Gospel Songs by Bud Chambers

This morning on one of my websites someone was looking for “Evangelist Bud Chambers” which inspired me to do this section. Here are some of his Gospel Songs that I managed to find on the YouTube.

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1. Think on these things

Back in 1971, I was singing at a church in Welkom (in the Orange Free State), and a lady gave me this record of Bud Chambers singing “Poor rich man.” It was such a blessing to me, that I wrote to him, and he sent me about six of his L.P. records. They were such a blessing. This is one of the songs on that record.

2. Everybody will be happy

They say he wrote over 3000 songs. Unfortunately there are only a few I could find on the YouTube.

3. Two roads

We must choose between the broad way and the narrow.

4. Keep looking up

5. You’ve gotta move

So many times when the Lord wants us to “move” we are not ready. Here is a picture I drew of him for one of my tracts that I did in South Africa back in the 70’s.

The rest of this section is other people singing his songs.

6. Bud Chambers medley of Gospel Songs – by a man singing and playing the piano

I cannot find this man’s name, but he is obviously a big fan of Bud Chambers and his gospel songs.

7. I was born to serve the Lord – Ken Raggio

A very interesting testimony.

8. I was born to serve the Lord – Becky Thornton and the Alder Creek Bluegrass Band

Very nicely done.

9. Born to serve the Lord – Vestal Goodman “live”

She says some very good things.

10. One more river to cross – David Wyper

I had a record of the Singing Rambos singing this song.

11. I will follow Thee – Lynda Randle

She must also be a fan of Bud Chambers and his Gospel Songs.

12. Praying kind of people – Scott Kilborn

Some very good words in this number.

13. I`m a poor rich man – The Gospel Plowboys

Many people seem to sing this song.

14. I`m a poor rich man – Happy Goodmans

15. I`m a poor rich man – Happy Goodmans `live`

16. I`m a poor rich man – The Davis Family `live

17. I`m a poor rich man – Jeff and Sheri Easter `live`

A very good performance.

18. Poor rich man – The Cathedrals

19. I’m a poor rich man – Master’s Messengers “live”

20. Poor rich man – Bluegrass Revival and Malinda

21. If Jesus said it, I believe it – Patsy Sullivan

I had a tape of Bud and Darlene Chambers singing this gospel song, so I presume he wrote it. There was another song I heard them sing that I still love and sing. It goes like this: “You ask me why I’m thankful, and why I sing and shout. You ask me why I’m thankful when this world’s full of doubt. You ask me what it is that makes me feel this way, I found it at an altar when I began to pray.”

22. If Jesus said it, I believe it – Happy Goodmans

In about 1973 a friend got me in to sing at the South African Council of Churches meeting in the big Methodist Church in Downtown Durban, and I sang his song “Jesus Man.” It looked like there was going to be a riot. Every time I came to the chorus of the song about 600 African preachers stood up shouting and holding up their fists. I never did figure out if they liked the song or if they hated it. I don’t think the organizers liked it. They didn’t let me “loose” again!

There were so many of his songs that I sang and they were such a great blessing to me. I think of songs like “Among the sinners, News from Vietnam, Devil’s detour, Serve the Lord with gladness, We’re gonna have a time tonight.”

I notice that there isn’t much on the internet regarding Brother Chambers, and the other week I felt I should share some of the songs I can remember, but I got lazy to start typing. So this morning I got motivated, and will share the words of two songs that I hope I have remembered correctly. I hope his family doesn’t mind, but his songs were such a blessing to me, that I want his songs to be a blessing to other people too. I could sing them on the YouTube, but I might get in trouble. Anyway, here are two songs I just typed from memory of about 40 years ago:


1. There’s a million broken homes, a million broken hearts,

A million shattered plans, dreams torn apart.

A  million people cry, a million lonely nights,

But as for me and my house, we’ll always serve the Lord.


Serve the Lord with gladness, serve Him with a cheerful heart.

Serve Him when old Satan tries to tear your little home apart.

Serve Him when the going gets rough, serve Him when the times are hard.

As for me and my house, we’ll always serve the Lord.


2. There’s a million wicked men, and evil women too.

Who try to justify all t the sinful things they do.

They may laugh at me, when I preach God’s word.

But as for me and my house, we’ll always serve the Lord.



1. We’ve waited for the sinner man to step inside our church.

We’ve waited for the preacher man to do all the work,

But we’ve failed this generation, not giving them salvation,

Let’s take Jesus where the sinners are.


Let’s take Jesus out among the sinners.

Let’s take Jesus where the sinners are.

Can’t you see that they are dying, for the Bread of life they’re starved.

Let’s take Jesus, where the sinners are.


2. We’ve waited for the younger man to step inside our church.

To trim his hair, and change his clothes, and stop that endless search.

But thousands of teenagers are bound by Satan’s chains,

If the teenager won’t come to church, let’s take the church to him.


3. We’ve waited for the heathen man to leave his heathen gods.

We’ve always said the if he’s saved, it’s someone else’s job

To lead him to a little mission church, and Jesus’ way explain,

But if the heathen man won’t come to Christ, then let’s take Christ to him.


4. We’ve waited for the wicked man to leave his wicked ways.

To come right inside our church, and kneel down and pray.

But he’s facing eternity without a helping hand,

Let’s take Jesus to that wicked man.

(I hope these songs will be a blessing to someone).

Last night a song came to my mind, and I notice this morning a couple of people looking at Bud Chamber’s songs. So I will try and type it from memory. I don’t even know if this is the right title, but here goes:


1. Abraham kept looking for a city,

whose builder and maker was God.

He traveled on when the journey was easy,

and he traveled when the journey was hard.

When he got old, he was strong and bold,

kept looking for a city we’re told

And though he couldn’t see it with the natural eye,

He’ll see it in the bye and bye.


O, God’s people are a moving people,

and we gotta keep moving on,

No matter how rough the road may be,

We gotta keep moving on.

We don’t care what the devil is doing,

All we know is we gotta keep moving

‘Cause God’s people are a moving people

and we gotta keep moving on.

2. Moses was a man who had a vision

of that beautiful Promised Land

He said: “Come on children we gotta get moving,

get away from Pharoah’s hand.”

Well the journey was hard and the people got tired,

but they had to keep moving on.

When Moses died, Joshua cried:

“We are able, keep pressing on!”

Here is another song I have on another website featuring soldier songs. I used to sing this song, but changed the words to fit into the African situation. I also met a guy who lost his son to a landmine on his way back from Angola.


I heard the news about the war today from Vietnam.

They say the fighting was much lighter in that far and distant land.

There were three separate bombings on the northern battle land.

Three soldiers lost their lives, out of three one was mine.


They still say the war is cold, and we’re winning every day,

but so many have been wounded and there are thousands in their graves.

It’s not so bad to lose one soldier when so many have to die,

but today things are different, one soldier boy is mine.

He was so young and so happy, when he left one year ago.

He bade the family all goodbye, but little did we know.

It would be the last farewell for a soldier brave and kind.

Yes, today thing are different, one soldier boy is mine.

Her’s another song that is a great blessing to me, and I am typing from memory, so please forgive me if I make mistakes with the words. I am not sure of the correct title.


1. You ask me why I’m thankful and why I sing and shout,

You ask me why I’m thankful when this world’s full of doubt,

You ask me what it is that makes me feel this way,

I found it at an altar when I began to pray.


And that is why I’m thankful, that’s why I sing and shout,

God put something in my heart that I can shout about,

Thankful because He heard my prayer and answered it one day,

Thankful because He saved me in that good old fashioned way.


2. They tell me of a man who walked the shores of Galilee,

They tell me that He had the power to cause the blind to see,

They also said He had the power to cause the dumb to talk,

He also said unto the lame: “Take up thy bed and walk!”