Gospel Songs by Boxcar Willie

I never knew Boxcar Willie sang gospel songs, but I came across a few yesterday.

1. I saw the light

I first heard this gospel song on a record by Bobby Bare.

2. Jesus makes house calls

Boxcar Willie makes me think of a doctor who makes house calls, and Jesus is the best doctor!

3. Jesus I need to talk to you

This is a very touching gospel song about a little boy whose mother has died, and he is praying to Jesus.

4. This old house

This was a hit by Rosemary Clooney, and written by Stuart Hamblen.

5. Last train to heaven

Don’t let anything cause you to miss the last train to heaven. Receive Jesus today as your Saviour.

6. Peace in the valley

I think this gospel song was written during the second world war, when a guy was traveling on a train through a peaceful valley, where all the animals were grazing peacefully side by side.

7. Life’s railway to heaven

Keep shoveling the coal into the fire brother.

8. Hobo’s meditation

9. Hobo heaven

According to his son, Boxcar Willie wrote this song. I hope he made it through the pearly gates, and didn’t end up in Dallas!



Gospel Songs by Jimmie Davis

I had an LP record of Jimmie Davis when I was in South Africa, and it was a great blessing to me. I loved his gospel songs.

1. Suppertime

The Gospel Song section of The Porter Wagoner Show.

2. I’ve been changed

A nice gospel song by the ‘Guv’ – governor Jimmy Davis.

3. Three rusty nails – My favorite Jimmie Davis Gospel Song

4. I was there when it happened

5. Dear Jesus abide with me

6. I’ve got a mansion

7. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone

8. Someone to care

9. Lord I’m coming home

This is the sinners song coming to the Lord in repentance. I hope Jimmie Davis made it through the pearly gates. I would love to meet him there.

10. At the crossing

11. Do you ever think to pray

The Lord has taught me that I must always give thanks when I pray. Thank you Jimmie Davis for your gospel songs that have been such a blessing to me.



Healing Songs

1. God is a good God – Richard Roberts

Last night I got to thinking of Oral Roberts and this song. When I was little, my parents had magazines of Oral Roberts and all the testimonies of healing.

2. Touching Jesus – Unknown Woman

Very nice country style.

3. He is here – Robin Herd

This song feels very holy.

4. Reach out and touch the Lord – A.A. Allen

Old tent meeting. A great blessing.

5. Let me touch him – Four Men

A “live” recording. Before they sing, one man tells how his Dad, Vep Ellis, got inspired to write this song. Very interesting.

6. Oral Roberts – Outstanding miracles sampler

Oral Roberts has had so many incredible miracles. I have read some of his books.

7. Rise and be healed – David Harper

A “live” recording.

8. I believe in miracles – Steve Brock and Benny Hinn

9. Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this place – Benny Hinn – Healing worship

At one of Benny Hinn’s meetings.

10. Earnest Angley – Healing ministry

I have seen him on TV, ministering in Namibia, where lots of people were healed, and demons driven out.

11. Angel stories – Joan Anderson

I read a book by Joan Anderson of incredible stories of how God has helped people.

12. The healer is here

I got inspired to write this song at a house meeting while we were praying for a lady who needed healing.

13. There is healing in the name of Jesus

I got inspired to write this song after my cracked spine got healed.

14. The healer – Mitchell Britt

15. Healing stream – The Isaacs

16. The healer is here (with lyrics)

Gospel Songs by Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner sings lots of good old Gospel Songs. When I was in South Africa, I had three LP records of him singing Gospel Songs. They were a great blessing and inspiration to me. I wish I could find them all on the YouTube.

1. What would you do if Jesus came to your house?

This is the very first song I heard by Porter Wagoner, backed by the Blackwood Brothers. It made a tremendous impression on me.

2. Life’s railway to heaven

I hope he arrived safely through the pearly gates singing this old gospel song.

3. Pastor’s absent on vacation

I sang this gospel song in a church once, and the pastor got very angry with me, and I never sang it again. I have nothing against people taking vacations, but I just feel that when the pastor goes on vacation, there should be a replacement preacher.

4. Trouble in amen corner

I had a record of Jim Reeves singing this song, and it has a lot of truths.

5. Suppertime – Porter Wagoner Gospel Song

I had a record of Jim Reeves singing this song too.

6. Canaan’s Land

I love the banjo picking.

7. God walks these hills with me

8. A Satisfied Mind

I remember hearing this song on the radio in Rhodesia. Perhaps it was Porter Wagoner.

9. Rank Strangers

I had this on a Porter Wagoner record.

10. A picture from life’s other side

Although this is not actually a gospel song, it makes me think about people and their needs.

Country Gospel Songs by Cathy Viljoen

Cathy Viljoen sings lots of good country gospel songs. She hails from South Africa. (Darkest Africa!) She sings in both English and Afrikaans.

1.  A Wedding Song

This song by Cathy Viljoen would be a great song to sing at a wedding.

2. Aan die voete van Jesus

3. Aan U gewy

4.  Alle nasies moet die here dien

Cathy Viljoen sings lots of Afrikaans gospel songs, and is very popular in South Africa.

5. Always be a child

6. Anchored in You

7. Angels in the room

8. As Jesus weer verskyn

9. Behold the man

10. Between here and sunset

11. Bokant die storms

12. Born again

13. Celebrating time is here

14. Daar sal nuwe winde waai

15. Daddy did his best

16.  Die man met die purper kleed

This is an Afrikaans gospel song that Cathy Viljoen sings about the crucifixion of Jesus. The man with the purple robe.

17. Die vergetenis

18. Due time

19. Een ware vriend

20. Fair-weather friends

21. Geen ander Heiland

22. Genade

23. Genade onbeskryflik groot

Amazing grace.

24. Give it all to Jesus

25. Glorie glorie

Glory glory.

26. God on the mountain

27. Gooi uit jou nette

28. He has risen

29. Hemelstelefoon

Royal telephone.

30. Huise van glas

31. Hy’s spoedig hier

He’s coming soon.

32. I don’t deserve a mansion

33. I love Thee Lord

34. I will worship You Lord

35. In the arms of my best friend

36. Ja ek weet

Yes I know.

37. Jesus gee krag

38. Jesus gaan nou hier verby

39. Jesus is coming very soon

40.  Jesus sal nimmer se nee

41. Kan Jesus voel

42. Kind van God

43. Kwel jou nie meer

44. Let your living water

45. Los die wereld en sy slimheid

46. Maria, nooi van Naseret

47. Mercy walked in

48. My best friend

49. My beminde

50. My bewaarder

51. More sal die son weer skyn

52. Oe van ‘n kind

53. Only a prayer away

54. Onthou net die kruis

55. Safely in the arms of Jesus

56. Send us to the world

57. Somebody touched me

58. Someday my ship will sail – Cathy Viljoen Country Gospel Song

59. Speak to the mountain

60. Step into the water

61. Sweeping over me

62. Take us to the river

63. Talk of the town

64. The great judgment morning

65. The hem of His garment

66. The King of who I am

67. The lighthouse

68. U is in my hart

69. U stil die lewens storms

70. Waarlik vry

71. Waarom min ek Jesus

72. Ware liefde deel mee

73. Wat is die mens

74. Wat ‘n vreugde

75. When my last song is sung

76. You loved me through it all

77. You made life worth living








Country Gospel Songs by Stuart Hamblen

The other day I noticed someone looking at the country gospel songs by Stuart Hamblen, and I felt like doing an update on this site. I hope the songs are a blessing to you. They are to me.

1. A few things to remember

2. Amazing grace

3. Blood upon your hands 

This is for the people who take Christ’s name in vain.

4. But for the grace of God

Stuart Hamblen touches my heart on this country gospel song – I too could be a tramp on the street, but for the grace of God.

5. Dear Lord be my Shepherd

6. Do you know Jesus?

7. Friends I know

8. He bought my soul 

Each drop of Jesus’ blood bought me a million years!

9. He keeps me singing

10. He makes a way for my escape

11. His eye is on the sparrow

12. His hands

13. How big is God?

14. How great Thou art

15. I believe

16. I believe (Thank you Jesus, I believe)

17. I don’t know why (I only know it’s true)

18. I’ve got so many million years

19. In the garden

20. In the sweet by and by

21. Is He satisfied?  

22. It is no secret

 I read somewhere that Stuart Hamblen got enough money from the copyright of this song to buy himself a house. Praise the Lord.

23. It’s brand new day

24. Known only to Him

25. Leaning on the everlasting arms

26. Lonesome cowboy’s prayer

27. My brother

28. My Father

29. My religion’s not old fashioned – one of my favorite country gospel songs by Stuart Hamblen

 I heard this song on a Pat Boone record back in the 70’s and it has been a great blessing to me.

30. Old Pappy’s brand new banjo

31. Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

32. Pappy’s old banjo – the same song as the earlier one but with a different title.

33. Somewhere beyond the sun

34. Teach me Lord to wait

35. The old rugged cross

36. The Lord is counting on you

37. The sweetest story ever told

38. The workshop of the Lord

39. The King of all Kings

40. There is a fountain

41. These things shall pass

At times of great trouble this country gospel song has encouraged me so much.

42. They that wait upon the Lord

43. This book

44. This old house 

Stuart Hamblen has written many wonderful gospel songs. In the 60’s a friend had this LP record. Back in the 70’s I had a record of Jimmy Dean singing this song, and he said that Stuart Hamblen and a buddy got caught in a blizzard, and looking for a place of shelter came across an old prospector’s shack. He told his buddy that there was a dead man in the shack, because there was a dog on the porch, and no smoke coming out the chimney. When they went inside they found it so. So they started a fire, and by the light of the fireplace he wrote this song on an old cracker box.

45. This old house – on The Johnny cash Show

46. This ship of mine

47. Until then

48. What a friend we have in Jesus

49. When my Lord picks up the phone

50. When the roll is called up yonder

51. Where the seasons never change

52. Whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. I can’t find this song on the YouTube, but I have been singing it since the 60’s.

53. Stuart Hamblen sings at The Billy Graham meeting

54. On The Jimmy Dean Show

55. God Is a Good God

Written and sung by Stuart Hamblen – with an extra verse

Gospel Songs by Elvis Presley

I have heard that Elvis Presley originally wanted to sing Gospel Songs. I have a video where J.D. Sumner says he used to let young Elvis in to their concerts through the back door, because he couldn’t afford to pay to get in. When I was in Africa, I had almost all his religious records.

1. Only believe

2. If we never meet again – Elvis Presley Gospel Song

This has been my favorite since I was young. Somehow it has been burned into my spirit.

3. We call on Him

He points out that it is only when we are in trouble that we call on the Lord. I saw a car sticker that said: “God wants to be your steering wheel, not your spare tire.”

4. There is no God but God

I remember singing this song at a beach in East London, trying to reach the lost.

5. He is my everything

These are far better words than: “There goes my everything!”

6. His hand in mine

I wish I could feel His hand in mine right now.

7. Without Him

Jesus said that he is the vine and we are the branches. That without him we cannot bear any fruit. We need to be always plugged into Jesus.

8. It is no secret

Although this is a real old one, it still keeps running through my head every now and then.

9. He touched me

I had this record by Elvis Presley.

10. He knows just what I need

I loved this gospel song so much when I was young.

11. By and by

This morning as I was waiting for a man to work on the house, I went to this page. I got so carried away that I listened to lots of videos, so I am adding on a whole lot more.

12. If the Lord wasn’t walking by my my side

As I listened to him singing, it was like I was having fellowship with him.

13. Mansion over the hilltop

When I was little, I remember going to a youth meeting, and they were sitting around a fire singing and playing music. This was one of the choruses they sang. Such wonderful memories.

14. Why me Lord

This gospel song is done by Elvis Presley, and J.D.Sumner.

15. Put your hand in the hand

16. Who am I

I first heard this gospel song by Jimmy Swaggart.

17. Where no one stands alone

I always associate this song with Porter Wagoner.

18. Stand by me

When I’m growing old and feeble, stand by me. Amen.

19. Help me

I have a record of this song by Yan Venter, but I first heard it by Kris Kristofferson.

20. In the garden

Recently, I read the story of how this song was written. A man had a vision of Mary Magdalene by the garden tomb. Peter and John visited the tomb and left, and she was alone crying, when Jesus came to her, and comforted her. It adds a whole new meaning to the song.

21. Amazing Grace

An old song, but he makes it feel new.

22. Peace in the valley

I read a long time ago of how a guy was on a train and they were going through a peaceful valley. It was just before the second world war, and he was inspired to write this song.

23. You’ll never walk alone

Jesus said He will never leave us.

24. Somebody bigger

We are so small compared to the universe that God has made.

25. I asked the Lord

I had never heard this song before. It seems like a home recording. On TV one time they said he did recordings in the “Jungle room.” I have been there when I visited Graceland.

26. Where could I go

I was influenced by his recordings, and so I recorded this one on my LP many years ago.

27. Dixieland

Glory, glory, hallelujah.

28. Run on

Tom Jones sings this song too now. I guess was also influenced by E.P.

29. You’ll never walk alone – different pictures

30. Reach out to Jesus

31. An evening prayer

32. I believe

33. In my Father’s house

34. Oh how I love Jesus

35. Swing down sweet chariot

When I was young I had this record, but I thought it was a nonsense song. However, recently we were at a meeting with Kathy Walters, and she said that many times in her meetings people take trips in heavenly chariots.

36. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

The other week we were listening to a story by John Paul Jackson telling how when the Israelites entered the promised land they had to fight 10 nations who were stronger than them. He called it 10 giants. When he studied their names, they are all problems that each of us face in our lives. You can see him on this website under: ‘Preachers of the gospel.’

37. Milky white way

38. I asked the Lord

39. I, John and Bosom of Abraham

It seems like Elvis is singing: “Elijah saw a mighty number, way up in the middle of the air.” It makes me think of a story of Elisha, when he was surrounded by the enemy. He asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servant, and he saw they were surrounded by angels with fiery chariots. Check it out in 2 Kings 6.

40. So high

41. How great Thou art “live”

Before we saw Elvis in Reno, back in 1996, we were up on a mountain near the Ponderosa Ranch, and it was so beautiful. I got out the car and walked among the pines singing the second verse of this song: “When through the woods and forest glades I wander, and hear the birds sing so sweetly in the trees. When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur, and hear the brook, and feel the gentle breeze….. Then sings my soul…”

42. I’m gonna walk them golden stairs

43. Working on a building

44. Precious Lord, take my hand

45. If that isn’t love

46. I believe in the man in the sky

47. Known only to Him

48. Mansion over the hilltop – different pictures

I hope Elvis made it through the pearly gates. You know, everybody dies. The most important thing is to be saved. Receive Jesus now as your Savior, and ask Him to forgive all your sins. God bless you.

49. I’ve got confidence

My wife requested this song in church the other day. I tried to pull it out of my memory box from 40 years ago. I remembered the first verse and the chorus, then she said “Job” and that got me remembering the second verse.

Country Gospel Songs by Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves sings Country Gospel Songs with so much sincerity, and that is what I like.


1. A Beautiful Life

2. Across the bridge

This country gospel song by Jim Reeves meant so much to me when I was young.

3. An evening prayer

4. God be with you ‘til we meet again

5. Have Thine own way Lord

I remember as a teenager sitting under a thorn tree in Botswana trying to play the mouth organ. This was the first song I managed to play.

6. He will

God will lead us and guide us in His way.

7. How long has it been

8. I’d rather have Jesus – Jim Reeves Gospel Song

This song was written by George Beverly Shea, who used to sing at the Billy Graham meetings.

9. In the garden

10. It is no secret

11. May the good Lord bless and keep you

Beloved, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. That is one of my favorite Bible verses. 3 John 1, 2.

12. My Cathedral

I met a preacher once, who claimed that Jim Reeves was anti-church because of the song: “My Cathedral.” Later on, thinking about it, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Did that make Jesus anti-church? Some people have weird ideas.

13. Oh Gentle Shepherd

14. Old time religion

We used to sing this one a lot when we were kids.

15. Peace in the valley

16. Precious memories

17. Softly and tenderly

18. Suppertime

19. Take my hand precious Lord

20. Teach me how to pray

When I hear this song, my mind goes back to when I was a kid, and the house we were living in, and my parents bedroom. To me, songs paint pictures in my mind. Lynette Dell told me once that he is just expressing other people’s feelings in song. I think he does it well with these country gospel songs.

21. The Farmer and the Lord

22. The flowers, the sunset, the trees

I love the sunsets. God used to talk to Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening.

23. The gun

Although this is not officially a religious song, it has a tremendous meaning to me. I heard this song for the first time today, and I cried and cried and cried. He says: “The road to happiness isn’t paved with hate.” Recently the Holy Spirit has been working on me, showing to me that we cannot have bitterness and joy at the same time. We must have one or the other. They cannot both live in us at the same time. Friend, forgive all who have done you wrong. That is the way to happiness. Only then can God forgive us.

24. The night watch

When I was young, I heard this country gospel song, and it has always been such a comfort to me.

25. This world is not my home

26. Trouble in amen corner

27. We thank Thee

28. Where do I go from here

29. Where we’ll never grow old

30. Whispering hope

At one stage in my life, I lost hope, then this song became so very real to me.

Gospel Songs by Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash’s gospel songs more than his pop songs.

1. I talk to Jesus every day

I love this one, and have sung it hundreds of times.

2. It was Jesus

Here is singing at a concert. I read his book where he said he wanted to be a gospel singer, but the man at the record business in Sun Studios wanted him to just sing the rockabilly stuff.

3. I saw a man

A Baptist minister in South Africa lent me this Johnny Cash record. When I was learning to sing this song, it felt like such a holy feeling. Like I was on holy ground when I sang it.

4. Wings in the morning

I saw this album on sale many years ago, so bought a whole bunch and sent them to all the family. A few years ago when we were in Scotland, my sister Kathy asked me to sing this song, but I had forgotten the words. So it is so nice to find it on the youtube.

5. I saw the light

Jesus said He is the light of the world.

6. Daddy sang bass

I sang this one at my sister Valerie’s wedding reception. We did a lot of singing together as children. My parents had a room called: “The Lord’s Room” and we had church in the house five times a week!

7. Here was a man

I bought this record back in about 1972, and many times I could feel the Holy Spirit moving when I sang it at various church meetings.

8. Over the next hill we’ll be home

Many times on the road, I would sing this song as we were nearing our destination.

9. Life’s Railway to Heaven

Another favourite gospel song I sang in my childhood, except, I used to sing “railroad.”

10. The Fourth Man

When my kids were little, we often sat around the fire at night in the garden, and I would play my guitar, and sing this one.

11. Jesus was a carpenter

When I sang this one, I used to change the names of the places to suit the country I was in.

12. Are all the children in – Gospel Song written by Johnny Cash

This is such a powerful song. One weekend in Witbank in 1971, I sang this song at the end of three different meetings, and about 50 young people responded at each meeting, giving their hearts to Jesus. I have this song on my LP record, with a friend playing the Hawaiian guitar.

13. I call Him

I sang this one night at a church service, and the evangelist mentioned it in his sermon. The next night I was singing on the TV, when the evangelist came on right in the middle of the show, and I had to come on right after him singing: “Honeycomb won’t you be my baby.” I felt so terrible. That was the beginning of me switching to gospel songs.

14. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (by the Jordan River)

This is so beautiful. Johnny Cash by the Jordan River singing one verse of this good old gospel song.

15. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (whole song)

This is the record version. The other week I heard William Branham sing this on the internet, and it felt so holy. I had forgotten that Johnny did this number too, so I am so glad I found it.

16. How great Thou art

With beautiful pictures.

17. Old rugged cross – when he came out of intensive care – TV show

Johnny does sign language for the deaf.

18. This train is bound for glory

19. These things shall pass

20. What on earth will you do for heaven’s sake

21. I came to believe

22. Over the next hill – with Anita Carter

A road trip movie.

23. The old account

An old man movie.

24. Troublesome waters

25. Why me Lord

26. Help me

27. The greatest cowboy of them all

28. When the roll is called up yonder

A train movie.

29. God’s gonna cut you down

With train robbers movie.

30. It is no secret (what God can do)

A sunset movie.

31. Swing low, sweet chariot

Tank in Israel.

32. God will

33. When He reached down His hand for me

34. How great Thou art

With a sea movie.

35. Amazing grace

With old day’s ship movie.

36. My ship will sail

37. In the sweet bye and bye

With a ship movie.

38. Matthew 24 (is knocking at the door)

39. Peace in the valley

With a movie of the great depression.

40. Here was a man

With beautiful paintings of the life of Jesus.

41. Old rugged cross – with Jessi Colter

42. The great speckled bird

43. Belshazzar

44. Jesus loves me – “live”

45. Unclouded day – with his Mom – “live”

46. Silent night – with Daughters – “live”

47. He turned the water into wine – “live” – in prison

48. Were you there

With pictures.

49. Here was a man

With pictures of Jesus.

50. I’m gonna try to be that way – “live”

51. These hands – “live”

52. Lead me gently home Father – “live”

53. In the sweet bye and bye

54. I shall not be moved

55. Do Lord

56. What is man – with Lucy Clark

With Israel movie.

57. A half a mile a day

With an old day’s movie of Tram Street.

58. Just a closer walk with Thee – TV show

59. Old rugged cross – with June Carter – at a stadium

60. I’ll fly away – with Carl Perkins – TV show

61. Rock of ages

62. Family Bible

63. Keep on the sunny side – with The Carter Family – TV show

64. Far side banks of Jordan – with June Carter by Jordan River

65. If we never meet again this side of heaven

66. Farther along

67. The preacher said, Jesus said – TV show

68. At the cross

69. I’m just an old chunk of coal

70. He’s alive

71. Wonderful time up there – “live” performance with singers and band

72. My God is real

73. Jesus

A nice song.

74. God has my fortune laid away

A rare old TV performance.

75. The junkie’s prayer

76. When the roses bloom again

A very sad movie, but we all must die one day. The most important thing is to get saved by giving your life to Jesus, and receiving Him as your Saviour.

77. Old time religion – TV show

78. When the saints go marching in – TV show

79. He’ll be a friend