Connie Smith – Country Gospel Songs

Back in the late 70’s, I was in a record shop in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, and I found an LP of Connie Smith singing “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor.” I was so happy. I had heard that country gospel song on the radio in Virginia, USA back in 1976. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that song on the net, but here are other songs that she sings real good.

1. Away in a manger

You can remember Jesus’ birth any day of the year.

2. Clinging to a saving hand – with Marty Stewart and band

A Gaither video.

3. Clinging to a saving hand

Some nice old photos.

4. Come along and walk with me

5. Connie Smith – Country gospel songs medley

6. Crumbs from the table – with Nat Stuckey

7. Family Bible

I had a record of Bobby Bare singing this one. It was written by Willie Nelson.

8. Gathering flowers for the Master`s bouquet

9. God will – with Nat Stuckey

10. He set me free

11. How great Thou art

12. How great Thou art – on the Porter Wagoner Show

13. How great Thou art – with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps

14. I can live forever – with George Jones

15. I saw a man

16. I saw the light

17. I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now

Connie Smith inspired me to sing this song again. I just sang it in my bedroom about an hour ago!

18. If God is dead (who is this living in my soul) – with Nat Stuckey

19. In the garden

The man who wrote this song had a vision of Mary Magdalene at the garden tomb, and how Jesus came and spoke to her.

20. In the valley (He restoreth my soul)

21. Jesus is your ticket to heaven

This is a real swinging song that I had never heard before. I must learn it.

22. Jesus remembered me

Back in the 60’s Pat Luffman gave me a tape of Hank Williams singing this song.

23. Just a closer walk with Thee

This was the first song I ever sang in front of people, and I forgot half the words!

24. Nothing but the blood of Jesus – with George Hamilton 1V

25. O holy night

26. Plenty of time

This is a very powerful conviction song. Beloved – get on your knees and give your life to Jesus. He is willing to forgive you all your sins. It just takes a couple of seconds to get saved!

27. Satisfied

I had a record of Pat Boone singing this one.

28. The Son shines down on me

29. Too much to gain to lose

I had a record of Jerry Lee Lewis playing piano and sing this lovely country gospel song. It was written by Dottie Rambo.

30. When God dips His love in my heart

31. When God dips His love in my heart – Opryland

32. When I get to Glory

33. When Jesus passed by – with the Jerry Sullivan Family

34. Where could I go but to the Lord

35. Whispering hope – with Nat Stuckey

36. Wings of a dove

Connie Smith sings all these country gospel songs so nicely. Thank you.

Eloise Saayman – Country Gospel Songs

I heard my wife listening to one of her country gospel songs, and I enjoyed it. Eloise Saayman is from South Africa, and sings in both English and Afrikaans. Her singing and her music and her graphics are quite stunning.

1. Across the bridge

A wonderful old country gospel song that I first heard by Jim Reeves, and recorded myself too in 1972.

2. Amazing grace

Everybody loves this song.

3. An evening prayer

I first heard this country gospel song by Slim Whitman.

4. Because He first loved me

Very nice graphics.

5. Because He first loved me

This version features Eloise Saayman singing.

6. Beyond the blue medley

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me, He touched me.

7. By U is ek veilig

8. Come and walk

9. Die Here is my herder

10. Forever and a day

Eloise Saayman also writes some of her own songs.

11. Give me oil in my lamp

I remember singing this chorus many times a a kid in Rhodesia.

12. God on the mountain

A great old country gospel song.

13. God van reinheid

Very nice graphics.

14. God van alle reinheid

Different graphics.

15. Going down Jordan

16. Grace has a face

17. He chose me medley

There is a river, Jesus, just the mention of your name.

18. He knows just what I need

I heard this one when I was young by the Keller-York Quartet and Elvis Presley.

19. Help me

This is fantastically done. The singing, the graphics and the music. Thank you Eloise.

20. He’s coming back

21. His hand in mine

I heard this one by Elvis Presley and Jimmy Swaggart.

22. Holy, holy medley

Standing somewhere in the shadows, Without Him.

23. I know exactly

24. If we never meet again

When I was young a friend sang this song, then I later bought a record of Elvis doing it.

25. I want to

26. Jesus and I

27. Kenner van my hart

28. Luister my siel

Ms. Saayman singing on a hill.

29. Luister my siel

The official video.

30. Omdat Hy leef

Because He lives.

31. Put your hand

This song was written by a Canadian singer.

32. The windows of heaven

I remember as a kid singing this chorus many times at house meetings in Bulawayo. Such a blessing.

33. Through the window

34. Touching this soul

35. U is my lewe

36. U troon staan vir ewig

37. Where do I go from here

38. Worship medley

Dankie Mevrou Saayman vir u wonderlike sang en musiek.


Country Gospel songs by the Happy Goodmans

The other day a friend asked me if I knew the song “Come and dine.” So I decided that I needed to learn it off by heart. After that I decided to listen to other people singing the song, and hence I came across the Happy Goodmans, and decided to do this post. I hope you like the songs I have chosen.

1. Amazing grace

2. Band members – song medley

I love the steel guitar sound.

3. Born to die

4. Born to serve the Lord

5. Come and dine

6. Gospel music the way it was

I never grew up in America, so I never heard the Happy Goodmans “live” in concert.

7. He said: “Peace”

8. I believe He’s coming back

9. I don’t regret a mile

10. I’m living in Canaan now

11. I saw the light

Country gospel songs are my favorite type of music.

12. I saw the man

13. It must have rained in heaven

14. Joy in the morning

15. Lighthouse

16. Lighthouse – Rusty

17. Little wooden church on the hill

Pastor Marks lent me a record of Jimmy Swaggart singing this song, but some of the words are different. This is my favorite song when I play piano and sing.

18. Look for me

19. Poor rich man

When I was singing in Welkom, someone gave me a record of Bud Chambers singing this song.

20. Shoutin’ sounds

21. Thank You Lord for Your blessings on me

22. The Eastern Gate

23. The Potter

24. There’ll be shouting

25. There’s something about a mountain

This song became very real to me when I was singing in Cape Town. Table Mountain just seems to dominate everything there.

26. What a happy time

27. What a lovely name

I have seen the Happy Goodmans many times on the Bill Gaither shows.

28. Who am I

29. Won’t it be wonderful there?

30. Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now – A country gospel song by the Happy Goodmans

Pastor Marks lent me a record of Jimmy Swaggart singing this song when I was at college in Salisbury.



Hymn – Tell me the story of Jesus

In the old days, I used to sing thousands of country gospel songs, and every now and then old songs still pop into my memory. Yesterday this song popped into my mind. I heard it as little kid going to church. Here is a collection of different singers that love this old hymn.

1. The Garment of praise Quartet

2. Carman “live”

3. Guitar picker – A hymn a week

4. The McKameys

5. Gaither video

6. Baptist Church

7. Ivan Parker

8. The Booth Brothers

9. Mark Bishop

10. Donna Carline

11. EliEli – guitar picker

12. The McKameys “live”

13. Gospel hits

14. Hymn 152

15. The Woodlands UMC’s Children’s Choir

16. Tell me the story of Jesus (with lyrics)

17. Jake Gieseler

18. First North Choir and Orchestra with Edie Rowland

19. Gaither group – Beautiful sunset

20. Charlotte Ritchie and Ivan Parker

21. The Lighthouse Quartet

22. Carman

23. Guitar man in church

Please tell your friends the story of Jesus, and about this website, maybe they will get saved! There is nothing more important than salvation. God bless you.

Gospel songs by Don and Kim Case

The other week an old gospel song came to my mind called: “Jesus is the joy of living.” When I looked for it on the internet I found Don and Kim Case singing it so nicely. So I listened to a whole bunch of their songs and they were a great blessing to me. I hope you get blessed too.

1. Jesus is the joy of living

2. I’m waking up singing

3. Welcome everybody, God is still on the throne

4. Jesus took my burden and left me with a song

5. Every step I take – medley

6. Just keep on praying, Isn’t He wonderful

7. Love found a way, Praise Him

8. Deeper

9. Glory to His Name

10. My Lord knows the way through the wilderness, Each step I take, I’m following Jesus, Every step I take, Following Jesus, My Savior leads me

11. The blood that stained the old rugged cross, There is a fountain filled with blood

12. Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same, Keep on believing God will answer prayer, Only believe

13. Till the storm passes by, We have an anchor, I’m standing on the rock, On Christ the solid rock I stand, Haven of rest

14. Speak my Lord

15. I do, don’t you

16. It is Jesus

17. He lifted me

When I was young I remember a few folks who played the piano accordian, and we would sing gospel choruses for hours. Sometimes around the camp fire, and other times in people’s living rooms. Hearing Don and Kim Case sing these old gospel songs brings back so many happy memories. Thank you, and God bless you.

Country Gospel songs by Anne Murray

Anne Murray is famous in the pop world, but she also sings some good old country gospel songs. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Lord I hope this day is good

2. The other side

3. Put your hand in the hand – A Country Gospel song by Anne Murray

4. Just a closer walk with Thee

5. I Softly and tenderly

6. In the garden

7. Amazing grace

8. It is no secret

9. Whispering hope

10. Peace in the valley

11. How great Thou art

12. Old rugged cross

13. The Lord’s prayer

14. Jacob’s ladder

15. If you see my Savior

16. Elijah

17. Go tell it on the mountain

18. Away in a manger

19. Silent night

20. O come all ye faithful

21. We three kings

22. Nearer my God to Thee

I saw Anne Murray this morning on the news, and felt led to do this section of her country gospel songs. God bless y’all.

Country Gospel Songs by Ray Price

Many years ago I heard a recording of Ray Price where he sang “Where he leads me I will follow.” There was such a tremendous anointing on that song. I played it for a minister once, and he got down on his knees, weeping before the Lord.

1. Amazing grace

2. Didn’t He

3. Faith

4. Farther along

5. Help me

6. He’s got the whole world in His hands

7. How big is God

8. How great Thou art

9. I believe

10. I came to praise the Lord

11. I’ll fly away

12. In the garden

13. I saw the light

14. Just a closer walk

15. Just a little talk with Jesus

16. Just as I am

17. Love lifted me

We used to sing this hymn in church when I was little.

18. Now the day is over

19.  Peace in the valley

20. Praise to the Lord

21. Precious memories

22. Rock of ages

23. Rock of ages – different pics

24. Softly and tenderly

Jesus is standing at the door knocking. Will you let Him in?

25. Special kind of Man – Ray Price – Country Gospel Song

26. Talk about Jesus

27. Take my hand precious Lord

28. The old rugged cross – SUPERB RECORDING with lyrics – nice photos too

I have put it in big writing concerning the recording, because the way the lady wails in the background is so effective for this song. Ray Price sings with so much sincerity.

29. The old rugged cross – nice recording – pic of cross

30. Until then

I love singing this song.

31. What a friend we have in Jesus

32. When I take my vacation in heaven

We trust that Ray Price made it safely through the pearly gates and is enjoying his vacation in heaven. I hope the Lord like country gospel music.


Country gospel songs by Hank Snow

When I was young, a friend in Salisbury had a record of about twelve different American singers. One was Roy Rogers, who I knew from my cowboys comics, and another was Hank Snow singing Glory land march. I had never heard of Hank Snow before, but I loved the upbeat sound. I never heard of him again in Africa, but when I came to Canada, I found out that he was a famous Canadian singer that made it big in Nashville. Here are some of his country gospel songs that I found on the YouTube, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I hope they don’t take them off!

1. The Glory Land march

My wife requested me to sing this song in church last week!

2. My religion’s not old fashioned – a country gospel song by Hank Snow

I first heard this song on a record by Pat Boone. Written by Stuart Hamblen.

3. How big is God

Another Stuart Hamblen song.

4. I saw a man

I first heard this song by Johnny Cash, and it was such a tremendous blessing to me.

5. These things shall pass

Another Stuart Hamblen song that blessed me a lot when I was a teenager. When troubles came my way I often sang this song, and it was such a great comfort to me.

6. The last mile of the way

Brother, we have to make it all the way to the last mile. (or kilometer!)

7. This train

8. I see Jesus

This song is about Stephen when he was stoned.

9. Lord, it’s me again

Hank Snow with Jimmy Snow and the Evangel Temple choir

10. Why me

11. His hands

This morning I woke up with this song on my heart – hence this web post. I first heard this song by Stuart Hamblen.

12. It`s the Lord`s way of saying goodnight

13. These hands

The song says: “These hands raise to praise the Lord.” Over the years as I have been to many different churches, sometimes I raise my hands to worship the Lord, but I notice, that many people in churches don’t do that. It is scriptural you know!

14. It is no secret

One of the famous country gospel songs that Stuart Hamblen wrote.

15. Whispering hope

Never lose hope brother, it can help you through the hard times.

16. I saw the light

A musical with Chet Atkins. I first heard this song on a record I bought of Bobby Bare singing country gospel songs.

17. In Daddy`s footsteps

Some big lessons here.

18. God`s little candles

19. Pray

20. Invisible hands & I`m glad I`m on the inside (looking out)

With The Blackwood Brothers.

21. I’ll go marching into glory

22. Mother, I thank you for the Bible you gave

This is a powerful song. My parents gave me a Bible when I was a teenager, and I read one chapter a day as my spiritual food, and after a few years, I had read the whole Bible.

23. Prisoner’s prayer

24. He’ll understand and say well done

I would love to hear the Lord say: “Well done.”

25. I’ll just telephone upstairs

26. Lord, I do believe

27. I’m in love with Jesus

28. Jesus wept

The write up under the song says that Hank Snow and his wife Minnie wrote this song.

29. Nobody`s child

Please listen to the words of this boy. It will touch your old crusty heart.

30. Sacred songs album


Well, I hope you are blessed by these good old country gospel songs. Keep your wheels a spinnin’ and your friends a grinnin’.