Country Gospel Songs by The Wilburn Brothers

Yesterday I noticed that someone had come to this website by looking for The Wilburn Brothers singing: “How beautiful heaven must be.” So I decided to check out their country gospel songs, and this is the result.

1. How beautiful heaven must be

Some years back we met a man who had been in heaven. He said how he ate some fruit from a tree, and he could feel the taste of it go all through his body. Then another fruit popped up instantly in it’s place on the tree.

2. Don’t go home tonight unsaved

When I was a kid, I remember preachers telling us in to get saved because we might die on the way home from church. I thought it was just spook stories, until one day when I was riding my little bicycle, I was nearly hit by a car. I could have died and gone to hell. So I received Jesus as my Saviour. One preacher told us of a girl who said she would receive Jesus as her Saviour after her 21st birthday party. On the night of the party she was in a car with a drunk driver, and there was an accident. When the preacher visited her in hospital, she kept screaming: “It is too late” before she died.

3. Something got a hold of me

I heard a guy testify how he was a singer at a night club, and on the way to work he would walk past a church and listen to them singing. One night he decided to go inside. So he stashed his drugs in a hole in the wall and sat on a chair by the back wall. He checked his watch every now and then, and when it was time to leave, he started getting up, when he felt two strong hands on his shoulders holding him down. Then he thought that the church must have a bouncer, so he gave him the back elbow – but his elbow hit the wall. Then he realized it must be an angel holding him down. The woman preacher came to him shaking her finger, and he surrendered his life to Christ.

4. Move up a little closer

I had never heard this song before, but the Wilburn Brothers sure know how to sing and play. I love the beautiful music of the band too.

5. Less of me

Back in the sixties I had a Bobby Bare record of him singing this song. When I sang this song with my band, it had an effect upon them.

6. An empty mansion

One lady who went to heaven said that for each soul you win for Jesus, you get one brick for your mansion.

7. Daddy was an old time preacher man

Here is Dolly and Porter singing on their show.

8. May the good Lord bless and keep you

9. I’ll fly away

The Wilburn Brothers singing another famous old country gospel song.

10. The old country church #1

I grew up in Rhodesia, and American country gospel records were very hard to find, but I remember hearing this song on a record by T. Texas Tyler (I think).

11. A beautiful life

In Africa, I heard this country gospel song on a record by Jim Reeves.

12. When the roll is called up yonder

When I was a little boy, this was my favourite hymn sung in the Sunday night services.

13. Blessed Jesus, hold my hand

14. Precious memories

15. Won’t it be wonderful there?

16. I’ll never leave my God alone

17. I need the prayers of those I love – A country gospel song by The Wilburn Brothers

18. Let the lower lights be burning

In 1966 I read a book called: The stories of D.L.Moody.”  A man had the job of keeping the light burning in the lighthouse, but he fell asleep. When he woke up he saw a ship wrecked on the rocks. He ran down to the beach, and the first body that washed up on the beach was that of his son. Beloved, we must keep our lights burning!

19. I’ve got that old time religion in my heart

“Thank you” to The Wilburn Brothers for their lovely videos.

20. O come, angel band

21. These little eyes that look at me

When my son got born, I went to see my wife in the hospital the next day, and there was this beautiful little boy in her arms. When those little eyes looked at me, and I went gooie all inside of me. It felt like my heart melted.

22. The old country church #2

23. Farther along

24. Get all excited

25. Take up thy cross – side one

26. Side two

27. Are you afraid to die?

28. Will you be ready (to wear a golden crown)?