Gospel Songs by Glen Campbell

Back in the early 70’s I bought an LP record of Glen Campbell singing gospel songs. Here are a selection I found on YouTube, and I hope they will be a blessing to you.

1. Jesus and me

2. Father along – with Larry Gatlin

3. Amazing Grace – he plays the bagpipes too

Wow, Glen Campbell has a lot of talent.

4. Try a little kindness – My favorite Glen Campbell gospel song

5. A Satisfied Mind

An old one done to a different beat.

6. Come harvest time

7. I will arise

8. In the garden

Beautiful garden pictures. Glen Campbell makes this old gospel song sound different to other versions.

9. No more nights

A lovely gospel song with beautiful pictures.

10. Peace in the valley

An old standard done in a different way.

11. This Savior I sing of today

12. He

13. I knew Jesus before He was a superstar

14. Oh Happy day

Glen Campbell does this old gospel song very nicely.

Country Gospel Songs by Jerry Lee Lewis

Back in about 1971 I was having some meetings in Pretoria, and I found a record  of Jerry Lee Lewis singing country gospel songs. It was such a big blessing to me.

1. Amazing Grace

2.  Blessed Jesus hold my hand

3. Down the sawdust trail

This country gospel song was such a blessing to me when I had it on a record by Jimmy Swaggart.. Jerry Lee Lewis sings it nice too.

4. Gather round children

5. He looked beyond my fault

We all have our faults, and Jerry Lee Lewis often mentions his.

6. How great Thou art

One of the greatest worship songs ever written.

7. I know that Jesus will be there – with Linda Gail

Such a lovely song.

8. I saw the light – with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins

9. I shall not be moved – Million Dollar

10. If we never meet again

One of my all time favorites.

11. I`ll fly away – with Carl and Johnny

12. I’ll fly away – with Mickey Gilley

13. I’m longing for home

14. I’m using my Bible for a roadmap – Wait a little longer please Jesus – I long to see Jesus

Dear friend – please read the Bible.

15. In the garden

A “live” performance – I think it is in Austin Texas.

16. Jesus on the mainline

When we first visited America, the church we visited sang this one.

17. Just a little talk with Jesus –  Million Dollar Quartet

Elvis does the lead singing here.

18. Life’s railroad to heaven – with steel guitar

19. Lily of the valley

This old one takes me way back to my childhood days when my mother sang it in the kitchen while I was playing with my toys outside.

20. Looking for a city

21. Lord, I’ve tried everything but You

Maybe you have tried everything, and are not happy, so why not try the Lord?

22. My God’s not dead – A Jerry Lee Lewis Country Gospel Song

I found this song so exciting.

23. My God is real

“I cannot tell, just how you felt, when Jesus took your sins away.” Have you repented of your sins and received Jesus as your Savior? If not, do it now, before it is too late. I was nearly killed by a car when I was little.

24. Old country church

25. Old rugged cross

26. Old Time religion

27. On the Jericho road

28. Peace in the valley – Million Dollar Quartet

29. Precious memories – “live” – talking

30. Precious memories – talking – with photos

31. Softly and tenderly

32. Softly and tenderly – Million Dollar Quartet

33. Speak a little louder to us Jesus

34. Swing down sweet chariot – with the Rust College Quintet

35. This train – with Carl, Roy and Johnny

Carl says it is the last train.

36. This world is not my home

37. Too much to gain to lose

I have often sung this song from Mr. Lewis’ country gospel record. Thanks Jerry Lee.

38. What a friend we have in Jesus 1980

39. What Will My Answer Be

40. When the saints go marching in

In the New Testament, the word “saint” is mentioned 66 times, while the word “Christian” is only mentioned 3 times. (KJV)

41. When they ring those golden bells

42. Where He leads me

This is a very powerful old gospel song. There is one very serious verse he doesn’t sing: “I’ll go with Him through the judgment.”

43. Will the circle be unbroken

This looks like it is at a memorial service for Johnny Cash and June Carter.

44. Old time religion (Memphis Church 1970) 

Old Time Religion: Rare Recordings Of Jerry Lee Lewis In Church Preachin’, Shoutin’ and Singin’ at Brother Davis’ Parish, December 13, 1970 01 – Looking For A City 02 – I’m Longing For Home 03 – Life’s Railway To Heaven (Blessed Savior Thou Will Guide Us) 04 – Someone Who Cares 05 – If We Never Meet Again 06 – Down The Sawdust Trail 07 – Peace In The Valley 08 – Precious Memories 09 – The Old Rugged Cross 10 – It Will Be Worth It All 11 – I Know That Jesus Will Be There 12 – I’m In The Glory Land Way 13 – Tomorrow May Mean Goodbye 14 – Amazing Grace 15 – On The Jericho Road 16 – I’ll Fly Away 17 – My God Is Real 18 – What Will My Answer Be 19 – I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone 20 – Keep On The Firing Line

Gospel Songs by Tom and Debbie Trammel

I was listening to these folks one day, and they were a great blessing to me. I hope they will be a blessing to you too. Here are Tom and Debbie Trammel, with Butch Crawford on the drums.

1. Little mountain church

2. I need You more today than I did yesterday

3. Thank You Lord for Your blessings on me

4. Roses will bloom again

5. I’m all prayed up

6. I couldn’t make it without Him

7. Speak the word Lord

8. Old fashioned altar

9. I’m glad I know Jesus

10. Two more hands up raised

11. Old chunk of coal

12. Serving the Lord

13. You can count on me

So I hope you enjoyed having some fellowship with Tom and Debbie Trammel, and Butch Crawford. God bless.

Gospel Movies

Bob Sutton and me
Bob Sutton and myself.

Bob Sutton was the owner of Religious Film Service in Salisbury. I went into the ministry as a gospel singer in 1970, with Bob Sutton as my manager. He would loan me films to take with me on the road.

1. Heaven is for real – trailer

I just watched this movie yesterday (May 8.2016) on Netflix. It is tremendous. Do yourself a favour, and find a way to see it. Filmed in Canada in 2014.

2. The Cross and the Switchblade

Back in the 70’s a friend showed this movie at a city hall, and I gave the invitation for salvation, and about 40 came to the front to give their lives to Christ. Won’t you surrender your life to Christ today?

3.  Wiretapper

I saw this movie in the 1960’s when I was a teenager, and I felt it was the best gospel movie I had ever seen.

4. Jesus of Nazareth in English

6 hours – a wonderful movie.

5. Jesus of Nazareth

With subtitles in another language.

6. ITBN Gospel Movies page 1

These folks have a whole lot of Gospel Movies.

7. ITBN Gospel Movies page 2

More movies.

8. Venture into faith

This is an Oral Roberts production that I saw in the 60’s. God is still able to heal you today. There is about a 10 minute introduction.

9. A hospital monitor films a demon on a dying patient

Jesus told a story of a rich man who died, and opened his eyes in hell. Luke 16, 23. Receive Jesus as your Saviour now, or the demons will takes you to hell. If you are saved, the angels will take you to paradise.

10. Left behind – Movie Trailer starring Nicolas Cage

I watched this movie the other day, and it was done very well. I borrowed it from the local library.

11. The last reformation – trailer

My friend in Switzerland mentioned this in her email, and I thought it was very interesting.

12. The last reformation – Full movie

I have only watched 37 minutes the other day, but it is very good. Just praying for people on the streets – and seeing them get healed.

13. Noah’s ark found

Ron Wyatt and his team could have been kidnapped and killed by the terrorists.

14. The Gospel of John (2003) – The Good News Bible

This is word for word from the Bible. I started watching it yesterday, just to get an idea of what it would be like, and ended up watching the whole 3 hour movie! It was such a blessing. Some parts were done very well, like the turning of water into wine, and the nobleman’s son. Also, Peter and the rooster. Mary Magdalene at the tomb.

15. Pureflix

Recently my wife found this site where you pay a monthly fee and watch movies that have no swearing or blasphemy. I have watched a few of them and enjoyed them very much. I watched a surfing movie and a couple of westerns. It was so nice the way the people mentioned Bible verses, and in  the surfing movie, the guy and girl both gave their hearts to the Lord. Unfortunately, it is only available at the moment in The USA and Canada.

16. The Ten Commandments – Animated movie

I watched this movie today and I was very impressed. These artists are so good. It does not stick exactly to scripture, but it is very well done. I recommend it.

17. Left behind 1

18. Left behind 2 – Tribulation force

19. Left behind 3 – World at war

I just watched this movie the other night, and it was done very well.

20. Superbook – A giant adventure

A cartoon movie of David and Goliath – with some modern day children going in a time machine back to the Bible days. It is done very well.

21. The life story of Jesus Christ

A cartoon movie of John the disciple on the Isle of Patmos telling Roman soldiers the story of Jesus. This too is done very well.

Gospel Songs by Hank Williams

One night late when I was listening to the radio in my taxi, a guy on the radio said that Hank Williams sang a lot of gospel songs. I was amazed at the number I have found on the YouTube, and I hope they will be a blessing to you.

1. At the cross

2. I’ll fly away

3. I saw the light

4. Jesus remembered me

Back in the 60’s Pat Luffman gave me a tape with this song on it. I had never heard of Hank Williams, but I realize now that it was him. I had switched to singing Gospel Songs only, and this song helped me.

5. Be careful of stones that you throw

I have seen so much of church people judging others, so this is a good song for them.

6. Great judgment morning – When the fire comes down from heaven

I feel we are in the end times, and these gospel songs are very important.

7. When the book of life is read

8. Wealth won’t save your soul

Some rich people have criticized my songs, but I don’t see their songs on the YouTube.

9. We’re getting closer to the grave each day

10. Battle of Armageddon

11. From Jerusalem to Jericho

Hank Williams has some very thought provoking songs. They are like sermons.

12. Pale horse and his rider

13. Let the Spirit descend

14. I’ll have a new body (I’ll have a new life)

15. Thank God

Last year the Holy Spirit taught me that it is very important to always give thanks to the Father.

16. Jesus is calling

17. Thy burdens are greater than mine

18. Everything’s okay

This is a fun song, but there are lots of truths.

19. Beyond the sunset

20. A tramp on the street

I had this song on a Pat Boone record, also the next one.

21. Are you walking and a talking for the Lord

22. My main trial is yet to come

We all have to stand before the Lord.

23. Jesus died for me long ago

24. Heaven holds all my treasures

Jesus said we must store our treasure in heaven, and although he is talking about a girl, the truth is still there.

25. A prodigal son

26. Where He leads me

Many years ago I played this song to a man and he ended up on his knees.

27. One way ticket to the sky

After the song there are some adverts and music.

28. I heard my Saviour calling me

29. Where the soul never dies

30. 30 pieces of silver

31. I’m going home

32. Old country church

33. When God dips His love in my heart

I nearly didn’t put this one in here, but when I heard the way Hank Williams sang it, I was moved in my heart. He sings with such sincerity that the song took on a whole new meaning for me.

34. Help me understand

35. Gathering flowers for the Master’s bouquet

36. Build me just a cabin

37. A home in heaven

38. A house of gold

39. When the saints go marching in

40. Precious Lord, Take my hand

41. Softly and tenderly

42. I’m gonna sing

43. Will you be ready to go home

44. Are you building a temple in heaven

45. Deck of cards

46. Dust on the Bible

47. How can you refuse Him now

48. Drifting too far from the shore

49. Little paper boy

50. Devil’s train

I hope you enjoy these gospel songs as much as I do.

Preachers of the Gospel

Billy Graham2

1. Billy Graham – The value of a soul

I just heard this sermon last night, and felt I had to make it number one on this list.

2. Jesse Duplantis  – Heaven part 1

Here he talks about his life and his wife.

3. Jesse Duplantis – In heaven part 2

An incredible experience of going to heaven.

4. Jesse Duplantis – In heaven part 3

5.Jesse Duplantis – In heaven part 4

He preaches the gospel in the movie.

6. Mel Bond – interviewed by Sid Roth on his show “It’s Supernatural”

This man has incredible experiences of seeing demons and casting them out so that people can get healed.

7. Ron Wyatt – testing a sample of the blood of Jesus – found on the ark of the covenant

Ron Wyatt discovered the crossing point of the Red Sea as being in the Gulf of Aqaba. He went to the real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. He found the ark of the covenant with the blood of Jesus on it.

8. R.W.Shambach and the 26 miracles

Brother Shambach describes supernatural  healings that took place in an A. A. Allen meeting.

9. T.L.Osborn – Holland Wonder

I saw this movie many years ago. The first 10 minutes are a history of Holland, then the meeting begins, followed by people getting healed.

10. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – If America divides Jerusalem – then America will be divided

This man has wonderful experiences of meeting with Jesus and angels.

11. Perry Stone – The gate of God and the gate of Satan

Some very interesting experiences are mentioned in this sermon.

12. Billy Graham – Wiretapper Movie

I saw this movie when I was a teenager, and was very impressed. Billy Graham preaches the gospel during the movie. I think Stuart Hamlen got saved at those meetings in Los Angeles in the fifties.

13. Oral Roberts – Venture into Faith Movie

There is a 6 minute introduction. I saw this movie when I was little, and Oral Roberts had an incredible healing and deliverance ministry.

14. David Wilkerson – The Cross and the Switchblade Movie

I remember how a lot people came forward to give their hearts to the Lord when my friend showed this movie at the Harding city hall back in the 70’s. A big man I counselled was crying like a baby.

15. A hospital monitor films a demon on a dying patient

We are in the end times. Jesus told a story of a rich man who died and opened his eyes in hell. Luke 16, 23.

16. Some preachers of the gospel end up in hell

We have to make sure our lives are right with God.

17. Henry Gruver vision – Russian invasion of USA

We must be prepared for anything.

18. Kenneth Hagin – Testimony of hell

A very interesting story. 3 minutes

19. Mike’s healing

A tremendous healing in England. His wife ministered to him. I think he was 6 years bed ridden.

20.  Rick Renner – How to shake off an attack

A very interesting sermon. There is victory in believing.

21. Walid Shoebat

Some very interesting things about the end times. This guy knows a lot. It is wonderful how he got converted.

22. Gospel street preachers – holding up placards – get stoned by Muslims

It takes guts to stand up for Jesus.

23. Kathie Walters on the Sid Roth show

This lady has had a lot of incredible experiences. I have heard my family listen to her a number of times.

24. Satan’s face on The Dome of the Rock – Jonathan Cahn

This guy knows a lot about a lot of things, and again, I have heard my family listening to him a number of times. He knows a lot about end time happenings.

25. Mr. Bean – asleep in church

Here is a bit of humour for you.

26. The 4 horses of Revelation – Steve Cioccolanti

This guy brings out some things I have never seen before. The four horses and the colours on the flags of the countries against Israel.

27. A sermon on hell – Steve Cioccolanti

The title is deceptive, he does believe in hell and thinks the sun is going to be the lake of fire.

28. Robby Dawkins on the Sid Roth Show

I heard my wife listening to this guy on the Sid Roth Show the other day, and some of the things he said were so very interesting. Some of the experiences he has had are similar to what I have had with regard to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

29. Keith Ellis and Sid Roth – One minute with God

I heard this last night (October 21. 2015), and it was a tremendous blessing to me. So many miracles. He has dreams of what is going to happen. This encourages me because I have lots of dreams.

30. Darren Canning

We heard Darren the other weekend at a glory conference together with Kathie Walters. In this clip he refers with humour to 911 – Psalm 91,1: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

31. John Paul Jackson – 10 giants

On the Joni Lamb show he shares about the names of the nations that the Israelites had to conquer before taking over the Promised Land, and the meaning of the words. These are all things that we have to overcome before we get to the place God wants us to be. It is very powerful.

32. Boy in Israel – Nathan – death experience in 2015 and World War 3 revealed

He says that President Obama is Gog, and he will attack Israel.

33. Hal Turner – News reporter in USA and World War 3 coming

He says WW3 is very close, with Russia against Saudi Arabia.

34. Aliens and UFOs by Chuck Missler

I enjoyed listening to this.

35. John Ramirez: ‘Out of the Devil’s Cauldron’ – CBN.com

This man came out of being a Satanic priest. A very interesting story of how he was set free. I was a tremendous struggle. He nearly committed suicide.

36. John Ramirez – Revealing Satan’s tactics

37. Robert Henderson – the court room of heaven

Everything in the spirit world operates by legal rules. His son went through a divorce, and was in deep depression. The Lord led him to intercede for his son, and to confess his own sins too, before he could rebuke the devil and cause his son’s release.

38. John Thomas – Living by the Spirit

God is good, and He loves us. We don’t have to earn God’s love.

39.  Cowboy dies and goes to heaven

This is a very interesting story.

40. Sting (wrestler) testimony about Jesus

I am amazed that a guy like Sting can get saved.

41. Shawn Michaels (wrestler) testimony about Jesus

It is nice to hear from his own mouth about his faith in Christ.

42. Hulk Hogan (wrestler) talks about Jesus

I am amazed that these macho me believe in Jesus.

43. Tim Allen (actor) talks about God

A very interesting story.

44. Chuck Norris (actor) talks about America and religion

45. American infra-red spy satellite picks up the Exodus trail from Egypt

During the Gulf War, the Americans were looking for Saddam Hussein’s tanks in the desert, but they also discovered the road the Israelites took from Egypt. The tank story is near the beginning, but the Exodus road is about 22 minutes into the video.

46. Michael Rood discusses Ron Wyatt’s findings of the Red Sea crossing

He says that churches don’t like to share anything unless it comes through their denomination.

47. John Hagee talks about the Antichrist

The title is deceptive, as he does not mention anything about the Antichrist coming on August 30.2016. So, somebody made a mistake on the write up, but the sermon is very good!

48. Brian Melvin – He saw Hitler in hell

This is very powerful. He was an atheist when he died and went to hell, but Jesus rescued him. He is no longer an atheist.

49. Maurice Rawlings – To hell and back

50. Gary Wood – Dead 61 minutes, went to heaven and back

This man’s story was very inspiring.

51. Mahesh Chavda – on the Sid Roth show

This man grew up in Kenya to a Hindu family, but had an experience in heaven, and received Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Sid Roth does such a good job at visuals. Some years back, my pastor gave me his book to read called: “Only love can make a miracle.” It was a great blessing. One thing that shocked me was how he blessed a witch doctor who came to destroy his meeting, but God worked on the witch doctor, and he got saved and delivered. It reminds me of how Jesus said we must bless and not curse.

52. Surprise Sithole – from Mozambique

Some fantastic experiences with God. Many dead people raised from the dead.

53. Arlene Murphy talking about “The blood” on Jeanie Waters TV program

54. Rykie Steyn tour group to Israel

Day 1. This is my old friend Pastor Rykie Steyn taking a tour group from South Africa to Israel. He is speaking in the Afrikaans language. I have had lots of meetings with Pastoor Steyn, and at one meeting we saw a leg lengthen a few inches. I remember him baptizing a woman, and she came up out of the water, with her hands up, speaking in tongues. He is mightily used of God.

55. Dag 2 – 7 min

56. Dag 3 – 22 min

57. Dag 3 B – 30 min

58. Dag 5 – 22 min

59. Dag 6 – 23 min

60. Dag 6 B  –  26 min

61. Benny Hinn historic meetings Atlanta 2010

62. Gospel Elvis – Leland Johnson

This is a documentary of his visit to Poland. We heard Leland about 20 years ago, and I still have his poster on my bedroom wall.


To book “Gospel Elvis” Leland Johnson for your next event please call 403-607-4434 or visit website: lelandjohnson.com

63. Torben Sondergaard – The last reformation – trailer

64. The last reformation – Full movie

65. Sid Roth – Yacov Rambsel – Jesus’ name revealed in scriptures  in code

66. Mariyam, little Iraqi Christian girl – exiled from Mosul

67. Underground churches in China

68. Secret churches in Saudi Arabia

69. World’s largest single church – 800,000 members

70. Todd White – God’s plan and healing

I am going to confess to you that I have not listened to the whole of this video, but my daughter playing me a part of it, and it was fantastic! He tells how he was in a shop and prayed for a woman with a fused spine and how she got healed. It is a very powerful story.

71. A boy dies in car accident and after being in a coma comes back to life

This is a very powerful story.

72. Just the video of the above story

73. Serpents and fire – Patricia King and Katie Souza

A very good discussion on being delivered from satanic oppression. I learnt a lot of new things. It reminds me of my experience with a spitting cobra and a puff adder while doing survey work in Africa. They are both deadly snakes.

74. Katie Souza on lockdown in prison

A very interesting story how she gave her heart to Jesus in prison and started a revival.

75. Katie Souza – healing because of your bad words

A very powerful lesson on how our bad words can cause us to be sick. We have to repent of our hurts and our bad response in order to get healed.

76. Shawn Bolz on The Sid Roth Show

This guy has a tremendous ministry where he can tell peoples secrets. Kind of scary for the people.

77. Ron Wyatt – the Mark of God and the Mark of the Beast

78. Pastor Don Normand in Salisbury.

Don Normand

79. Evangelist Rassie Erasmus in Pietersburg.

Rassie Erasmus

80. Darren Canning – Art critics

81. 2 preachers – false christs

82. Bible prophecy is happening worldwide 2018

83. Bobby Connor – Who are you wearing?

He has some very interesting experiences.

84. Henry Gruver – God said, “Stop limiting me”

This man has experiences where God translated him to different parts of the world.

85. The Temple Mount location is not The Dome of The Rock

The temple site is the Gihon Spring which is south of the old city.

86. Patricia King – secrets of the seer anointing

87. A 90 year old Norwegan woman’s prophecy

From over 40 years ago.

88. Jonathan Cahn on the Jim Bakker Show (Nov.12th, 2012)

When was Jesus really born?. Very good.

89. Steve Lightle goes to Israel

It is very interesting how God supplies their need every step of the way.

90. Harry Van Hysteen of Pietersburg helped me a lot when I first started in the ministry.

91. Willie Roeland of Eldorado, Honeydew also helped me lot when I first went into the ministry.

92. Dave Peters of Pietermaritzburg helped me a lot in the beginning of my ministry, for which I am very grateful.

93. M.L.Badenhorst influenced me to start praying for the sick. On the first night, everyone got healed, and I also got healed! I am so grateful to God.

Gospel Songs by Daniel O’Donnell

Yvonne - Daniel.crop

Daniel O’Donnell sings some of my favourite gospel songs. Apparently he is very famous around the world, especially in Ireland.

1. Rivers of Babylon

2. One day at a time

3. Here I am Lord

4. Be not afraid

5. Make me a channel of Your peace

6. I saw the light

7. If Jesus comes tomorrow, what then

8. Open up them pearly gates – We shall not be moved

9. Somebody touched me

10. Why me Lord

11. God be with you till we meet again

12. Just a closer walk with Thee

13. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone

14. Church in the Wildwood

I recorded this gospel song on my LP record back in 1972 in Johannesburg, along with next two gospel songs.

15. Precious memories

16. On the wings of a dove

17. Mansion over the hilltop

18. Where we never grow old

19. Wait a little longer please Jesus

20. I’ll fly away

21. It is no secret

22. Nearer my God to Thee

23. What a friend we have in Jesus

A friend on Facebook said she never hears this song in church anymore, so maybe she should listen to Daniel O’Donnell.

24. How great Thou art

25. Softly and tenderly

26. Peace in the valley

27. Amazing grace

28. Abide with me

29. I believe

30. Put your hand in the hand “live”

31. You’ll never walk alone

In church yesterday I was talking to a lady who grew up in Ireland, and I was telling her that I planned to put a section on my website of an Irish singer. She got all excited and asked what his name was. When I said “Daniel O’Donnell” she got even more excited and said she has a few of his gospel records. She said she went to one of Daniel O’Donnell’s concerts in a nearby city and said he always ends his shows with a gospel song. So that is encouraging. She also said he is taking a break from singing because his wife has cancer. So last night I prayed for his wife. Then this morning before going on the website, I read about them and discovered that she is already healed. So that is good news! Anyway, we have had lots of healing experiences.

32. Mary did you know

33. Beyond the sunset – should you go first

34. My forever Friend