Gospel songs by The Seekers

The Seekers were on the hit parade in Rhodesia when I was a kid. I don’t really know much about them, but I presume they were originally a gospel group that went from Australia to England to get into the British Invasion by singing love songs, and then to promote their religious songs in order to try and reach the world through their music.

1. Turn, turn, turn

This is a very nice visual of these folks collecting grapes.

2. Kumbaya “live”

I think ‘Kumbaya’ means ‘come by here.’

3. Open up them pearly gates – “live”

I think of this song in connection with an incident that happened while I was doing military training in the Rhodesian Air Force in Gwelo. I was in a car full of guys, and we were going so fast, that I was getting scared of being in another car accident. So I started singing: “Open up them pearly gates” – and the guys were so shocked. Then the driver slowed down, and it was a great relief to me!

4. Sinner man  “live”

I was at a friend’s house in Bulawayo when she put on this record, and it was the first time I realized that The Seekers actually sang gospel music too.

5. We shall not be moved

Interesting visuals of The Seekers riding the old cars.

6. Study war no more

When I look at the world news, there is so much trouble. Won’t it be nice to have peace?

7. This train

8. Just a closer walk with Thee

9. The Seekers sing a medley of gospel songs – “live”

10. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen


11. Just a closer walk with Thee

She was the lead singer with The Seekers, but it looks like she has gone solo in her old age.

12. The Lord’s prayer

13. Amazing grace

14. My faith

15. Go tell it on the mountain

16. Precious Lord take my hand

17. The Lord’s my Shepherd

18. His eye is on the sparrow

19. Breathe on me breath of God

20. In the garden

The guy who wrote this gospel song had a vision of Mary Magdalene at the garden tomb meeting up with Jesus.

21. A medley of songs – “live”