Country Gospel Songs by Slim Whitman

When I was a little boy, someone had a record of Slim Whitman singing country gospel songs, and I loved it. Some of those songs are featured here, and I hope they are a blessing to you. I had 36 songs listed, but most of them have been taken off the YouTube. So I will try again. Slim Whitman has come to the end of the way, and I trust he has made it safely into the arms of Jesus. I think these country gospel songs are a tribute to his faith in Christ. This morning as I watched the sunrise I was singing: “Sunrise tomorrow.”

  1. A closer walk with Thee
  2. A satisfied mind
  3. Beyond the sunset
  4. Carried on the shoulders of the Shepherd
  5. Each step I take
  6. Face to face
  7. God be with you till we meet again

8. God’s hand in mine – LP

Track No.1…With God’s Hand In Mine (3.08) 2…He Bought My Soul At Calvary (6.26) 3…What A Friend We Have In Jesus (9.03) 4…He Reached Down His Hand (12.10) 5…A Miracle Of Love (14.44) 6…Carried On The Shoulders Of The Shepherd (17.29) 7…My Father Watches Over Me (20.07) 8…How Great Thou Art (23.00) 9…He Set My Tears To Music (25.17) 10…Who At My Door Is Standing (28.07) 11…He’ll Understand And Say Well Done (30.38) 12…The Love Of God

9. Have Thine own way Lord

10. He

11. He bought my soul at Calvary

12. He keeps me singing

13. How great Thou art

14. I know who holds tomorrow

15. I will pilot thee

16. I’ll fly away

17. I’ll never pass this way again

18. I`ll walk with God – single song

19. I’ll walk with God – LP

Track No. 1…I’ll Walk With God (3.05) 2…Whispering Hope (5.52) 3.,..I’m A Pilgrim (7.58) 4…An Evening Prayer (10.20) 5…Jesus Took My Burden (12.30) 6…Sunrise (17.09) 7…Walk Beside Me (19.18) 8…Each Step I Take (22.12) 9…The Great Judgement Morning (25.01) 10…He Lives On High (26.54) 11…Today Is Mine (28.38) 12…When I Go To My Garden

20. I’m a pilgrim

21. It is no secret

22. I’ve got a mansion

23. Jesus took my burden  – and left me with a song

24. Lord, Help me be as Thou

25. Miracle of love

26. Precious memories

27. Riding the range for Jesus

28. Sunrise tomorrow

29. Sunrise tomorrow (a different  version – older I think)

30. Suppertime

31. The love of God

32. There’s a goldmine in the sky

33. Today is mine

34. Under His wings

35. Walk beside me

36. What a friend we have in Jesus

37. When I go to my garden each morning

38. Whispering hope

39. Who at my door is standing?