Song – Whispering hope

The other day I was driving my daughter to another city and she was singing various worship songs, then this old country gospel song came into my mind: Whispering hope. I tried to sing it, but had forgotten the words. She said she had never heard the song before, so I decided to look for it under the name of Jim Reeves and share it with her. I ended up getting carried away searching, and found this song sung by so many people around the world. I have tried to list them in alphabetical order.

  1. Andy Griffith
  2. Anita Kerr Singers
  3. Anne Murray
  4. Ben Shima
  5. Berean Gospel Ministers Family
  6. Bird Youmans
  7. Blackwood Brothers
  8. Bluegrass Martins
  9. Byron Lee and the Dragonaires and Friends
  10. Charley Pride
  11. CheeSookWan – piano
  12. Christian Edition
  13. Christopher Tan – piano
  14. Come on Gospel Quartet
  15. Connie Smith and Nat Stuckey
  16. Cristy Lane
  17. Dana
  18. Daniel O Donnell and Mary Duff
  19. Dick van Altena
  20. Firm Faith Zimbabwe
  21. Gloria Gaither – talking
  22. Hank Doell
  23. Hank Snow
  24. Hayley Westenra
  25. Jennifer Pearson – piano
  26. Jim Ed Brown
  27. Jim Hendricks – music
  28. Jim Reeves – Country Gospel Song – Whispering Hope
  29. Jim Roberts and Norma Zimmer
  30. Jo Stafford and Gordon McCrae
  31. Johnny Carroll – trumpet
  32. Jule Crandall
  33. Julie Andrews and Dinah Shore
  34. Kilby Brothers – music
  35. Larry Ford
  36. Mantovani Orchestra
  37. Mary Go
  38. Mother Maybelle and the Carter sisters
  39. ODONGO’S Family Choir
  40. Olive Klein and Elsie Baker (1914)
  41. O.M.
  42. Pat Boone
  43. Phil Coulter – music
  44. Presentation School Choir
  45. Rosemary Clooney and John Raitt
  46. Singing Men Quartet
  47. Skeeter Davis
  48. Slim Whitman
  49. Tjeerd Venema – instrumental
  50. TUKSDA Church Choir
  51. Virginia Lee
  52. Willie Nelson

Of all these singer, the only one I have met is Pat Boone, and he is a very nice guy. Beloved, don’t lose hope. God can always make a way for you, no matter what your circumstances are. Joseph was once in prison, but God elevated him to a high position. Daniel was in a lion`s den, three guys in a fire, Jeremiah in a muddy cistern, Peter in prison, Paul and Silas in prison, etc. Jesus said that with God all things are possible. Job got healed and his riches restored!

On some other videos it says the words and music were created by Alice Hawthorne, so that leaves a bit of mystery. Wait, I saw this afterwards: Whispering Hope was written by Septimus Winner in 1868 using the pseudonym Alice Hawthorne. Okay, that solves that mystery. Apparently he used lots of different names for his songs.