Country Gospel Songs by Charley Pride

Many years ago I heard some very nice country gospel songs by Charley Pride, so I have compiled some of my favorite ones here, and I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. All His children

2. Angel band

3. Be grateful

4. Brush Arbor meeting

Wouldn’t it be nice if all God’s children would just love each other and put aside all their differences of beliefs like Charley Pride mentions in this lovely country gospel song?

5. Brush Arbor meeting – with pictures

6. Did you think to pray

7. God’s coloring book

This lovely song was written by Dolly Parton.

8. He set me free

It was so nice to hear this old country gospel song again, and Charley Pride does it real good.

9. He took my place

10. He’s the Man

11. I don`t deserve a mansion

12. In Jesus` name I pray

13. I`ll fly away

14. Jesus it`s me again

15. Jesus is your Savior, child

16. Let me live in the light of His love

17. Little delta church

18. Lord, build me a cabin

19. Next year finally came

20. This highway leads to Glory – A country gospel song by Charley Pride

This is my favorite. I sang it the other day in church.

21. Time out for Jesus

This is my second favorite country gospel song by Charley Pride.

22. Wings of a dove

Country Gospel Songs by Dottie Rambo

I think the first country gospel song I ever heard that was written by Dottie Rambo was ‘Remind me.’ I heard it on a Jimmy Swaggart record that Pastor Marks had lent me back in the 60’s, when I was at college in Salisbury, Rhodesia.

1. Tears will never stain the streets of that city

2. Too much to gain to lose

I first heard this song on a Jerry Lee Lewis country gospel record that I bought at a shop in Pretoria.

3. I just came to talk with you Lord – A Country Gospel Song by Dottie Rambo

4. Sheltered in the arms of God

This is one of my wife’s favorite songs. I bought her a record of Jimmy Swaggart singing it before we got married. At the time, she was living in Swaziland.

5. If that isn’t love

I seem to recall hearing that Elvis was going to do a whole album of Dottie Rambo’s songs to help her financially, but died before he had the chance. Apparently, this was the only song of hers that he recorded.

6. I’ve never been this homesick before

I was having meetings with Pastor Eldon King in Arkansas back in 1983, and he had a record of Jimmy Swaggart and John Starnes singing this song. I loved it so much. I was so homesick for Africa. This song dug way down deep inside my heart. A few years later we went back to Africa, and I sung this song a lot!

7. I’m gonna leave here shoutin’

8. Mama’s teaching angels how to sing

9. He looked beyond my fault and saw my need

This song was also on the Jerry Lee Lewis record that I had.

10. For what earthly reason

11. I will glory in the cross

12. Stand by the river – with Dolly Parton

13. New shoes

14. We shall behold Him

15. In the valley He restoreth my soul

One time we were having meetings in the Stutterheim area, and my wife wrote her own song on this subject.

16. Pass me not

17. She testifies about her life

18. Her angel experiences

19. Songs she wrote to and for her mother

20. Holy Spirit Thou art welcome in this place

This is such an anointed song. Dottie Rambo sure wrote a lot of good old country gospel songs.

21. Telling her stories on Dove Nightline – Part 1

She had a tough childhood – tougher than mine! She had to choose between Jesus and her dad.

22. Part 2

23. Part 3

24. Part 4

25. Part 5

26. Part 6

27. Part 7

28. Part 8

29. Part 9

30. Part 10

31. Part 11

32. Part 12

33. Part 13

34. Part 14

35. Dolly Parton and Larry Ferguson – the rose ceremony

36. Larry Ferguson on Atlanta ‘live’

37. Larry Ferguson on the Jim Bakker Show

38. BBC documentary

39. Her Home-going service Part 1

40. Part 2

41. Part 3

42. Part 4

43. Part 5

44. Part 6

45. Part 7

46. Part 8

47. Part 9

48. Part 10

49. Part 11

50. Part 12

51. Part 14

52. Part 15

53. Part 16

54. Part 17

55. Part 18

56. Part 19

I still sing some of Dottie Rambos country gospel songs like: ‘A prisoner of love.’ Also another one that says: ‘When I’m down, when I’m down on the ground, when my heart is filled with fear and doubt, then I lift up my head, and He lifts up my heart, and my troubles they all roll away.’ When I was in Africa, I had lots of their gospel records. Another one I loved went like this: ‘Mama always had a song to sing, she taught us that a melody could change most anything, so I’ll wipe away my tears, Mama sing me Home sweet home, and nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee.’ God bless y’all.


Country Gospel Songs by Skeeter Davis

When I was a teenager I heard Skeeter Davis on the radio singing a love song which I didn’t really care for, because it was so sad. However, yesterday I found her singing a whole lot of good old country gospel songs, so I am sharing these with you! I hope these will bless you as much as they have blessed me!

1. It’s different now

2. We need a whole lot more of Jesus – A country gospel song by Skeeter Davis

3. Daddy sang bass

4. Father’s table grace

I had never heard this song before, but the way Skeeter Davis does it, really touched my heart. Jesus loves you, do you know that?

5. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone

We need to know we are saved before we die.

6. Turn your radio on

I wish I had a radio station where I could hear all these lovely country gospel songs all day. But, Praise the Lord, we have the internet, so if you are at home with a computer, you can listen all day!

7. Try Jesus

8. God loves His children

9. Daddy was an old time preacher man

10. No tears in heaven

I heard Neville Johnson on a video in church saying that when people stand in the river of life in heaven, all their hurts are washed away.

11. Do you know my Jesus

Dear friend, please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior now. Just say you are sorry for all your sins and receive Him as your Savior. It only takes a few seconds, and you can be a new person.

12. How long has it been

13. Hand in hand with Jesus

14. I’ll meet you in the morning

15. Amazing grace

16. Oh come, angel band

17. Child of the King

18. Whispering hope

19. Precious memories

20. Silent night

21. Who am I

22. How beautiful heaven must be

I love all these country gospel songs, and as you are blessed by them, maybe Skeeter Davis will receive rewards in heaven. Amen. God bless y’all.

Gospel songs by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters

In 1971, I was singing in Tzaneen, and bought a record of gospel songs by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters. The only song I can actually remember now is the one about the black sheep. Here are a bunch of songs I found on the YouTube, and I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. This train

2. Walk around me Jesus

3. Roll away the stone

4. Looking at Calvary

5. If You could die for me

6. Borrowed

7. Praying alone

8. Clinging to the Master’s hand

9. I’ve got His footsteps

10. They see God there

11. I’ve got a longing

12. A child of the King

13. The Man of Galilee

14. When I inherit my mansion

15. Heaven will surely be worth it all

16. If you see my Savior

17. Travel onward

18. Silver and gold

19. Talk about the good times

I always tell my family that “The guns are loaded an’ the doors are bolted!” Those words are from this song. Thank you Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters. May you receive your rewards in heaven.

20. I firmly promise you

21. In that great beyond

22. On the wings of a dove

23. Never been this homesick before

24. The tomb is empty

25. He is risen

26. Both sides of the river

27. I looked all over heaven

28. On my mother’s side – A Gospel Song by Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters

This is a fascinating song. When Jesus was little in the temple talking to the leaders of Israel, and they ask him questions. For example: “How old are you?” “On my mother’s side I am 12 years, but on my Father’s side I’ve always been!” This song gives a fantastic look at Jesus. I was lying in bed last night thinking that Jesus is the creator of the universe, so he can fix anyone’s body just with his word. He created everything by his word.

29. Tell it again

30. His word will stand

31. On the road to Damascus

32. Sing me a good ol’ gospel song

33. It ain’t love till you give it away

34. Show me the way

35. His love did a work in me

36. In spite of myself

37. The man in the middle

38. How can you say “No”

39. After awhile

40. Ole Pappy’s new banjo

41. I’ve seen the light

42. Heaven’s mountain band

43. He’ll stand by me

44. Kneel at the cross

45. He was talking about me

46. I have found a way

47. I’m on my way to heaven

48. I want to be ready

49. Heaven

50. Good news

51. Cool chilly water

52. Interview with Little Jan Buckner Goff

53. Healing in the rain – Jan on the Gaither show

54. Here come the rattlesnakes – Wendy Bagwell “live”

We visited America in 1976, and I heard the rattlesnake story on the radio. So I bought a long playing record that had that story on it, and took it back to Africa with me.

55. Above it all – record

I 1983 I was singing in Arkansas, and met a guy by the name of Wendall, then I realized that Wendy Bagwell was short for Wendall. When I first bought their record in 1971, I thought Wendy was the name of one of the girl singers! So they are called The Sunliters!


Gospel songs by Gordon Davis – Elvis tribute artist

The other week I was looking at different Elvis tribute artists singing gospel songs, and this gentleman stood out to me – Gordon Davis. It was so refreshing to hear the “live” music and back up singers, as most of the artists have canned music. He is so good looking, and has such nice mannerisms.

1. Help me

On Saturday night I was so sick that I lost the will to live, and this song sung by Gordon Davis kept running through my head. Especially the last verse and chorus. “Come down from Your golden throne to me…” It was like my spirit was crying out to God for help. Yesterday I wrote down the words of the song, and will probably start singing it when my throat gets better. Many years ago when I read Johnny Cash’s book, he said the song was written by Larry Gatlin, but when I was looking at the words sung by Elvis Presley, they list a whole lot of others writers. On the page where Kris Kristofferson sings it, they have it listed that Larry Gatlin wrote it. So there is some mix up going on somewhere.

2. If that isn’t love

The first time I heard this song was on a Jimmy Swaggart record. I think it was written by Dottie Rambo.

3. He touched me

Bill Gaither has influenced a lot of people through this beautiful song that he wrote. Thanks Bill.

4. How great Thou art

To me this is one of the greatest worship songs, and Jesus said that the Father wants people to worship Him. (John chapter 4)

5. Stand by me

Some words in this song really touch my heart: “When I do the best I can, and my friends misunderstand….” That has been one of my big problems. People don’t understand, and criticize.

6. There is no God but God

I remember singing this song on the beach in East London back in the 70’s.

7. Amazing grace

If you don’t know the words to this song – you have a hole in your soul.

8. Lead me, guide me

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. Many thanks to Gordon Davis and the lovely ladies singing with him, and thanks to the musicians too. God bless y’all.

9. Gospel album

10. How great Thou art – with drums

11. Help me

12. Peace in the valley

13. If that isn’t love

14. You’ll never walk alone

15. On ITV News

Country Gospel Songs by The Wilburn Brothers

Yesterday I noticed that someone had come to this website by looking for The Wilburn Brothers singing: “How beautiful heaven must be.” So I decided to check out their country gospel songs, and this is the result.

1. How beautiful heaven must be

Some years back we met a man who had been in heaven. He said how he ate some fruit from a tree, and he could feel the taste of it go all through his body. Then another fruit popped up instantly in it’s place on the tree.

2. Don’t go home tonight unsaved

When I was a kid, I remember preachers telling us in to get saved because we might die on the way home from church. I thought it was just spook stories, until one day when I was riding my little bicycle, I was nearly hit by a car. I could have died and gone to hell. So I received Jesus as my Saviour. One preacher told us of a girl who said she would receive Jesus as her Saviour after her 21st birthday party. On the night of the party she was in a car with a drunk driver, and there was an accident. When the preacher visited her in hospital, she kept screaming: “It is too late” before she died.

3. Something got a hold of me

I heard a guy testify how he was a singer at a night club, and on the way to work he would walk past a church and listen to them singing. One night he decided to go inside. So he stashed his drugs in a hole in the wall and sat on a chair by the back wall. He checked his watch every now and then, and when it was time to leave, he started getting up, when he felt two strong hands on his shoulders holding him down. Then he thought that the church must have a bouncer, so he gave him the back elbow – but his elbow hit the wall. Then he realized it must be an angel holding him down. The woman preacher came to him shaking her finger, and he surrendered his life to Christ.

4. Move up a little closer

I had never heard this song before, but the Wilburn Brothers sure know how to sing and play. I love the beautiful music of the band too.

5. Less of me

Back in the sixties I had a Bobby Bare record of him singing this song. When I sang this song with my band, it had an effect upon them.

6. An empty mansion

One lady who went to heaven said that for each soul you win for Jesus, you get one brick for your mansion.

7. Daddy was an old time preacher man

Here is Dolly and Porter singing on their show.

8. May the good Lord bless and keep you

9. I’ll fly away

The Wilburn Brothers singing another famous old country gospel song.

10. The old country church #1

I grew up in Rhodesia, and American country gospel records were very hard to find, but I remember hearing this song on a record by T. Texas Tyler (I think).

11. A beautiful life

In Africa, I heard this country gospel song on a record by Jim Reeves.

12. When the roll is called up yonder

When I was a little boy, this was my favourite hymn sung in the Sunday night services.

13. Blessed Jesus, hold my hand

14. Precious memories

15. Won’t it be wonderful there?

16. I’ll never leave my God alone

17. I need the prayers of those I love – A country gospel song by The Wilburn Brothers

18. Let the lower lights be burning

In 1966 I read a book called: The stories of D.L.Moody.”  A man had the job of keeping the light burning in the lighthouse, but he fell asleep. When he woke up he saw a ship wrecked on the rocks. He ran down to the beach, and the first body that washed up on the beach was that of his son. Beloved, we must keep our lights burning!

19. I’ve got that old time religion in my heart

“Thank you” to The Wilburn Brothers for their lovely videos.

20. O come, angel band

21. These little eyes that look at me

When my son got born, I went to see my wife in the hospital the next day, and there was this beautiful little boy in her arms. When those little eyes looked at me, and I went gooie all inside of me. It felt like my heart melted.

22. The old country church #2

23. Farther along

24. Get all excited

25. Take up thy cross – side one

26. Side two

27. Are you afraid to die?

28. Will you be ready (to wear a golden crown)?


Church and Elvis Gospel Songs

Yesterday I came across this church that played Elvis gospel songs as part of their worship, and I enjoyed it so much. I found myself worshiping the Lord.

1. Church Paradiso and Elvis gospel music Part 1

This church is in Amsterdam, and they speak Dutch, but the singing is in English. I really loved the way the choir sings with Elvis. It was such a blessing to me. In fact, even Elvis sounded better with the choir backing him! I loved the way the choir swayed to the music. The audience was fantastic too.

2. Part 2

I confess, I skipped through most of the talking parts, but I loved the singing.

3. Part 3

I really enjoyed that last song, and it looked like the people were almost dancing out of the church. I got such a charge out of that. In fact I felt quite sad that the church service was over.

4. Jay Zanier

This is Jay Zanier singing at a church in Mississauga. O Happy Day, He touched me, Walk them golden stairs, How great Thou art, Where no one stands alone.

5. Malt Shop Memories Cruise 2013 – Elvis gospel tribute “live”

These guys sing really well. They are top notch singers and performers. They are better than I have ever been. The lead singers are: Jay Zanier, Dwight Icenhower, Mark Anthony, James Gibb and Di Leichtweis. The band and back up singers are very good too. Excellent show! Some of those slow gospel songs were sung with so much feeling.

6. Gospel Elvis – Leland Johnson

We heard Leland about 20 years ago in a church, and really loved his performance. In fact we bought a few of his tapes, and I have had his poster on my bedroom wall all this time. I think he lives near Calgary.


7. Elvis gospel tribute –  James Anderson

This gentleman sings real good, and has recordings available for purchase. He is also from Canada.

8. Jeff Lewis – He touched me 2011

This is part of the Memphis contest.

9. Jeff Lewis – How great Thou art

I think this is one of the best worship songs ever.

10. Elvis Priestly – Eternity Rolls

This gentleman is also from Canada, and runs his own church, where he sings Elvis gospel songs.

11. Jack Nelson – Somebody bigger than you and I

12. Gordon Davis – Help me

This man sings so nice, that I have done a separate section on him.

There are lots of other Elvis gospel tribute artists that I have links to, but I will add them at a later date.

Bible lesson – Vision – The Lord is coming


Back in 1977 I had a vision of the coming of Jesus. In the vision, I was with a tour group in Swaziland. We came up to the front of a hotel, and there was computer type machine with flashing coloured lights on the left hand side. All the people in the tour group went to look at it, but I walked straight forward past the reception area. At the reception there was an Indian man who gave me a nice smile. I felt like asking him if he was a ‘Christian,’ but I didn’t. (Many years later the Holy Spirit taught me things about the word ‘Christian,’ but I will share that in another story.)

I walked through a lounge area, then an eating area, then out onto a patio. There were round tables with umbrellas in the middle, and on the left side was a little wall about two feet high. I sat down on the wall, wondering what I should do next. I thought of maybe taking a walk down town to see the sights.

Suddenly an African woman came running backwards up to the front of the hotel. She had a cloth tied around her head covering her eyes. In the vision, I knew she was blind. Then she shouted: “Die Here kom, ek kan Hom sien!” Translating, it means: “The Lord is coming, I can see Him!” I looked up to the sky and saw a great crowd coming down from heaven, like a procession. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit from the left side into my chest saying: “The Lord cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones.” It was like a mixed translation from the main two Bibles I had used – The King James Version and the Revised Standard Version. What surprised me was that I always thought that my spirit was located in my head, but from that vision, I guess it is located in my heart. Two years later the Holy Spirit spoke to me in Rome while I was in Saint Peter’s Basilica, and it was the same experience, from the left side into my heart. That experience in covered in my other story: “Thou shalt not make any graven image.”

Then all around me I saw people going up. They were like the colour of clouds, I could see through them. Immediately I thought I was left behind. Earlier that year, I had a dream where my wife was taken up in the rapture, and I was left behind. I wrote a song about it the next day, and it is on the YouTube. Now I was under tremendous shock – I am being left behind for a second time! It was as if my life was an open book, and I was seeing the turning of the pages trying to figure out what I had done that was causing me to be left behind. I felt like I weighed a ton of lead. I wanted to be going up with those people. Nothing else mattered. I imaged someone offering me a million dollars to stay behind, and me refusing it. Nothing else in life mattered. There was nothing in this world that I wanted to stay behind for. The most important thing was to be saved, and to be taken up to meet Jesus in the air. I was in a state of total depression.

Then suddenly, I felt myself lift off. Oh it was fantastic! My hands were up and I was shouting “Hallelujah” at the top of my lungs. I was so happy. Many times in church meetings I have tried to get people to praise the Lord, and it is such a struggle. People seem to have difficulty in raising their hands to praise the Lord. At that moment I was ecstatic. I had made it! Nobody needed to tell me to praise the Lord. It was automatic. I went up above the top of the hotel, and then I saw the sun setting on the horizon, and the dark sky above me with the stars. Then I got to thinking about that Indian man at the reception. Was he saved? I should have spoken to him about the Lord. With the burden of that Indian man’s soul on my heart, the vision ended.

Afterwards, I got to meditating about a few things. When I saw the people going up, I was in such a state of shock, but in the Bible it says that the dead in Christ will rise first. So that must have been the dead people going up that were the colour of clouds. I Thessalonians 4,16: “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:”

The words the Holy Spirit spoke to me were from Jude 14, and Jude is quoting from Enoch, the seventh from Adam. But we don’t have Enoch’s writings in the Old Testament. At the time it made me think that Enoch must have written some things, but they must gotten lost over the centuries, that is why they are not in the Bible. Many years later I came across the writings of Enoch. Books one, two and three. I have a copy of books one and two. Nowadays, a lot of these things you can get for free on the internet, but in the old days, it was very difficult to obtain them.

Beloved, my desire is for everyone to hear the gospel and get saved. That is why I do my websites. Jesus said to His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel. I am not able to go into all the world, that is why I am doing this on the internet, because people from all over the world visit my websites. There is only one way to be saved, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask for forgiveness for all your sins. Jesus paid for our sins with His own precious blood. Receive Him now as your Saviour, and be saved. God bless. Here’s a link to the song I mentioned earlier: It was the rapture.

Acts 16,31

Gospel songs by The Seekers

The Seekers were on the hit parade in Rhodesia when I was a kid. I don’t really know much about them, but I presume they were originally a gospel group that went from Australia to England to get into the British Invasion by singing love songs, and then to promote their religious songs in order to try and reach the world through their music.

1. Turn, turn, turn

This is a very nice visual of these folks collecting grapes.

2. Kumbaya “live”

I think ‘Kumbaya’ means ‘come by here.’

3. Open up them pearly gates – “live”

I think of this song in connection with an incident that happened while I was doing military training in the Rhodesian Air Force in Gwelo. I was in a car full of guys, and we were going so fast, that I was getting scared of being in another car accident. So I started singing: “Open up them pearly gates” – and the guys were so shocked. Then the driver slowed down, and it was a great relief to me!

4. Sinner man  “live”

I was at a friend’s house in Bulawayo when she put on this record, and it was the first time I realized that The Seekers actually sang gospel music too.

5. We shall not be moved

Interesting visuals of The Seekers riding the old cars.

6. Study war no more

When I look at the world news, there is so much trouble. Won’t it be nice to have peace?

7. This train

8. Just a closer walk with Thee

9. The Seekers sing a medley of gospel songs – “live”

10. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen


11. Just a closer walk with Thee

She was the lead singer with The Seekers, but it looks like she has gone solo in her old age.

12. The Lord’s prayer

13. Amazing grace

14. My faith

15. Go tell it on the mountain

16. Precious Lord take my hand

17. The Lord’s my Shepherd

18. His eye is on the sparrow

19. Breathe on me breath of God

20. In the garden

The guy who wrote this gospel song had a vision of Mary Magdalene at the garden tomb meeting up with Jesus.

21. A medley of songs – “live”