Believers being slaughtered in Nigeria

Believers being slaughtered in Nigeria

All over the world there is continual persecution of the followers of Jesus. When I was young I read the book “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand.  In recent years I had heard of terrible persecution in Pakistan, Iran and China. The other year I saw a photo of Armenian girls hanging naked on crosses that happened in the early 1900’s.

 In 1971 I sang at a mission station on the eastern side of Rhodesia, near the Mozambique border. Later on I heard that the terrorists attacked the mission station and killed all the missionaries. Later on I heard that one of the terrorists got saved. Apparently, after killing all the men, then the children, the terrorists raped all the women before killing them. Apparently, the one woman kept saying: “Jesus loves you” as she was being raped. The Holy Spirit used those words to convict the terrorist of his sin, and he got saved.  How can she have so much love? She had seen her husband and her children killed. I guess she will get great rewards in heaven. I heard that one of the missionaries was on furlough when the massacre happened, so she went back and died of AIDS. Later on I discovered that the missionary who was there when I sang there had moved, and it was new missionaries that took his place from the Elim Church in England.

Jesus told his people “Take up your cross and follow me.” So I guess we must all be prepared to die for Christ.

Saved from the blast in Beirut

Saved from the blast in Beirut I saw this last night on Facebook, and it was such a blessing to know that God cares for his children. It reminds me of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, many people didn’t go to work that day because of various reasons, and were saved from being killed. The same sort of thing happened so many times in Rhodesia, when people were protected by angels, or the terrorist’s rifles didn’t work, etc. It is so wonderful that the pastor sent all the people home, and saved them from being killed by the blast in Beirut.

Give to Caesar

THE HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me when I was in Rome, and I saw churchianity in a whole different light. I want to challenge your brain to think of all the things you believe – do they belong to God, or do they belong to Caesar?

This is my opinion: Whatever is in the correct translation of the scriptures, belongs to God, and whatever is in the Roman Calendar, belongs to Caesar.

Walking from Jericho to Jerusalem

Walking from Jericho to Jerusalem I shared this video with my family the other night, and my children liked it. I remember riding in a car from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, and seeing a sign at the side of the road: “Good Samaritan Inn.” Afterwards we went to Jericho and back to Jerusalem. It is so easy when you ride in a car, but when Jesus traveled that way, he had to walk on the side of the cliff, and climb over rocks, etc. So it was so nice to get a feel of what Jesus and the disciples experienced when they walked all over the land. My hat off to those folks who did this movie. They did it in a very nice way.