Gospel songs by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters

In 1971, I was singing in Tzaneen, and bought a record of gospel songs by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters. The only song I can actually remember now is the one about the black sheep. Here are a bunch of songs I found on the YouTube, and I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. This train

2. Walk around me Jesus

3. Roll away the stone

4. Looking at Calvary

5. If You could die for me

6. Borrowed

7. Praying alone

8. Clinging to the Master’s hand

9. I’ve got His footsteps

10. They see God there

11. I’ve got a longing

12. A child of the King

13. The Man of Galilee

14. When I inherit my mansion

15. Heaven will surely be worth it all

16. If you see my Savior

17. Travel onward

18. Silver and gold

19. Talk about the good times

I always tell my family that “The guns are loaded an’ the doors are bolted!” Those words are from this song. Thank you Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters. May you receive your rewards in heaven.

20. I firmly promise you

21. In that great beyond

22. On the wings of a dove

23. Never been this homesick before

24. The tomb is empty

25. He is risen

26. Both sides of the river

27. I looked all over heaven

28. On my mother’s side – A Gospel Song by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters

This is a fascinating song. When Jesus was little in the temple talking to the leaders of Israel, and they ask him questions. For example: “How old are you?” “On my mother’s side I am 12 years, but on my Father’s side I’ve always been!” This song gives a fantastic look at Jesus. I was lying in bed last night thinking that Jesus is the creator of the universe, so he can fix anyone’s body just with his word. He created everything by his word.

29. Tell it again

30. His word will stand

31. On the road to Damascus

32. Sing me a good ol’ gospel song

33. It ain’t love till you give it away

34. Show me the way

35. His love did a work in me

36. In spite of myself

37. The man in the middle

38. How can you say “No”

39. After awhile

40. Ole Pappy’s new banjo

41. I’ve seen the light

42. Heaven’s mountain band

43. He’ll stand by me

44. Kneel at the cross

45. He was talking about me

46. I have found a way

47. I’m on my way to heaven

48. I want to be ready

49. Heaven

50. Good news

51. Cool chilly water

52. Interview with Little Jan Buckner Goff

53. Healing in the rain – Jan on the Gaither show

54. Here come the rattlesnakes – Wendy Bagwell “live”

We visited America in 1976, and I heard the rattlesnake story on the radio. So I bought a long playing record that had that story on it, and took it back to Africa with me.

55. Above it all – record

I 1983 I was singing in Arkansas, and met a guy by the name of Wendall, then I realized that Wendy Bagwell was short for Wendall. When I first bought their record in 1971, I thought Wendy was the name of one of the girl singers! So they are called The Sunliters!