Gospel Songs by Boxcar Willie

I never knew Boxcar Willie sang gospel songs, but I came across a few yesterday.

1. I saw the light

I first heard this gospel song on a record by Bobby Bare.

2. Jesus makes house calls

Boxcar Willie makes me think of a doctor who makes house calls, and Jesus is the best doctor!

3. Jesus I need to talk to you

This is a very touching gospel song about a little boy whose mother has died, and he is praying to Jesus.

4. This old house

This was a hit by Rosemary Clooney, and written by Stuart Hamblen.

5. Last train to heaven

Don’t let anything cause you to miss the last train to heaven. Receive Jesus today as your Saviour.

6. Peace in the valley

I think this gospel song was written during the second world war, when a guy was traveling on a train through a peaceful valley, where all the animals were grazing peacefully side by side.

7. Life’s railway to heaven

Keep shoveling the coal into the fire brother.

8. Hobo’s meditation

9. Hobo heaven

According to his son, Boxcar Willie wrote this song. I hope he made it through the pearly gates, and didn’t end up in Dallas!