Gospel Movies

Bob Sutton and me
Bob Sutton and myself.

Bob Sutton was the owner of Religious Film Service in Salisbury. I went into the ministry as a gospel singer in 1970, with Bob Sutton as my manager. He would loan me films to take with me on the road.

1. Heaven is for real – trailer

I just watched this movie yesterday (May 8.2016) on Netflix. It is tremendous. Do yourself a favour, and find a way to see it. Filmed in Canada in 2014.

2. The Cross and the Switchblade

Back in the 70’s a friend showed this movie at a city hall, and I gave the invitation for salvation, and about 40 came to the front to give their lives to Christ. Won’t you surrender your life to Christ today?

3.  Wiretapper

I saw this movie in the 1960’s when I was a teenager, and I felt it was the best gospel movie I had ever seen.

4. Jesus of Nazareth in English

6 hours – a wonderful movie.

5. Jesus of Nazareth

With subtitles in another language.

6. ITBN Gospel Movies page 1

These folks have a whole lot of Gospel Movies.

7. ITBN Gospel Movies page 2

More movies.

8. Venture into faith

This is an Oral Roberts production that I saw in the 60’s. God is still able to heal you today. There is about a 10 minute introduction.

9. A hospital monitor films a demon on a dying patient

Jesus told a story of a rich man who died, and opened his eyes in hell. Luke 16, 23. Receive Jesus as your Saviour now, or the demons will takes you to hell. If you are saved, the angels will take you to paradise.

10. Left behind – Movie Trailer starring Nicolas Cage

I watched this movie the other day, and it was done very well. I borrowed it from the local library.

11. The last reformation – trailer

My friend in Switzerland mentioned this in her email, and I thought it was very interesting.

12. The last reformation – Full movie

I have only watched 37 minutes the other day, but it is very good. Just praying for people on the streets – and seeing them get healed.

13. Noah’s ark found

Ron Wyatt and his team could have been kidnapped and killed by the terrorists.

14. The Gospel of John (2003) – The Good News Bible

This is word for word from the Bible. I started watching it yesterday, just to get an idea of what it would be like, and ended up watching the whole 3 hour movie! It was such a blessing. Some parts were done very well, like the turning of water into wine, and the nobleman’s son. Also, Peter and the rooster. Mary Magdalene at the tomb.

15. Pureflix

Recently my wife found this site where you pay a monthly fee and watch movies that have no swearing or blasphemy. I have watched a few of them and enjoyed them very much. I watched a surfing movie and a couple of westerns. It was so nice the way the people mentioned Bible verses, and in  the surfing movie, the guy and girl both gave their hearts to the Lord. Unfortunately, it is only available at the moment in The USA and Canada.

16. The Ten Commandments – Animated movie

I watched this movie today and I was very impressed. These artists are so good. It does not stick exactly to scripture, but it is very well done. I recommend it.

17. Left behind 1

18. Left behind 2 – Tribulation force

19. Left behind 3 – World at war

I just watched this movie the other night, and it was done very well.

20. Superbook – A giant adventure

A cartoon movie of David and Goliath – with some modern day children going in a time machine back to the Bible days. It is done very well.

21. The life story of Jesus Christ

A cartoon movie of John the disciple on the Isle of Patmos telling Roman soldiers the story of Jesus. This too is done very well.