Gospel Songs by Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash’s gospel songs more than his pop songs.

1. I talk to Jesus every day

I love this one, and have sung it hundreds of times.

2. It was Jesus

Here is singing at a concert. I read his book where he said he wanted to be a gospel singer, but the man at the record business in Sun Studios wanted him to just sing the rockabilly stuff.

3. I saw a man

A Baptist minister in South Africa lent me this Johnny Cash record. When I was learning to sing this song, it felt like such a holy feeling. Like I was on holy ground when I sang it.

4. Wings in the morning

I saw this album on sale many years ago, so bought a whole bunch and sent them to all the family. A few years ago when we were in Scotland, my sister Kathy asked me to sing this song, but I had forgotten the words. So it is so nice to find it on the youtube.

5. I saw the light

Jesus said He is the light of the world.

6. Daddy sang bass

I sang this one at my sister Valerie’s wedding reception. We did a lot of singing together as children. My parents had a room called: “The Lord’s Room” and we had church in the house five times a week!

7. Here was a man

I bought this record back in about 1972, and many times I could feel the Holy Spirit moving when I sang it at various church meetings.

8. Over the next hill we’ll be home

Many times on the road, I would sing this song as we were nearing our destination.

9. Life’s Railway to Heaven

Another favourite gospel song I sang in my childhood, except, I used to sing “railroad.”

10. The Fourth Man

When my kids were little, we often sat around the fire at night in the garden, and I would play my guitar, and sing this one.

11. Jesus was a carpenter

When I sang this one, I used to change the names of the places to suit the country I was in.

12. Are all the children in – Gospel Song written by Johnny Cash

This is such a powerful song. One weekend in Witbank in 1971, I sang this song at the end of three different meetings, and about 50 young people responded at each meeting, giving their hearts to Jesus. I have this song on my LP record, with a friend playing the Hawaiian guitar.

13. I call Him

I sang this one night at a church service, and the evangelist mentioned it in his sermon. The next night I was singing on the TV, when the evangelist came on right in the middle of the show, and I had to come on right after him singing: “Honeycomb won’t you be my baby.” I felt so terrible. That was the beginning of me switching to gospel songs.

14. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (by the Jordan River)

This is so beautiful. Johnny Cash by the Jordan River singing one verse of this good old gospel song.

15. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (whole song)

This is the record version. The other week I heard William Branham sing this on the internet, and it felt so holy. I had forgotten that Johnny did this number too, so I am so glad I found it.

16. How great Thou art

With beautiful pictures.

17. Old rugged cross – when he came out of intensive care – TV show

Johnny does sign language for the deaf.

18. This train is bound for glory

19. These things shall pass

20. What on earth will you do for heaven’s sake

21. I came to believe

22. Over the next hill – with Anita Carter

A road trip movie.

23. The old account

An old man movie.

24. Troublesome waters

25. Why me Lord

26. Help me

27. The greatest cowboy of them all

28. When the roll is called up yonder

A train movie.

29. God’s gonna cut you down

With train robbers movie.

30. It is no secret (what God can do)

A sunset movie.

31. Swing low, sweet chariot

Tank in Israel.

32. God will

33. When He reached down His hand for me

34. How great Thou art

With a sea movie.

35. Amazing grace

With old day’s ship movie.

36. My ship will sail

37. In the sweet bye and bye

With a ship movie.

38. Matthew 24 (is knocking at the door)

39. Peace in the valley

With a movie of the great depression.

40. Here was a man

With beautiful paintings of the life of Jesus.

41. Old rugged cross – with Jessi Colter

42. The great speckled bird

43. Belshazzar

44. Jesus loves me – “live”

45. Unclouded day – with his Mom – “live”

46. Silent night – with Daughters – “live”

47. He turned the water into wine – “live” – in prison

48. Were you there

With pictures.

49. Here was a man

With pictures of Jesus.

50. I’m gonna try to be that way – “live”

51. These hands – “live”

52. Lead me gently home Father – “live”

53. In the sweet bye and bye

54. I shall not be moved

55. Do Lord

56. What is man – with Lucy Clark

With Israel movie.

57. A half a mile a day

With an old day’s movie of Tram Street.

58. Just a closer walk with Thee – TV show

59. Old rugged cross – with June Carter – at a stadium

60. I’ll fly away – with Carl Perkins – TV show

61. Rock of ages

62. Family Bible

63. Keep on the sunny side – with The Carter Family – TV show

64. Far side banks of Jordan – with June Carter by Jordan River

65. If we never meet again this side of heaven

66. Farther along

67. The preacher said, Jesus said – TV show

68. At the cross

69. I’m just an old chunk of coal

70. He’s alive

71. Wonderful time up there – “live” performance with singers and band

72. My God is real

73. Jesus

A nice song.

74. God has my fortune laid away

A rare old TV performance.

75. The junkie’s prayer

76. When the roses bloom again

A very sad movie, but we all must die one day. The most important thing is to get saved by giving your life to Jesus, and receiving Him as your Saviour.

77. Old time religion – TV show

78. When the saints go marching in – TV show

79. He’ll be a friend