Gospel songs by Phil Enloe

Back in the 70’s a pastor phoned me to invite me to come to his church to hear a guy who used to sing with Elvis Presley. So we went to his church and heard Phil Enloe singing and talking about his big brother. I seem to remember buying one of his records, because some of those songs have lived on in my memory. Then in 1982 we were travelling across America and stopped in Caldwell, Idaho to visit friends from Rhodesia. Somewhere I saw an advert that the Couriers were singing in Ontario, Oregon, so I begged my friends to take us. Phil told the audience that they sing in other languages, and quoted “The old rugged cross” in Afrikaans. When he was done, I shouted “Vrystaat!” So Phil turned and spoke to us for a few minutes. Then he turned and apologized to the audience, and the whole audience burst out laughing. It is such a nice memory.

  1. Jesus unhooked me
  2. Hallelujah (“live” with the Couriers)
  3. The cross is my statue of liberty (“live” with the Couriers)
  4. Restore a fallen brother (“live” with the Couriers)
  5. More about Jesus (“live” with the Couriers)
  6. A mighty fortress is our God (“live” with the Couriers)
  7. I am the Word (with Jan)
  8. Oh my God
  9. God don’t leave America today (with Jan)
  10. If you know the Lord (“live” with Jan)
  11. I’ll fly away/When the roll/When we all get to heaven (“live” with Jan)
  12. A great day coming (“live” with Jan)
  13. Clapping of the nail-scarred hands (“live” with Jan)
  14. The return 2020 (“live” with Jan)