Country Gospel Songs by Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard passed away recently, and I would like to share some of the Country Gospel songs he sang.

1. I saw the light

He talks about some of the old singers and Hillbilly heaven.

2. Amazing grace

3. Lord, don’t give up on me

I am not sure if Merle Haggard wrote some of these country gospel songs or not, but some of them sound very personal.

4. In the garden (He walks with me)

5. This world is not my home

6. Jesus Christ

7. Jesus, take a hold

8. Guide me Lord

9. The sermon on the mount

10. There’s just one way

11. When God comes and gathers His jewels

12. Where no one stands alone

13. Old rugged cross

14. Precious memories

15. Wait a little longer please Jesus – with Bonnie Owens

16. Life’s railroad to heaven

17. On the Jericho road

I remember some men singing this song in church when I was young.

18. If we never meet again

19. Mama’s prayer

20. Family Bible – A Country Gospel song by Merle Haggard

21. One day at a time

22. Just a closer walk with Thee

This is the first country gospel song I sang in front of people at a little house meeting. I learnt the song off by heart, but when I announced the song title my mind went blank. I sang the chorus a couple of times, then I remembered one verse. Then later I remembered another verse. I was so embarrassed. Afterwards, some guy said he enjoyed the song, so I confessed that I had forgotten the words. He said he didn’t know the words. That encouraged me. Now, if I sing one of my own songs and forget the words, nobody will even know, except me!

23. What a friend we have in Jesus

24. Why me Lord

25. What will it be like

26. I’ll fly away – “live”

Some of his fellow singers talk about him, then you see Merle Haggard on stage singing.

27. Victory in Jesus

28. The seeker

I see that this country gospel song was written by Dolly Parton. Thank you Merle Haggard, and I hope you made it through the pearly gates, and are singing in hillbilly heaven!