Crazy Men

Wife:  What are you doing?

Husband:  I’m packing my bags.

Wife:  So you’re leaving me?

Husband:  I’m just going on a trip.

Wife: You mean, before daybreak, you’re sneaking out of the house without even telling me?

Husband:  Well, I only decided last night and you were asleep when I got home.

Wife:  What is her name?

Husband: It’s not a woman, it’s something else.

Wife: Top secret?

Husband:  Well, yeah, something like that.

Wife:  Where are you going?

Husband: I don’t know.

Wife:  Is the government sending you on a secret mission?

Husband: No, this has nothing to do with the government.

Wife: Why are you taking so many things? How long are you going for?

Husband: I don’t know.

Wife: You mean to tell me, you don’t know where you are going, and you don’t know how long you are going for?  Is this trip more important than your wife and kids?

Husband: Yes.

Wife: Now I’ve heard it all. You’ve gone crazy. What if Fred comes around? What shall I tell him?

Husband: Nothing.

Wife: Is it so top secret that your best friend doesn’t even know about it?

Husband: Fred’s coming with me.

Wife: What? What will I tell Bill?

Husband: Nothing….. He’s also coming?

Wife: How many of you are going?

Husband: Just the three of us.

Wife: What do their wives think?

Husband: I don’t know.

Wife: You guys are crazy! You’re leaving your wives and children to go on a wild goose chase to who knows where?

Husband: I knew you wouldn’t understand, that’s why I wasn’t going to tell you.

Wife: Who’s going to lead the way if you don’t know where you are going?

Husband: Honey, sit down. I’ll try to explain. You see, we were looking at the sky last night and we saw a star we have never seen before and we are going to follow it.

Wife: You were drinking too much last night.

Husband: (Sigh)

Wife: What’s in this bag? It looks like gold! Where did you get all this gold?

Husband: Well, I’ve been saving it up for some time.

Wife: You’ve never spent this kind of gold on me before. What are you going to do with it?

Husband: I’m going to give it away.

Wife: Give it away! To who? What is her name?

Husband: It’s not a ‘her.’ It’s a ‘him.’

Wife: You’ve gone mad. Give away all this gold to someone you’ve never met, in a place where you’ve never been, and then you’re going to follow a star to get there? You ought to see a psychiatrist. You’ve gone stark raving mad! You and your friends!

Husband: I knew you wouldn’t understand.

Wife: Are they also giving away gold?

Husband: No, Fred’s taking frankincense, and Bill’s taking myrrh.

Wife: Now I’ve heard it all! And you say us women are unpredictable. You’ve all gone crazy! Crazy men!

This story is based on a dream I had many years ago after reading the story of the birth of Abraham in the Book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18).

Top Priority – Free online comic

There is a reason for this comic.  When I was in my early twenties, I had a dream one night where I stood before the Lord, and the Lord said: “What did you do for Me?” So I replied: “I went to church.” He said: “That wasn’t for me, that was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” So I said: “I read the Bible.” The Lord said: “That was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” Then it dawned on me that I had never won any souls for Jesus. I went to religious meetings 7 to 10 times a week. I read the Bible when I was a teenager. I knew hundreds of songs. I even knew most of the numbers off by heart, and what key each song was in, but I had never won any souls for Jesus. So that is what inspired me to ask a girl at work to go to church. When she gave her heart to Jesus, her life changed. For the first time, I saw a life change in front of my own eyes, and I later left my job and went out singing for Jesus, and trying to win souls for Him. I can’t remember why I called this comic Top Priority, but I guess it is because being saved is the most important thing in the whole world! Won’t you give your life to Christ today?


Beloved, some time back, I remember hearing a prophet say he saw in a vision how rich Americans were in China making the virus, etc. The idea was to depopulate the world. Then apparently, the injections are basically the mark of the beast which will put a “chip” or something into everyone that will change their DNA. On the one video below a lady explains that part of the formula for the vaccine is an aborted baby. That video is only available on Facebook. Please be warned. If I am wrong, I apologize, but if what these people say is right, then you can never be saved if you take the mark of the beast. Check your Bible!

  1. Dr. Northrup
  2. Pentagon Video
  3. Covid conspiracy
  4. Vaccine
  5. Covid-19 Vaccine (Facebook)

Believers being slaughtered in Nigeria

Believers being slaughtered in Nigeria

All over the world there is continual persecution of the followers of Jesus. When I was young I read the book “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand.  In recent years I had heard of terrible persecution in Pakistan, Iran and China. The other year I saw a photo of Armenian girls hanging naked on crosses that happened in the early 1900’s.

 In 1971 I sang at a mission station on the eastern side of Rhodesia, near the Mozambique border. Later on I heard that the terrorists attacked the mission station and killed all the missionaries. Later on I heard that one of the terrorists got saved. Apparently, after killing all the men, then the children, the terrorists raped all the women before killing them. Apparently, the one woman kept saying: “Jesus loves you” as she was being raped. The Holy Spirit used those words to convict the terrorist of his sin, and he got saved.  How can she have so much love? She had seen her husband and her children killed. I guess she will get great rewards in heaven. I heard that one of the missionaries was on furlough when the massacre happened, so she went back and died of AIDS. Later on I discovered that the missionary who was there when I sang there had moved, and it was new missionaries that took his place from the Elim Church in England.

Jesus told his people “Take up your cross and follow me.” So I guess we must all be prepared to die for Christ.

Saved from the blast in Beirut

Saved from the blast in Beirut I saw this last night on Facebook, and it was such a blessing to know that God cares for his children. It reminds me of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, many people didn’t go to work that day because of various reasons, and were saved from being killed. The same sort of thing happened so many times in Rhodesia, when people were protected by angels, or the terrorist’s rifles didn’t work, etc. It is so wonderful that the pastor sent all the people home, and saved them from being killed by the blast in Beirut.

Give to Caesar

THE HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me when I was in Rome, and I saw churchianity in a whole different light. I want to challenge your brain to think of all the things you believe – do they belong to God, or do they belong to Caesar?

This is my opinion: Whatever is in the correct translation of the scriptures, belongs to God, and whatever is in the Roman Calendar, belongs to Caesar.

Walking from Jericho to Jerusalem

Walking from Jericho to Jerusalem I shared this video with my family the other night, and my children liked it. I remember riding in a car from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, and seeing a sign at the side of the road: “Good Samaritan Inn.” Afterwards we went to Jericho and back to Jerusalem. It is so easy when you ride in a car, but when Jesus traveled that way, he had to walk on the side of the cliff, and climb over rocks, etc. So it was so nice to get a feel of what Jesus and the disciples experienced when they walked all over the land. My hat off to those folks who did this movie. They did it in a very nice way.

Ken Mullan singing country gospel songs

I heard this gentleman sing in South Africa many, many years ago, then apparently he went back to Ireland and passed away there. I hope the family of Ken Mullan won’t mind me sharing some of his country gospel songs here. I hope too that the songs will be a blessing to you, and also give him treasure in heaven.

  1. Across the bridge
  2. All the praises
  3. Amazing grace
  4. Each step I take
  5. God please forgive
  6. God’s coloring book – A country gospel song by Ken Mullan
  7. He’s here for me
  8. His burdens are greater than mine
  9. Hope
  10. How great Thou art
  11. I dreamed about Mama last night
  12. I’d rather have Jesus
  13. I have a precious friend
  14. I’ll walk with God
  15. I saw the light
  16. It is no secret
  17. Jesus died for me
  18. Lead me to my Lord
  19. My Saviour walks with me
  20. One day at a time
  21. Put your hand
  22. Somebody touched me
  23. Sunrise tomorrow
  24. Take my hand precious Lord
  25. Teach me how to pray
  26. That’s when I saw the light
  27. That’s where I learned to pray
  28. The gifts that God has given you and me
  29. The upper room
  30. This world is not my home
  31. To save us
  32. What a friend we have in Jesus
  33. Why me Lord
  34. Will the circle be unbroken?
  35. Will You walk with me?
  36. Wind beneath my wings
  37. You raise me up I hope you have enjoyed these country gospel songs by Ken Mullan. More importantly, I hope you have received Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord, and had your sins washed away in his precious blood, because that is the only way to make it through the pearly gates. God bless y’all.