The other month as I was going for a walk, a lady said to me “Happy Easter.” I just smiled at her, as I was hesitant to speak that word, because I knew it was a sin to speak the name of that pagan goddess. About 40 years ago, when the Holy Spirit ministered to me, I read in the Bible where God said we must not speak the names of other gods, neither must it be heard out of our mouths. (Exodus 23:13) The only time that “E” word is found in the King James Bible, is in connection with King Herod wanting to have Peter’s head cut off. (Acts 12:4) However it seems like King James had the wrong translation, because in the Greek Interlinear New Testament, and in Strong’s Concordance the word is “passover.” So King James will have to give an account for that on the day of judgment.

When that lady said that to me, it felt like she was saying: “Happy beheading” because King Herod wanted to cut off Peter’s head after “E”. However, a few days later, I felt I must look at the happy side, and thought of the expression found in the monopoly game: “Get out of jail free.” Jesus had prophesied to Peter that he would live to be old, and I guess that is why Jesus sent his angel to get him out of prison. Unfortunately, all the soldiers that were guarding him were put to death, and it wasn’t even their fault.

Something I don’t understand is that most people seem to think that the “E” goddess had something to with the resurrection of Jesus, but that is completely different to what is written in the Bible. Paul wrote to the church in Rome that the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead, (Romans 8:11) but the Romans seem to think it has something to do with a pagan goddess! That is totally weird! It is totally different to what is written in the Bible. In Isaiah 42:8, God said: “I am YAHWEH, that is my name. I will not give my glory to another, or my praise to a graven image.” Each version of the Bible gives slightly different translations. Everybody believes differently, but bear in mind that each person must one day give an account on the day of judgment. So many people think I am crazy, but I have read the Bible many times, and the Holy Spirit has ministered to me many times. I cannot go against the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Actually, according the calendar on my wall, Passover was on sunny day Mar.28.2021. The “E” word was on sunny day Apr.2.2021. Forty years ago, when I was a pastor of a church, the leader of the church told me that I must have a meeting on “Good Friday” at 11 am to celebrate Christ’s death. However, in the Bible it said that Jesus died in the afternoon. But Jesus was the passover lamb, and he died at passover. Jesus had nothing to do with a sex goddess! Maybe some people think he was sexy while hanging naked on the cross, but to me it was shameful. There he was hanging naked in front of his mother, and the women who followed him, together with all the mockers jeering at him. Did you know that friday is named after the ‘goddess of love and marriage?’ Her real name is frigga. Everything in the Roman calendar is based on pagan gods and idols. In the Bible Jesus said: “Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” The God of the Bible is the God of love and marriage! I keep feeling a burden to tell people the truth, because it seems like nobody reads the Bible anymore, they all just follow whatever anybody tells them to do. Jesus said: “Follow me.” Beloved, we are supposed to follow Jesus!