Sid Roth’s Gospel TV Show – It’s Supernatural

I have had many supernatural experiences, but so many times when I have tried to share things with other people I am met with hatred and scorn. It is so encouraging to find that other people have also had many incredible experiences, and Sid Roth interviews many people who have had supernatural experiences. Here are some examples.

1. Mary K. Baxter

This lady had  terrible experiences in hell, and wonderful experiences in heaven. This is the most important video that you will ever see. Get saved now, by faith in Jesus, and you won’t end up in hell. When you die, it is too late.

2. Mark Virkler

How demons attack Christians. Mark discovered seven supernatural prayers that remove the legal right of the demonic and usher in healing for the spirit, soul, and body.

3. Norvel Hayes

His mother died when he was young and he asked God why. He went to heaven. He is told to help people in need.

4. Jordan Cook

A little girl with gift of painting and praying.

5. Mel Bond

He sees demons on people.

6. Kathie Walters

Sometimes people ride in heavenly chariots in her meetings.

7. Robby Dawkins

He  prays for a dying man and is told to take a risk – to open his mouth and speak what God gives him to say.

8. Keith Ellis

His son is dying and Jesus tells him to church. His son is miraculously healed.

9. Rodney Howard-Browne

He has an experience of God’s fire falling on him.

10. Chuck Missler – Aliens – UFOs

This a very interesting talk.

11. Kerry Kirkwood – right thinking

A girl who was a drug addict was changed when he spoke to her. We have to reject all the negative things people say about us, and latch on to God’s thoughts about us.

12. Gary Wood – dead 61 minutes, went to heaven and back

This guy was a tremendous blessing to me.

13.  Mahesh Chavda – ex Hindu from Kenya

He has had so many supernatural experiences.

14. Surprise Sithole – from Mozambique

He has been used by God to raise people from the dead.

15. John Benefiel – Baal divorce decree

16. Karen Dunham – beaten to death, then she saw Jesus

17. Todd White – a drug addict that God chose – having healing miracles on the streets

18. Jesus’ name is revealed in hidden code in the scriptures – Yacov Rambsel

I just watched this today. It is so exciting how Jesus’ name is found in Genesis, Leviticus, Proverbs, Ruth and Isaiah. They say that the chances of this happening is 1 : to an astronomical number! Beloved, believe the truth!

19. Yacov Rambsel – Your name and destiny in the Bible codes

20. James Durham – how Jesus sees us

It is interesting how Jesus sees him as dressed in golden armour.

21. L.A. Marzulli – The mark of the beast is a “UFO” implant

He mentions how aliens abduct people and how the surgeon takes out alien implants out of their flesh. He cover a lot of things including the Bible codes. The Twin Towers attack found in the Bible. September 11, and about 3,000 killed.

22. Vicki Jamison-Peterson

She sings and people get healed.

23. Dr. William Ward

100 lepers healed in the Bahamas. He got saved from death by an angel at age 4, then later met that angel in heaven. Mother prayed for him at age 9 when he cut his leg with an axe. His tonsils healed by Jesus – and the Jewish doctor runs away.

24. Shawn Bolz

This guy has a tremendous ministry where he can tell peoples secrets. Kind of scary for the people.

25. Shawn Bolz again

He was speaking in tongues at an early age  and praying for the sick. He even tells a billionaire his bank account number!

26. Owens Edge

His wife challenges him to pray every morning for 30 minutes. He accepts the challenge – but can’t pray. It is very interesting how the Lord works on him until he becomes a believer.

27. Jamie Galloway – little boy who drowned comes back to life

28. Ana Werner

She has been to heaven many times and sees things in the spirit.

29. Steve Lightle

God told him to give away his business and work for Him.

30. Laura Harris Smith

How to understand your dreams.