Country Gospel Songs by Patsy Cline

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many country gospel songs by Patsy Cline, but I feel I must post them anyway, and I hope they will bless you as they have blessed me.

1. Just a closer walk with Thee – with Willie Nelson

It seems like this is a new recording with their voices blended together like it was done with Jim Reeves.

2. Life is like a mountain railroad – with Willie Nelson

This is also a very nice recording of the two of them singing together with nice railroad pictures.

3. Dear God

Here is Patsy Cline singing a heart searching song that I think most people can relate to.

4. If I could see the world (through the eyes of a child)

Yes, I think the world would be a better place if we all acted like children!

5. Life is like a mountain railroad

This is Patsy Cline singing alone, with nice Railroad pictures.

6. Just a closer walk with Thee – a country gospel song by Patsy Cline

Here she is singing alone again.

7. Life’s railway to heaven

Singing alone with different photos.


Letter of Jude – Bible comics – Christian comics

Jude1 don Jude2 don Jude3 don Jude4 don Jude5 don Jude6 don Jude7 don Jude8 don Jude9 don Jude10 don Jude11 don Jude12 don Jude13 don Jude14 don Jude15 don Jude16 don Jude17 don Jude18 don Jude19 don Jude20 don jude21 don Jude22 don Jude23 don Jude24 don Jude25 don

I apologize for using my painting of Elvis depicting Jude, but that is the best painting I have of a man. In case you wonder what translation I am using, I thought I would explain. I have had many “Christians” hate me on account of various Bible translations that I have had, so I decided to do my own translation. I look at many different translations, then I do my best to explain it in my own type of English. It also saves trouble with copyright. God bless y’all.