Gospel songs by The Chuck Wagon Gang

Here is a collection of Gospel songs by The Chuck Wagon Gang. Some of their songs have a great anointing on them. There are about three or four generations represented here.

1. If you believe

I was invited to speak in church the other day, and I wanted to sing this song. So I went on the internet to check on the words of this song. I ended up listening to the Gospel songs of The Chuck Wagon Gang for many hours, and hence this section.

2. I’ve been changed

Jesus wants to change us just like he did to His disciples.

3. Turn your radio on

4. I’ll meet you in the morning

5. I’ll fly away “live”

6. The old country church

7. Jesus hold my hand “live”

8. Life’s evening  sun

9. Traveling light “live”

10. He wrote my name “live”

11. Bringing in the sheaves

12. When the roll is called up yonder

13. Power in the blood

14. Camping in Canaan’s land

15. I love to tell the story

16. In the sweet bye and bye

17. At sundown – A Gospel song by The Chuck Wagon Gang

18. Where the soul never dies

19. Feel like traveling on

20. Dust on the Bible

21. On the Jericho road

22. The gangs history in pictures

23. Standing on the promises

24. Are you washed in the blood

25. When the saints go marching in

26. Peace in the valley

27. The Eastern gate

28. The blood still flows

29. Church in the wildwood

30. We’re marching to Zion

31. The signs by the side of the road

32. What a day that will be “live”

33. Glory to His name

34. I’ll meet you in the morning “live”

35. Sunshine in my soul

36. In the garden

For this song, Elvis has about one and a half million views. But listen to The Chuck Wagon Gang sing this old gospel song. There is a great anointing there.

37. It is well with my soul

38. My Jesus,  I love Thee

39. Lead me to Calvary

40. The old rugged cross

41. I know whom I have believed

42. He hideth my soul

43. At Calvary

When were in the garden tomb area overlooking Golgotha, this song was on my mind.

44. I will sing the wondrous story

45. Take the name of Jesus with you

46. I am Thine Oh Lord

47. My Savior’s love

48. A beautiful life

49. Hide me Rock of ages

Jesus said: “Feed my sheep.” As I listened to these lovely gospel songs by the Chuck Wagon Gang, it was like food for my soul and spirit. I hope these songs are a blessing to you.