Paralyzed for over 22 years – then gets healed

  1. Delia Knox – Paralyzed from the waist down – healed in a gospel service A friend sent me this story on Facebook, and I discovered it happened about 9 years ago, but it is such a tremendous story that I have to share it with you.

2. She shares with the church what happened A couple of weeks later she shares  with the church how she struggled over the years – depression and hope. She saw a baby that needed healing – and compassion came into her heart – it changed her.

3. Part two of the sharing with the church

4. The full healing service – 43 minutes – this is fantastic.

5. Delia Knox – hit by drunk driver – paralyzed from the waist down

6. Delia tells her own story

7. Delia arrives at her parent’s home in Buffalo

8. Nathan Morris on the Sid Roth Show

9. John Kilpatrick on the Sid Roth Show

10. Blind girl gets healed

11. Blind boy gets healed