Gospel Songs by Jimmie Davis

I had an LP record of Jimmie Davis when I was in South Africa, and it was a great blessing to me. I loved his gospel songs.

1. Suppertime

The Gospel Song section of The Porter Wagoner Show.

2. I’ve been changed

A nice gospel song by the ‘Guv’ – governor Jimmy Davis.

3. Three rusty nails – My favorite Jimmie Davis Gospel Song

4. I was there when it happened

5. Dear Jesus abide with me

6. I’ve got a mansion

7. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone

8. Someone to care

9. Lord I’m coming home

This is the sinners song coming to the Lord in repentance. I hope Jimmie Davis made it through the pearly gates. I would love to meet him there.

10. At the crossing

11. Do you ever think to pray

The Lord has taught me that I must always give thanks when I pray. Thank you Jimmie Davis for your gospel songs that have been such a blessing to me.