Country gospel songs by Lance James – Evangelie Liedere

Lance James is a country singer in South Africa, who also sings some good old gospel songs. I hope they are a blessing to you. He also sings some of them in the Afrikaans language called ‘Evangelie Liedere.’

1. I believe

2. Hoe groot is U

How great Thou art.

3. One day at a time “live”

Many years ago when I was working in downtown Johannesburg, I used to sing this song every day, asking the Lord to get me through on a daily basis.

4. Dankie

Thank You for every new morning.

5. Why me

6. Mansion over the hilltop

When I was young, I remember being allowed to go to the church young people’s meeting, as a special favour. This was in Salisbury. I was under age. You had to be 13 to 30 to attend. I remember sitting around the fire while they sang this chorus. Also another chorus called: “Just one day nearer home.” It was so exciting for me. Then my Dad got a transfer to Bulawayo before I turned 13.

7. Across the bridge

I loved this country gospel song so much when I was young that I also recorded it on my LP that I recorded at Gallo studio in Johannesburg.

8. The farmer and the Lord

I first heard this in Bulawayo on a record by Jimmy Dean, then later on by Jim Reeves. I love the country gospel songs, the way you can pray anywhere. On the mountain, in the valley, in the field. Some people seem to think you can only pray in a church building! Jesus himself prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane!

9. God be with you till we meet again

This song has a special meaning to me. “Smite death’s threatening wave before you.” Lance doesn’t sing the exact same words that I remember. When I was 20, I was a passenger in a sports car, when the driver rolled the car, and I was thrown out. That was the days before we had to wear seat belts. I could have died! When I lay in the hospital in Salisbury, this song kept running through my mind. Later on I heard that my Mother had a dream, where all the church young people were at the beach, and a massive wave came crashing over us. When the wave retreated, all the young people were there except me. So she intercede in prayer for me. Before doing this page, I just read on the internet that Lance James’ wife died last year. Sorry to hear that Lance. May God be with you through these difficult times.

10. Food on the table

Thank you Jesus.

11. What a friend we have in Jesus

12. Amazing grace

13. Sing

This song was a blessing to me.

14. We’ll meet again my friends

15. Nearer my God to Thee

16. In the garden

The man who wrote this song had a vision of Mary Magdalene in the garden by the tomb of Jesus, and how Jesus spoke to her after his resurrection.

17. Whispering hope

18. 10,000 angels cried

19. Wings of a dove

20. It is no secret

21. Old rugged cross

22. God made love

23. One pair of hands