Country Gospel Songs by George Jones

I have always associated George Jones with love songs, but he also sang a lot of good old country gospel songs. I hope some of these will be a blessing to you.

1. Me and Jesus

I first heard this song on a record by Pat Boone, and I still love it, and sing it. “We can’t afford any fancy singing, we can’t afford any fancy church!”

2. I know a man who can

3. Old brush arbors – a Country Gospel song by George Jones

I also first heard this by Pat Boone.

4. Peace in the valley

Elvis made a hit with this one.

5. A man I’ve always wanted to meet

6. God keeps the wild flowers blooming

7. Give me just one day Lord

8. Matthew 24

9. Jesus hold my hand

10. Why me Lord

This is a good old standard country gospel song written by Kris Kristofferson.

11. Lord, You’ve been mighty good to me

12. When Mama sang (the angels stopped to listen)

13. I’ll fly away

I trust that Mr. George Jones flew into the everlasting arms of Jesus.

14. How beautiful heaven must be

15. Family Bible

This good old country gospel song was written by Willie Nelson. I first heard it on a record by Bobby Bare called “This I believe.”

16. Family Bible – “live” with the Kingsmen Quartet

17. Hallelujah weekend

18. Old brush arbors – “live” with the Kingsmen Quartet

19. The devil is gathering firewood

20. We oughta be ashamed

21. Jesus saves today

22. In a gospel way

23. My cup runneth over

24. The lily of the valley

25. Leaning on the everlasting arms

26. Someone’s watching over you

27. Great judgment morning – with friends

George Jones sings this is a very serious song. I first heard it when I was young, on a record by Slim Whitman.

28. He made me free

29. Homecoming in heaven

30. Amazing grace

31. In the garden

32. Never grow old

33. Take the world but give me Jesus

34. Old rugged cross

35. Will there be any stars in my crown

36. Swoop down sweet Jesus

37. Wings of a dove

It seems like everyone sings this old country gospel song.

38. Traveller’s prayer – with Sweethearts of the rodeo

39. Rest in peace

May Mr. George Jones rest in peace, safe in the arms of Jesus.