The Galileans – Country Gospel Songs

I heard the Galileans the other day, and just loved their singing and music. They play the kind of Country Gospel Songs I like. The first three songs I am listing are songs I used to sing back in the 70’s in Africa.

  1. God’s wonderful people
  2. Me and Jesus
  3. Don’t point your finger
  4. Thank God I am free
  5. The Galileans – In concert – Country Gospel Songs
  6. I’ve been born again
  7. Plenty of time
  8. Poor rich man
  9. Without Him and He touched me – English and Spanish
  10. There is a song within my heart – Spanish and English
  11. The light on the shore
  12. The answer came
  13. I’m on tour
  14. He filled a longing
  15. Vessel of worship – I’ll never forget, Cordero, Lord You’re the reason for love, Con El Corazon, I’ve come here to sing, Lord to be used of Thee, I don’t know why Jesus loves me,
  16. There’s a way to cross over
  17. Plan of Salvation
  18. Born again children
  19. I know
  20. He’s coming back again
  21. Faith is the key
  22. Born in the Spirit
  23. Give up
  24. Let the world go by
  25. Who am I
  26. His hand reached further down