Healing Stories 2


Mr. Tollie Swart is the one mentioned in story number three who was healed of cancer of the forehead.


  1. Introduction
  2. Brain damage healed
  3. Cancer healed
  4. Blind eye opened
  5. My uncle
  6. Squint eyes
  7. Take pills or die
  8. Blood pressure healed
  9. Leg lengthened
  10. Heal or amputate!
  11. A new foot
  12. Faith comes by the word of God
  1. Introduction

After finishing the other booklet, I was lying in bed thinking of all the different parts of the body that have been healed, so I thought of doing a story on healings from head to toe. So I am going to share with you some stories of people that I have know personally, that have had fantastic healings. I do not know all the answers to life’s problems. Some people die of their diseases, while other people get healed of their sicknesses. I don’t know why. Only God knows. So I am going to share with you the positive side, and hopefully some people out there may benefit from it and get healed. Praise God.

  1. Brain damage healed

Many years ago I had some beach meetings with a guy that gave his testimony of how he was a drug pusher. The police caught him at a road block and put him in prison. He spent three months in solitary confinement, and all he had was a Bible that the chaplain had given him. So he read the Bible from cover to cover, and God healed his brain that had been damaged by the drugs. After getting out of prison he met a girl that he used to sell drugs to. She told him how she had gotten saved by believing on Jesus, and didn’t do drugs anymore. He told us how that one night he stood on a rugby field and surrendered his life to Christ. After that he went to Bible school. It is wonderful how the Lord can change someone’s life. With God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19, 26)

  1. Cancer of the forehead healed

I once knew a very holy man that had a wonderful healing. He had something grow on his forehead. One time when he was visiting an old school friend, his friend asked him if he could check the thing on his forehead. His friend, a doctor of medicine, after examining it, said that it was malignant cancer. He said he would take care of it free of charge because they were friends. However, the man declined the offer, and said he would wait a bit longer.

One day in a church service, the pastor prayed for him. He went home, and was walking in his rose garden, when the pastor came to see him. The Pastor broke off a rose and asked him: “Is this rose dead or alive?” He replied that it was dead. The pastor said that the rose would bloom some more as if it was alive, but it could not live because it’s source of life had been cut off. Then he said it was the same with the cancer. He said that when they prayed for him in church, that God cut the roots of the cancer, and it cannot live. He said it will bloom some more, but it cannot live.

My friend said that he went through about three days of terrible pain, and thought of suicide, but he held onto the pastor’s words. He said the thing on his forehead had grown to something like a cauliflower. After three days, the thing started drying up, and little by little the ‘petals’ would dry up and fall off. In the end, all that was left was a little white dot, and he showed it to us. Some months later he was visiting his doctor friend, and while they were talking, the doctor said:”Last time you were here you had cancer on your forehead, let me examine it.” After the examination, the doctor asked: “They didn’t burn it out, and they didn’t cut it out. How did they do it?” My friend answered: “I serve a God.” The doctor started crying. He was Jewish, and said: “We are supposed to be serving the same God.”

  1. Blind eye opened

One weekend I stayed with a man and his family, and he told me an incredible story. He worked at a factory where a piece of metal went into his eye, and he went blind in that eye. They had to get a special magnet from England to get the metal out. Later on, another piece of metal went in the same eye, and it went bad. (I guess they needed better safety standards at that factory). He needed to have an operation, and they took out all the back parts of the eye. (I am leaving out names of countries and places to save confusion). So it was impossible for him to ever see out of that eye again. Many years later, he was prayed for, and his eye came open. He had both hands up in the air praising God, and he could see both arms! When he told me that story, it felt like my faith went up a notch or two – if you can imagine measuring faith! To me, it was so fantastic.

  1. My uncle

When I was little, I remember my mother telling me what happened to one of my uncles. He was at a meeting where an evangelist was preaching, when the evangelist pointed to him, and told him to take off his glasses. When he did that, he could see perfectly. Apparently he could see perfectly for about two weeks, then his eyes deteriorated, and he put his glasses back on. As a little boy, I often wondered how come he lost his healing. I would have thought that it would have been permanent. In my previous book I mentioned about how my spine was healed, but then the pain came back. Maybe my uncle didn’t know about withstanding the devil to keep his healing. The devil is a thief. He will try and steal your healing, your salvation, your peace, your money, your wife, your children, your love, your possessions, and everything you have. Jesus told Peter that the devil wanted to take him and sift him like wheat, but Jesus said he had prayed for him. (Luke 22, 31)

  1. Squint eyes

Many years ago I stayed for a few days with a man who had a Gospel Drive-in Cinema on his property where he showed a movie every Saturday night. My manager told me that he used to be an alcoholic, but he got saved by faith in Jesus. He had an engineering firm in a nearby city. I remember eating with them, and he had a round table with an extra round table in the middle, slightly higher, which rotated during the meal. If for example, you wanted the salt, you just waited until the table rotated, then you took it off, used it and put it back on. I have never seen anything like that before or since. Many years later I spoke to him on the phone, and he sent me a book he had written. One story stands out to me. He said that one day six Pentecostal ministers came to speak to him, and asked him if he spoke in tongues. He said he didn’t, so they told him he should not be operating his Gospel Drive-in Cinema then. They told him he should first be filled with the Holy Spirit, and then he could work for God. I remember when I sang at the cinema, how he would give a gospel message, and invite people to flick their car lights if they wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour. He would say a prayer for them, and then show the movie. I thought he was doing a great work for God. Unfortunately, when God is blessing you, sometimes other people get jealous, and want to cause trouble.

He was so discouraged, that he got in his car, and drove to the hotel to go back to drinking. As he sat in his car at the parking lot, the Lord ministered to him, and he didn’t go in. The next Saturday night he had planned to tell the people that he was going to close down the cinema, but for some reason, he didn’t do it. After the movie was over, a couple came to speak to him. They said their little girl had squint eyes, and wondered if he would pray for her. He felt he couldn’t do it because he didn’t speak in tongues. However, to get rid of the people he said a little prayer, and they left. As he was packing away the last of the equipment, he saw a car come back into the Drive-in. It was the same couple. They said they were driving down the road when their little girl asked how come all the cars have two lights now instead of four! She was healed.

  1. Take pills or die

When I first started in the Gospel singing ministry, my manager told me how he was taking about twenty two pills a day. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was somewhere in the twenties. The doctor said that if he quits taking them, he will die. He told me how one day he gave his life over to God and flushed all the pills down the drain. He lived about another forty or fifty years after that, and died at a ripe old age. I spoke to him on the phone two weeks before he died. Each person must do what is best for them. Pray about it. By the way, you shouldn’t flush harmful pills down the drain. It all goes into the water table.

  1. Blood pressure healed

I know a man that I have stayed with a few times on my travels, and he was telling me how he got healed of blood pressure. He was in a meeting, when the man leading the song service told him to pray for a certain man in the audience. He went to the man and asked him what his problem was. He replied that he had a problem with his blood pressure. (I can’t remember whether it was high or low in both individuals). Then he thought to himself: “How can I pray for him when I have blood pressure problems myself.” However, because he was asked to pray for him, he did his duty. Later on he found that he got healed of his own blood pressure problems. So it is kind of like the teachings of Jesus that when you give away, you receive. (Luke 6, 38)

  1. Leg lengthened

I was at a youth camp once where they had a visiting business man from California. I remember a lady sitting in a chair, and the business man holding her feet in his hands. One leg was about an inch shorter than the other. I was up close and looking intently at the proceedings to make sure I saw everything that was going on. He had been using my microphone, so I was holding my microphone in front of his mouth for the amplification, so my eyes were very close. He just said: “Thank you Jesus!” It was a shock to me, because I had never heard anyone pray like that before. I was used to praying to the Father in the name of Jesus. Instantly, the legs were the same length! Afterwards, I spoke with the lady, and she told me she had been in a car accident, and had a twisted spine. Her spine came straight, and so her legs were now the same length again. She was very happy!

  1. Heal or amputate!

I remember singing in a church where a guy was sitting in a wheelchair with both his legs in plaster. There were just a few toes sticking out from each foot. Many years later I sang at a church where he was playing guitar, and he was so kind as to swap guitars with me, because I needed a guitar with a wider neck. He invited me to his house for lunch after church, and told me the whole story about his legs.

He had been driving an army truck when it hit a landmine. He was blown away from the truck with his legs wrapped around the steering column. The army left him for dead. In a few trucks behind him was his brother-in-law, who came to his aid. He told me how later on when he was in a hospital the nurse would pick up his splintered legs and drop them. She couldn’t handle it. The doctors put his legs back together again as best as they could, and hoped for the best. Each time they checked his legs, the bones would not knit together. There came a stage when the doctors said that when they checked his legs the next time, and the bones had not knitted up, they would have to amputate both his legs.

He shared this with the church, and a little girl said they must put mud on his legs like Jesus did to the blind man. The pastor then suggested that the little girl do just that. So she went outside and made some mud, and put it on his toes that were sticking out. The next time he went for x-rays, all the bones had knitted up! We serve a wonderful God. Thank you God for that little girl too. A child shall lead them.

  1. A new foot

I was invited to sing and minister at a youth camp, and I noticed a guy playing volley ball, jumping around on one leg. Out of curiosity I asked him what had happened. He told me how he was in an army unit, walking through the bush, when he heard a voice out of the sky say: “Stop!” He stopped. He turned to the man in charge behind him and asked if the area had been cleared of anti-personnel mines. The man said:  “Yes.” The next step he took was on a mine. He said that if he hadn’t been forewarned, it would have blown his whole leg off, but having been warned, he jumped, and it just blew off his foot.

During one of the services, I sang the song: “One came back,” about the leper who came back to say thank you to Jesus, when a girl in the audience shouted out that we must pray for him to get a new foot. I felt that if she had that burden to pray for him, then she should do the praying. So I asked her to do it. So she did. On the Sunday night church service, she testified how she got filled with the Holy Ghost at the camp. After the service, I asked her when she got filled with the Holy Spirit. She said that after she had prayed for the man to get a new foot, she went to a side room, and started singing in tongues!

About a year later, I was invited to sing at a big tent meeting. As we walked towards the tent, a couple walked past us and greeted us. They said we don’t remember them. I must admit, that I have met so many hundreds of people in our travels, that it was hard to remember everyone. He said he was the guy who had lost his foot. Later on they invited us to their home for supper, and he told me the whole story.

He wanted an artificial foot, but in that country, they didn’t make artificial feet. They wanted to amputate his leg just below the knee and give him a foot with a leg. He wasn’t happy with that idea, and wanted to keep everything he had. He said how he was at a Christian bookshop in town, when the lady working there told him that there was a missionary convention in town that weekend, and the American missionary that had amputated his foot would be there. Maybe he could help. So he went to the convention, and the American doctor had a friend there from England who said he would get him an artificial foot. He showed how the foot straps onto his leg. If you didn’t know him and saw him walking, you would never know it was an artificial foot. He was very happy. When the girl at the camp wanted us to pray for a new foot, I thought she meant a whole new foot growing out of his ankle. That would have been a very big miracle. So anyway, that’s how things turned out. Everyone was happy. Praise God!

  1. Faith comes by the word of God

Paul said that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  (Romans 10, 17) If we want our faith to get built up, we need to read the Bible for starters, and other faith building literature. I know it is easier to sit back and be entertained by the modern media, but we also need food for our spirits. Just like our physical bodies need regular food, in the same way our spirits need food. We need to make time for God. Jesus said that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4, 4) I grew up in a very religious home where just about everything was a sin, but I am not like that. I enjoy being entertained too, but we need to have the right balance. This is something each individual must work out for themselves. There are so many miracles and healings mentioned in the Bible, that I want to encourage you to read them over and over again to get them into your spirit.

Back in 1982 I did the Books of Mark and Revelation in pictures, and while I was doing them it did something for me on the inside. On the outside I went through a lot of persecution, but God did things to me on the inside. At the moment I am trying to do the Gospel of Mark in full colour using the paint program on the computer. I am struggling because I know my art is not as good as other peoples’ art. If it helps you to read some of the miracles and healings Jesus did in comic book format, you are welcome to check out my attempts. I think I am on chapter five. Just type in: “Gospel of Mark – Christian Comics.”

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2 Corinthians 13, 14). God bless, Don Foster.