Gospel Songs by Hank Williams

One night late when I was listening to the radio in my taxi, a guy on the radio said that Hank Williams sang a lot of gospel songs. I was amazed at the number I have found on the YouTube, and I hope they will be a blessing to you.

1. At the cross

2. I’ll fly away

3. I saw the light

4. Jesus remembered me

Back in the 60’s Pat Luffman gave me a tape with this song on it. I had never heard of Hank Williams, but I realize now that it was him. I had switched to singing Gospel Songs only, and this song helped me.

5. Be careful of stones that you throw

I have seen so much of church people judging others, so this is a good song for them.

6. Great judgment morning – When the fire comes down from heaven

I feel we are in the end times, and these gospel songs are very important.

7. When the book of life is read

8. Wealth won’t save your soul

Some rich people have criticized my songs, but I don’t see their songs on the YouTube.

9. We’re getting closer to the grave each day

10. Battle of Armageddon

11. From Jerusalem to Jericho

Hank Williams has some very thought provoking songs. They are like sermons.

12. Pale horse and his rider

13. Let the Spirit descend

14. I’ll have a new body (I’ll have a new life)

15. Thank God

Last year the Holy Spirit taught me that it is very important to always give thanks to the Father.

16. Jesus is calling

17. Thy burdens are greater than mine

18. Everything’s okay

This is a fun song, but there are lots of truths.

19. Beyond the sunset

20. A tramp on the street

I had this song on a Pat Boone record, also the next one.

21. Are you walking and a talking for the Lord

22. My main trial is yet to come

We all have to stand before the Lord.

23. Jesus died for me long ago

24. Heaven holds all my treasures

Jesus said we must store our treasure in heaven, and although he is talking about a girl, the truth is still there.

25. A prodigal son

26. Where He leads me

Many years ago I played this song to a man and he ended up on his knees.

27. One way ticket to the sky

After the song there are some adverts and music.

28. I heard my Saviour calling me

29. Where the soul never dies

30. 30 pieces of silver

31. I’m going home

32. Old country church

33. When God dips His love in my heart

I nearly didn’t put this one in here, but when I heard the way Hank Williams sang it, I was moved in my heart. He sings with such sincerity that the song took on a whole new meaning for me.

34. Help me understand

35. Gathering flowers for the Master’s bouquet

36. Build me just a cabin

37. A home in heaven

38. A house of gold

39. When the saints go marching in

40. Precious Lord, Take my hand

41. Softly and tenderly

42. I’m gonna sing

43. Will you be ready to go home

44. Are you building a temple in heaven

45. Deck of cards

46. Dust on the Bible

47. How can you refuse Him now

48. Drifting too far from the shore

49. Little paper boy

50. Devil’s train

I hope you enjoy these gospel songs as much as I do.