Gospel Songs by Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart is still one of my favorite singers, and piano players, and I hope he don’t mind me having his songs here. I have tried to put the songs in alphabetical order so I can get a better idea of what to add on, and in the process, I lost a few songs! Some other songs have been taken off the YouTube since I posted them. May these songs bless you as much as they bless me. The other day I came across the posting of his early records, and they were such a blessing to me. I used to own a copy of those records back in the 70’s when I was in Africa. So I have added them at the end of the list, numbers 98 – 100. God bless brother Swaggart.

1. A crown of thorns

2. A house of gold

The chorus says: “I’d rather be in a deep dark grave.” 

3. At an altar of prayer

4. At the crossing

I love the way Jimmy Swaggart sings this gospel song with the beautiful movie that fits right in with the song.

5. Born again

6.  Build my mansion

7. Camel train

8. Farther along

9.  Friendship with Jesus

10. Glory, glory, hallelujah, since I laid my burdens down

I love this old gospel song by Brother Jimmy Swaggart, and have sung it many times. There is such an anointing on this song.

11.  God took away my yesterdays.

12.  Gone

13. Got any rivers

14. Had it not been

15. Heaven

16. He accepted me

17.  He brought me out of the miry clay

18.  He chose me

19. He touched me

The first time I ever heard this song was on a Jimmy Swaggart record.

20. He was there all the time

21. He washed my eyes with tears

22. His hand in mine

23. Holy ground

24. How about your heart

25. How Great Thou Art

26. How long has it been

27. I found the answer

28. I know the Lord will make a way for me

29. I know who holds tomorrow

30. I shall not be moved

31. I’d rather have Jesus

32. I’ll be satisfied

33. I’ll never be lonely again

34. I’m free

35. I’ve had a vision of Jesus

The other night I had a dream where Jesus appeared in church and laid hands on everyone (except me), and I have found myself singing this song again.

36. I’ve never been this homesick before

I was at a friend’s house in Arkansas when I heard this song on his record player. Wow. Jimmy Swaggart did something to my spirit with this recording.

37. I’ve never loved Him better than today

38. If that isn’t love

39. I just got off that devil’s train

40.  In the shelter of His arms

41. In the sweet bye and bye

42. It’s different now

43. It’s over now

44. Jesus is the sweetest name I know

45. Jesus, just the mention of your name

46. Jesus on the mainline

47. Jesus use me

48. Jesus will outshine them all

49. Joy comes in the morning

50. Just a closer walk with Thee

51.  King Jesus

52. Leaning on the everlasting arms

53. Learning to lean

54. Led by the Master’s hand

55. Let me touch Him

56. Life is like a mountain railroad

Some nice pictures of trains. This is a different recording from ‘Railway to heaven.’

57.  Look for me

58. Mercy rewrote my life

59. No never alone

60. No one ever cared for me like Jesus

61. Now I have everything

62. One more valley

63. Only believe

64. Only Jesus (record)

65. Our Lord is coming back to earth again

66. Peace in the valley

67. Railway to heaven

68. Remind me

69. Royal telephone

70. Search me O God

71. Some Golden Daybreak

72. Someone to care

73. Sometimes Alleluia

74. Tell it to Jesus

75. Tell me His name again

76. The anchor holds

I had a wonderful time of worship.

77. The blood still sets men free

78. The last mile of the way

79. The lily of the valley

80.  The old rugged cross made the difference

8. Then I met the Master

82. Then Jesus came

83. There is a river – Gospel song by Jimmy Swaggart

84. There’s something about that name

85. This is just what heaven means to me

86. This is like heaven to me

87. Through it all

88. Touching Jesus

89. Troublesome waters

90. Wasted years

91. Will the circle be unbroken (song)

92. When I get to the end of the way

93. When I say Jesus

94. Where the roses never fade

95. Where the roses never fade

A different version, where he plays piano in church.

96. You don’t need to understand

97. You’ve been so faithful

98. Long playing records 1 – 4

99. Long playing records 5 – 8

100. Long playing records 9 – 12

101. Country gospel in the 70’s

102. Worship

103. Praise the Lord


1. Will the circle be unbroken

Do yourself a favor, and listen to this sermon. I was visiting South Africa back in 1970, and I went to a meeting of Pastor Arthur Nipper. He was the agent for Jimmy Swaggart’s records at that time, and I bought all his song records. Then Pastor Nipper said I should buy some of the preaching records too. So I bought two of them, but I never listened to them. Later on I was singing at a church in Durban, and a guy asked me if I had the record: “Will the circle be unbroken?” I said I did, and he rode a long way back to the Concord mission home where I was staying, and paid me for the record. He went away so happy, that I figured the record must be very good. So then I listened to the other one about “What shall the end be” and ended up on my knees beside the record player. Many years later I was singing in a church in Tzaneen, and the pastor had the record “Will the circle be unbroken” that I hadn’t listened to. So I was listening to it in the pastor’s living room about how his mother was praying for him and crying as he was pretending to sleep. The tears were running down my cheeks as I sat there next to the record player. Then the pastor’s with came in from outside, and saw me crying. I felt like such a fool. But that story moved me so much. Many years later I was driving my car, and I wrote a song about brother Swaggart’s story, and I was writing the song, I was crying, and praying for my son, that the devil can’t have my boy! My son is all grown up now, and loves the Lord so much, and I think he is the greatest person in the whole world. I use him as my model for Jesus in my Bible comics.