Gospel songs by Kenneth Copeland

In the early hours of this morning, I had a dream where I met Kenneth Copeland. He and his wife were busy getting into a car in a parking lot. It was a strange dream, but I felt maybe I should search for some of his gospel songs to put on my website. I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. Bread upon the water- “live” with big band

This is fancy, with the big band backing.

2. Lord to me – “live”

There is a tremendous anointing on this song.

3. Alpha and Omega – “live”

4. Bethlehem morning – partly “live”

5. You’re the best thing – to his wife – “live”

It is nice to see people in love.

6. Without Him – Kenneth Copeland singing this gospel song “live” with Mylon LeFevre – in a studio

This was very interesting. Mylon wrote the song which was recorded by Elvis Presley.

7. I have returned – Gospel song by Kenneth Copeland

Back in the 80’s we were visiting some people, and they had this record playing. This was the only gospel song I had heard Kenneth Copeland sing.

8. The way (My God has made the way for me)

This song has some good words that ministered to me. A FAITH BUILDER.

9. He is my everything

I remember this gospel song from my childhood.

10. Because He lives

One of the great gospel songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither.

11. The miracle

This song  has a very interesting message. The greatest miracle is that someone can get saved. In my life I have seen lots of other miracles too, like legs being lengthened and gas multiplying in the gas tank of the car, and people climbing out of wheelchairs. Praise the Lord.

12. It’s beginning to rain

If you are thirsty, God will fill you!

13. Our God reigns

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

14. Only the redeemed

will be in the rapture!

15. He is Jehovah

Thank you Kenneth Copeland for these lovely gospel songs. God bless you and your precious wife and family.