Country Gospel songs by the Happy Goodmans

The other day a friend asked me if I knew the song “Come and dine.” So I decided that I needed to learn it off by heart. After that I decided to listen to other people singing the song, and hence I came across the Happy Goodmans, and decided to do this post. I hope you like the songs I have chosen.

1. Amazing grace

2. Band members – song medley

I love the steel guitar sound.

3. Born to die

4. Born to serve the Lord

5. Come and dine

6. Gospel music the way it was

I never grew up in America, so I never heard the Happy Goodmans “live” in concert.

7. He said: “Peace”

8. I believe He’s coming back

9. I don’t regret a mile

10. I’m living in Canaan now

11. I saw the light

Country gospel songs are my favorite type of music.

12. I saw the man

13. It must have rained in heaven

14. Joy in the morning

15. Lighthouse

16. Lighthouse – Rusty

17. Little wooden church on the hill

Pastor Marks lent me a record of Jimmy Swaggart singing this song, but some of the words are different. This is my favorite song when I play piano and sing.

18. Look for me

19. Poor rich man

When I was singing in Welkom, someone gave me a record of Bud Chambers singing this song.

20. Shoutin’ sounds

21. Thank You Lord for Your blessings on me

22. The Eastern Gate

23. The Potter

24. There’ll be shouting

25. There’s something about a mountain

This song became very real to me when I was singing in Cape Town. Table Mountain just seems to dominate everything there.

26. What a happy time

27. What a lovely name

I have seen the Happy Goodmans many times on the Bill Gaither shows.

28. Who am I

29. Won’t it be wonderful there?

30. Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now – A country gospel song by the Happy Goodmans

Pastor Marks lent me a record of Jimmy Swaggart singing this song when I was at college in Salisbury.