Ron Wyatt’s Discoveries

Back in 1996 a lady gave us a tape of Ron Wyatt speaking at a convention and showing a movie of his discoveries. For example – the crossing of the Red Sea. I have seen TV shows and read a book of people mocking the crossing of the Red Sea. In the movie, he shows the chariot wheels at the bottom of the sea! The problem is that Constantine’s mother chose the wrong mountain. The real Mount Sinai is in Saudi Arabia. In the Bible, Paul writes that Mount Sinai is in Arabia. Galations 4:25. The crossing of the Red Sea is in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba. Ron and his sons filmed that in 1978.

I cannot add the video that we have in our possession because we don’t own the copyright, but I have tried to find other videos on the YouTube that you can check out for yourself.

  1. Drone to the real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia In the Bible, Paul said that Mount Sinai was in Arabia. All the world maps have it in Egypt. The drone shows the top of Mount Sinai (Jabel El Lawz = Mountain of God’s laws) burnt on top.
  2. Chariot wheels in the Red Sea found in year 2000
  3. Artifacts found on both sides of the Gulf of Aqaba, and in the middle – Phantom 300 camera I disagree with what is written below the movie. I think Moses was prophesying about Jesus, not the other guy.
  4. Danny and Ronnie – Exodus and Saudi Arabia Part 2
  5. Danny and Ronny – Exodus & Saudi Arabia Part 3
  6. Joseph in Egypt
  7. Exodus of Moses at Red Sea – Mount Sinai
  8. Pharoah’s chariot wheels found in the Red Sea
  9. The miracle of Noah’s ark with Ronny Wyatt Ronny Wyatt, the youngest son of Ron Wyatt, passed away on July 31, 2015. He and his brother, Danny were with Ron when he made many of his archaeological discoveries- certainly the most important ones. This features Ronny talking about the first trip the 3 made to Turkey in 1977 in search of Noah’s Ark. There is no doubt in Ronny’s mind here of the miraculous nature of the discoveries they made on that first, fateful trip. His emotional account is a testimony of his faith in the revelations of the evidences God has preserved as a witness to the world.
  10. Noah’s ark – Ron Wyatt’s story
  11. Sodom and Gomorrah
  12. THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. This is very important stuff. Ron was walking in Jerusalem when his arm went up and pointed – and these words came out of his mouth: “The Ark of the Covenant is in Jeremiah’s grotto.” This shocked him because he said he didn’t believe in that sort of thing – but it happened to him! Isn’t God good? So then he studied the Bible and came back to dig. The rest is history! Glory to God.
  13. The blood of Christ In 2 Maccabees 2; 4-8 It says that the Lord told Jeremiah to hide the Ark of the Covenant in a cave. Ron Wyatt says that when Jesus died there was an earthquake, and the ground split right by the cross. Then when the Roman soldier pierced Jesus’ side, his blood flowed down the crack onto the mercy seat which was situated 20 feet below. He took a sample of Jesus’ blood to a lab and had it tested.
  14. The Ron Wyatt website
  15. Danny and Ronny share their testimonies Sulphur – pillar by Red Sea – Arabian jail – Jordan jail – Saudis were scared Israel would take over that part of the country – Hezekiah’s tunnel – steel door – 6 Levites died – bodies dragged out – cover stories about a jeep – digging by the garden tomb.
  16. Danny and Ronny – The Ark of the Covenant Part 1
  17. Danny and Ronny – The Ark of the Covenant Part 2
  18. Danny and Ronny – The Ark of the Covenant Part 3
  19. Ron Wyatt – The Ark of the Covenant, New Zealand 1998
  20. Ron Wyatt – The Ark of the Covenant – Melbourne 1999
  21. Henry Gruver meets Ron Wyatt In the movie we have, it is Henry Gruver who introduces Ron Wyatt the the audience.
  22. The blood cells of Jesus
  23. Biggest discovery ever – The blood of Jesus test result
  24. Ron Wyatt talking about the blood of Jesus sample
  25. Ron’s wife Mary tells her side of the story Her story is very good. She ties up all the loose pieces so I can understand everything that went on. He was very blessed to have such a wife.
  26. Mary continues her story She shares some very exciting things.
  27. Jesus greets Ron He tells of his encounter with Jesus.
  28. Museum artifacts
  29. Forbidden footage of actual location of Red Sea Crossing & Mt. Sinai These guys share some things I didn’t know. I find all this very exciting. I was re-watching this recently, and 21 minutes into the video – he shows how the sand is melted on the beach because of the pillar of fire. Very exciting!
  30. The video we have is from the End -Time Handmaidens and Servants So you can contact them if you want a copy of the video that we have.