Gospel Artists (graphic artists)

I have come across some real good Gospel Artist, and will share some of them here.

1. Akaine Kramarik picture images

She started painting pictures of Jesus and heaven at a very early age. I worked out that her painting of Jesus was at nine years of age. I was reading about her the other day, and was shocked to find that her fellow Americans wanted to burn her paintings, because they didn’t believe they were done by her. I was very encouraged by the trials she has gone through and how she kept going. She now lives in Australia. Some of her paintings have sold for millions of dollars.

2. Graeme Hewitson Trailer

3. Titanic hero  – John Harper

4. Life of Joseph

5. Eikon Bible Art

6. Graeme Hewitson

7. Legends of faith

8. Jack Chick – This was your life – A Gospel Artist

I saw this comic first in 1970, and it was so powerful. I think Mr. Chick has a tremendous way of expressing feelings, and is one of the great Gospel comic artists. He was very nice to us when we visited him in 1976, and showed us around his factory. He was under heavy persecution, as people wanted to destroy his factory, and stop his work for Jesus. All they that live godly shall suffer persecution.

9. Somebody loves me

It is very important to know that somebody loves you.

10. Titanic

11. The Assignment

12. You have a date

13. Simon Dewey images

14. Greg Olsen  images

15. Ashraf Fekry images

I think this doctor paints such nice pictures of Jesus. He is such a great Gospel artist. A lot of his pictures are used in YouTube songs.

16. Yongsung Kim

He has some very nice paintings of Jesus.

17. Jerry Harris

This man does some nice paintings of Jesus, but also does paintings of movie stars and country singers.

18. Photoshop pictures

Last night I saw some of this man’s pictures, and they are very good. Using manipulated photography to share the gospel.

19. Star born – The baby awakens

A long time ago in a manger far away!

20. Guardians of the garden

21. Men of steel

My own art is not as good as these folks, but everyone must do their bit for Jesus. You can see my Bible comic efforts in Jude, Mark and Revelation, and my Gospel comics in Top Priority and Raw Deal, on this website.

22. Bible art – the Bible Project

These guys are good artists, and have some good concepts.

23. The Ten Commandments – animated movie

I enjoyed this movie so much. Those artists are so good. It is not 100% according to the Bible, but it is close.

24. Pictures – Gospel art (Graphic artists)

These folks have some very good art.

25. Seige of Jerusalem 70 AD Part 1

26. Seige of Jerusalem 70 AD Part 2

27. Seige of Masada 73 AD

These are very sad stories, but the art is very good.