Jude on YouTube

Here is the Book of Jude in pictures on the YouTube with a song in the background.  I hope it is a blessing to someone. Back in 1977 I had a vision of the coming of Jesus and the Holy Spirit said to me: “The Lord cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones.” The Holy Spirit was quoting from Jude verse 14, so I have added on here the song about the rapture. In my vision I saw people going up in the air.

Jude24 don

Jude (with song: It was the rapture)

Revelation on YouTube

I have eventually finished loading Revelation in Pictures onto the YouTube, with various songs as background music. I hope it speaks to people’s hearts and that some people get saved.


1. Revelation chapter 1 (song: Blue Galilee)

2. Revelation chapter 2 (song: If you hadn’t told me about Jesus)

3. Revelation chapter 3 (Don’t sit on the fence)

4. Revelation chapter 4 (You’re my God)

5. Revelation chapter 5 (Fluffy)

6. Revelation chapter 6  (Ready?)

7. Revelation chapter 7 (Live above)

8. Revelation chapter 8 (Don’t be weary)

9. Revelation chapter 9   (All my troubles)

10. Revelation chapter 10 (A new day)

11. Revelation chapter 11 (Prophets)

12. Revelation chapter 12 (Get off my back)

13. Revelation chapter 13 (Do you love Him more than anything?)

14. Revelation chapter 14 (A new creature)

15. Revelation chapter 15 (It’s such a beautiful day today)

16. Revelation chapter 16 (I carried you)

17. Revelation chapter 17 (Little birds)

18. Revelation chapter 18 (He understands)

19. Revelation chapter 19 (Just one touch)

20. Revelation chapter 20 (Don’t you worry)

21. Revelation chapter 21 (Jerusalem I love)

22. Revelation chapter 22 (The Winning Side)

Country Gospel Songs by Ray Price

Many years ago I heard a recording of Ray Price where he sang “Where he leads me I will follow.” There was such a tremendous anointing on that song. I played it for a minister once, and he got down on his knees, weeping before the Lord.

1. Amazing grace

2. Didn’t He

3. Faith

4. Farther along

5. Help me

6. He’s got the whole world in His hands

7. How big is God

8. How great Thou art

9. I believe

10. I came to praise the Lord

11. I’ll fly away

12. In the garden

13. I saw the light

14. Just a closer walk

15. Just a little talk with Jesus

16. Just as I am

17. Love lifted me

We used to sing this hymn in church when I was little.

18. Now the day is over

19.  Peace in the valley

20. Praise to the Lord

21. Precious memories

22. Rock of ages

23. Rock of ages – different pics

24. Softly and tenderly

Jesus is standing at the door knocking. Will you let Him in?

25. Special kind of Man – Ray Price – Country Gospel Song

26. Talk about Jesus

27. Take my hand precious Lord

28. The old rugged cross – SUPERB RECORDING with lyrics – nice photos too

I have put it in big writing concerning the recording, because the way the lady wails in the background is so effective for this song. Ray Price sings with so much sincerity.

29. The old rugged cross – nice recording – pic of cross

30. Until then

I love singing this song.

31. What a friend we have in Jesus

32. When I take my vacation in heaven

We trust that Ray Price made it safely through the pearly gates and is enjoying his vacation in heaven. I hope the Lord like country gospel music.