There is something very special about Galilee, because this is where God touched down on planet earth through His Son Jesus Christ.

In my life, I have had the honour of meeting or getting in very close proximity to some very famous people like Mickie Most, Cliff Richard, Min Shaw, Pat Boone, Billy Graham and Elvis Presley. However the greatest thrill of all was feeling close to our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is what I felt when we were in Galilee. I wished I could have stayed there forever and ever! After being there, I felt inspired to draw the Book of Mark (in the Bible) as a colouring book for children. Since then I have been trying to redo it using the paint programme on the computer. So far I have only got as far as chapter seven. It is here on this website – if you are interested. Anyway, here are some songs and sites of Galilee that help me to try and recapture that special feeling I felt from long ago.

  1. Stranger from Galilee – John Burns
  2. Galilee, Galilee – Carroll Roberson
  3. Stranger of Galilee – Jack Holcomb When I was a kid I heard Pastor Shanklin play the piano accordion and sing this song. I only heard it once, but it felt so special to me. Thank you Jesus.
  4. Stranger of Galilee – Blue Rock Mennonite Youth
  5. Stranger of Galilee – Bill Shaw
  6. On the Sea of Galilee – Emmylou Harris and the Peasall Sisters
  7. On the Sea of Galilee – Antique Persuasion
  8. Stranger of Galilee – New Creation Ministries of Zimbabwe
  9. Blue Galilee – Don Foster
  10. Travel – 13 min
  11. Best sites – 3 minutes
  12. Walked on water – 2 min
  13. Travel – 11 min
  14. Driving from Tiberius – 37 min
  15. Drone – 5 min
  16. Aerial view and dam wall – 4 min
  17. Visit and aerial view of Jordan River – 2 min
  18. Kibbutz Ein-Gev – 4 min
  19. Holy Land – 5 min
  20. Walking – 1 min
  21. Storm – 1 min
  22. Stroll by Galilee – 30 min