Follow the star

1. Follow the star and three men.crop2

Follow the star by Don Foster (based on a dream I had many years ago)

Wife: What are you doing?
Husband: I’m packing my bags.
Wife: So you’re leaving me?
Husband: I’m just going on a trip.
Wife: You mean, before daybreak, you’re sneaking out of the house without even telling me?
Husband: Well, I only decided last night and you were asleep when I got home.
Wife: What is her name?
Husband: It’s not a woman, it’s something else.
Wife: Top secret?
Husband: Well, yeah, something like that.
Wife: Where are you going?
Husband: I don’t know.
Wife: Is the government sending you on a secret mission?
Husband: No, this has nothing to do with the government.
Wife: Why are you taking so many things? How long are you going for?
Husband: I don’t know.
Wife: You mean to tell me, you don’t know where you are going, and you don’t know how long you are going for? Is this trip more important than your wife and kids?
Husband: Yes.
Wife: Now I’ve heard it all. You’ve gone crazy. What if Fred comes around? What shall I tell him?
Husband: Nothing.
Wife: Is it so top secret that your best friend doesn’t even know about it?
Husband: Fred’s coming with me.
Wife: What? What will I tell Bill?
Husband: Nothing ….. he’s also coming?
Wife: How many of you are going?
Husband: Just the three of us.
Wife: What do their wives think?
Husband: I don’t know.
Wife: You guys are crazy! You’re leaving your wives and children to go on a wild goose chase to who knows where?
Husband: I knew you wouldn’t understand, that’s why I wasn’t going to tell you.
Wife: Who’s going to lead the way if you don’t know where you are going?
Husband: Honey, sit down. I’ll try to explain. You see, we were looking at the sky last night and we saw a star we have never seen before and we are going to follow it.
Wife: You were drinking too much last night.
Husband: (Sigh)
Wife: What’s in this bag? It looks like gold! Where did you get all this gold?
Husband: Well, I’ve been saving it up for some time.
Wife: You’ve never spent this kind of gold on me before. What are you going to do with it?
Husband: I’m going to give it away.
Wife: Give it away! To whom? What is her name?
Husband: It’s not a ‘her.’ It’s a ‘him.’
Wife: You’ve gone mad. Give away all this gold to someone you’ve never met, in a place where you’ve never been, and then you’re going to follow a star to get there? You ought to see a psychiatrist. You’ve gone stark raving mad! You and your friends!
Husband: I knew you wouldn’t understand.
Wife: Are they also giving away gold?
Husband: No, Fred’s taking frankincense, and Bill’s taking myrrh.
Wife: Now I’ve heard it all! And you say us women are unpredictable. You’ve all gone crazy! Crazy men!

PS. This is based on the story in the Bible of the wise men coming to see Jesus (Matthew chapter 2), and was inspired after reading about the birth of Abraham in the Book of Jasher (mentioned in Joshua 10,13 and 2 Samuel 1,18).