Country Gospel songs by The Kendalls

Many years ago I saw The Kendalls on TV singing country love songs. Today I discovered that they also sing country gospel songs, so here are a few I found.

1. Do Lord

They do this old country gospel song very well – a great driving beat.

2. Amazing grace

Here is an old standard. Beautiful pictures!

3. One way or the other

This song is about a man on his death bed, and he says he is going to get up off that bed whether he lives or dies.

4. He’s always as close as your shadow

5. The Kendalls country gospel CD for sale

I came across this country gospel CD for sale, and there are 21 tracks that you can listen to. It sounds very good. If ever I find any more of their country gospel songs on the YouTube, I will add them to this list. God bless y’all.