Country Gospel Songs by Skeeter Davis

When I was a teenager I heard Skeeter Davis on the radio singing a love song which I didn’t really care for, because it was so sad. However, yesterday I found her singing a whole lot of good old country gospel songs, so I am sharing these with you! I hope these will bless you as much as they have blessed me!

1. It’s different now

2. We need a whole lot more of Jesus – A country gospel song by Skeeter Davis

3. Daddy sang bass

4. Father’s table grace

I had never heard this song before, but the way Skeeter Davis does it, really touched my heart. Jesus loves you, do you know that?

5. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone

We need to know we are saved before we die.

6. Turn your radio on

I wish I had a radio station where I could hear all these lovely country gospel songs all day. But, Praise the Lord, we have the internet, so if you are at home with a computer, you can listen all day!

7. Try Jesus

8. God loves His children

9. Daddy was an old time preacher man

10. No tears in heaven

I heard Neville Johnson on a video in church saying that when people stand in the river of life in heaven, all their hurts are washed away.

11. Do you know my Jesus

Dear friend, please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior now. Just say you are sorry for all your sins and receive Him as your Savior. It only takes a few seconds, and you can be a new person.

12. How long has it been

13. Hand in hand with Jesus

14. I’ll meet you in the morning

15. Amazing grace

16. Oh come, angel band

17. Child of the King

18. Whispering hope

19. Precious memories

20. Silent night

21. Who am I

22. How beautiful heaven must be

I love all these country gospel songs, and as you are blessed by them, maybe Skeeter Davis will receive rewards in heaven. Amen. God bless y’all.