Gospel Songs by Wanda Jackson

I was at somebody’s house in South Africa once, and they had a record of Wanda Jackson singing Gospel Songs. It sounded very nice. I had never heard of Wanda Jackson before. Now, with the internet, I discover she was a bit hit in America. I grew up in Rhodesia, so there is a lot I don’t know about the international music scene.

1. Turn your radio on

I love the American country style music.

2. Let go – let Jesus – Wanda Jackson Gospel Song

3. One day at a time

This is Wanda Jackson singing “live”.

4. I saw the light

I enjoyed hearing Wanda Jackson give her testimony of how she received Jesus as her Savior.

5. I love you Jesus

6. Didn’t He shine

7. Two hands

8. Fill my cup Lord 

I love the “movie” version of this gospel song.

9. Great speckled bird

I love the guitar music.

10. The king is coming

11. My testimony

12. Oh happy day

13. How great thou art

14. He’s the man

15. He gives us all His love

16. Jesus is the answer

17. Grandma sang off key

At first I didn’t think this was a gospel song, but it is.

18. Dust on the Bible

If there’s dust on your Bible, it means you have a “hole in your soul!”

19. I saw the light

This is the same gospel song as earlier, but it is a different “live” recording.