Gospel songs by The White Sisters

Some of these gospel songs by The White Sisters go right back to my teenage years. Many of these songs speak to my heart, and I trust they will be a blessing to you.

1. Calvary conquered my heart

Jesus wants to be King of our hearts.

2. Count your blessings

This morning I went to the bathroom at 4 am, then lay in bed for the next hour counting my troubles! So I decided to get up at 5 am and ended up doing this section on the website! Beloved, count your blessings!

3. Haven of rest

4. Have you any room for Jesus

Dear friend, give your heart to Jesus today, because nobody can promise tomorrow, and eternity is a long long time.

5. How big is God

6. How great Thou art

Jesus said that the Father wants people to worship Him. Worship God as The White Sisters lead us in this good old gospel song!

7. I am not worthy the least of His favor

8. Never alone

9. Over the sunset mountains

10. Precious memories

11. Room at the cross – A Gospel Song by The White Sisters

12. Showers of blessing

13. So send I you

This old gospel song digs way down deep in my heart. Over the years I have often thought of this song, and am happy to have found it sung by The White Sisters. I spent about 17 years of my life living by faith and trying to work for Jesus. Some people got saved, some got healed, some got filled with the Holy Ghost. In eternity, it is what we have done for Jesus that will count.

14. Springs of living water

15. Sunshine in my soul

16. The King’s highway

17. Trust God in the dark

18. Where could I go

19. Wounded for me