Cameron

I have sung this song all over Southern Africa back in the 70’s.

2. All over the world the spirit is moving – A gospel song by The Cameron Family and Roy Turner

This was a favourite chorus at many meetings during the 70’s.

3. It’s setting me free this Holy Ghost power – Roy Turner

I remember this song from one of the records.

4. All over the world – Edinburgh Festival

Here is a bunch of bands and hundreds of people singing this chorus in Scotland. It was written by Roy Turner.

5. Just a touch of the nail pierced hand – Roy Turner

6. I’m getting ready in the latter rain – Roy Turner

7. Bring your heavy burden to Jesus – Roy Turner

8. There’s not another place like Calvary – Roy Turner

9. Sing, people sing – Roy Turner

10. It’s the latter rain revival in me – Roy Turner

11. After the storm – Roy Turner

12. Lonely, lonely, sad and blue – Roy Turner

13. No winter now – Roy Turner

14. The hand that holds the world – Roy Turner

I am glad I found these songs today, and I hope they are a blessing to you.