Hymn – Tell me the story of Jesus

In the old days, I used to sing thousands of country gospel songs, and every now and then old songs still pop into my memory. Yesterday this song popped into my mind. I heard it as little kid going to church. Here is a collection of different singers that love this old hymn.

1. The Garment of praise Quartet

2. Carman “live”

3. Guitar picker – A hymn a week

4. The McKameys

5. Gaither video

6. Baptist Church

7. Ivan Parker

8. The Booth Brothers

9. Mark Bishop

10. Donna Carline

11. EliEli – guitar picker

12. The McKameys “live”

13. Gospel hits

14. Hymn 152

15. The Woodlands UMC’s Children’s Choir

16. Tell me the story of Jesus (with lyrics)

17. Jake Gieseler

18. First North Choir and Orchestra with Edie Rowland

19. Gaither group – Beautiful sunset

20. Charlotte Ritchie and Ivan Parker

21. The Lighthouse Quartet

22. Carman

23. Guitar man in church

Please tell your friends the story of Jesus, and about this website, maybe they will get saved! There is nothing more important than salvation. God bless you.