Gospel Songs by Min Shaw – Evangelie Liedere

Here are a collection of gospel songs that Min Shaw sang, and that people have kindly uploaded onto the YouTube. I first heard her in about 1969 when she was a pop singer at the Bulawayo Trade Fair. She was singing and dancing around the stage with a long pony tail that was swishing all over the place. Years later we met her in South Africa, and she went into singing gospel songs.

1. I’d rather have Jesus

2. Amazing grace

3. In the garden – a Gospel song by Min Shaw

This song is based on a vision a man had of Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus at the garden tomb.

4. Whispering hope

5. The old rugged cross

6. Elke een behoort te weet

Everybody ought to know who Jesus is.

7. Halleluja

8. Jesus roep my vir ‘n sonstraal

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Min Shaw had a TV show for children that was very popular called: “The Gospel Express.”

9. Sien my kom, O Heer

10. Al wat my bekoor is Jesus

I remember my mother singing the hymn when I was small: “All that thrills my soul is Jesus.”

11. Saggies en teer

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling. If you feel Jesus calling you, remember, He is only a prayer away. Say a simple prayer, and make Him the Lord of your life. It only takes a few seconds, and you can have eternal life! There ain’t no better deal than that!

12. Gaan my nie verby

Pass me not O gentle Saviour.

13. Ek ken ‘n Naam

14. Die liefde van Jesus

15. O blye Dag

My mother used to sing this gospel song too: “Oh happy day.” She said they sang it when she was baptized in a fish pond by a petrol station on Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale, Salisbury.

16. Sonskyn

17. Die onse Vader

Our Father who art in heaven.

18. Doen slegs U wil Heer

Have Thine own way Lord.

19. God is my stem

20. By die kruis

Another hymn my mother used to sing: “In the cross.”

21. Aan God al die eer

To God be the glory, great things He has done.

22. Ware liefde deel mee

If that isn’t love.

23. Blye Môre

Beyond the sunset. The English version was written by a blind lady who was told how beautiful the sunsets were, but she looked beyond the sunsets to when she would see Jesus face to face.

24. Ek wandel met Hom

25. Blye Vere Sek’ring

26. Tel jou seeninge

Unfortunately it is not all of Min Shaw’s gospel songs, but I guess she has to make money from her recordings too. My wife wanted the song about “A special kind of man” but I couldn’t find it. Dear Min, we are very sorry to hear of your husband passing on, and we pray that good Lord will give you comfort and strength to carry on. God bless, Elize and Don.