Country Gospel Songs by Willie Nelson

Here are some nice country gospel songs sung by Mr. Willie Nelson. I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. I thought about You Lord

I think he wrote this one himself.

2. Whispering hope

3. In the sweet bye and bye

4. Will the circle be unbroken – “live”

5. When the roll is called up yonder – “live”

6. Too sick to pray – “live”

Willie Nelson wrote this country gospel song too. It is a bit of a cheeky song. I wonder what the Lord thinks of it. In the Bible it says we must sing unto the Lord a new song.  So I guess the Lord wants to hear new songs too!

7. Are you washed in the blood

8. Softly and tenderly

9. Revive us again

10. In the garden

11. Tell it to Jesus

12. Swing low sweet chariot

13. Life’s railway – with Patsy Cline

14. Old time religion

15. When we all get to heaven

16. Stand by me

17. Just a closer walk with Thee

18. How great Thou art

19. Just as I am

20. Amazing grace

21. The lily of the valley – A good old country gospel song by Willie Nelson

I heard my mother singing this song in the kitchen when I was little, as I was playing outside with my toys. It is a precious memory.

22. Unclouded day

23. I’ll fly away

24. Were you there when they crucified my Lord

25. Family Bible – “live”

When I was in Bulawayo in the late 60’s I bought a record by Bobby Bare where he sang this lovely country gospel song. I was a great blessing to me. It was many many years later that I discovered that it was written by Willie Nelson, who sold it because he was short of money. One version said he sold it for $50, another version said he sold it for $100.

26. Farther along

27. Where He leads me

28. Showers of blessing

This song blessed me so much, that I felt inspired to want to sing and play the guitar again. For many years I quit playing the guitar and singing country gospel songs because of criticism. I also quit writing songs, but I think I am slowly getting healed. So I am very grateful to Mr. Willie Nelson for singing this song and playing his guitar. He seems happy singing – so why shouldn’t I? So I wrote the words down, and sang it over and over again! Since then I have sung it a few times in church too. Thank you Jesus!

29. It is no secret

30. In God’s eyes

Apparently he wrote this lovely song too.

31. Kneel at the feet of Jesus

32. Where the soul never dies

33. Gather at the river

34. I’d rather have Jesus

35. What a friend we have in Jesus

36. Just a little talk with Jesus

37. Family Bible – with Johnny Cash

38. Just a closer walk with Thee – with Patsy Cline