Country Gospel Songs by Jerry Lee Lewis

Back in about 1971 I was having some meetings in Pretoria, and I found a record  of Jerry Lee Lewis singing country gospel songs. It was such a big blessing to me.

1. Amazing Grace

2.  Blessed Jesus hold my hand

3. Down the sawdust trail

This country gospel song was such a blessing to me when I had it on a record by Jimmy Swaggart.. Jerry Lee Lewis sings it nice too.

4. Gather round children

5. He looked beyond my fault

We all have our faults, and Jerry Lee Lewis often mentions his.

6. How great Thou art

One of the greatest worship songs ever written.

7. I know that Jesus will be there – with Linda Gail

Such a lovely song.

8. I saw the light – with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins

9. I shall not be moved – Million Dollar

10. If we never meet again

One of my all time favorites.

11. I`ll fly away – with Carl and Johnny

12. I’ll fly away – with Mickey Gilley

13. I’m using my Bible for a roadmap – Wait a little longer please Jesus – I long to see Jesus

Dear friend – please read the Bible.

14. In the garden

A “live” performance – I think it is in Austin Texas.

15. Jesus on the mainline

When we first visited America, the church we visited sang this one.

16. Just a little talk with Jesus –  Million Dollar Quartet

Elvis does the lead singing here.

17. Life’s railroad to heaven – with steel guitar

18. Lily of the valley

This old one takes me way back to my childhood days when my mother sang it in the kitchen while I was playing with my toys outside.

19. Looking for a city

20. Lord, I’ve tried everything but You

Maybe you have tried everything, and are not happy, so why not try the Lord?

21. My God’s not dead – A Jerry Lee Lewis Country Gospel Song

I found this song so exciting.

22. My God is real

“I cannot tell, just how you felt, when Jesus took your sins away.” Have you repented of your sins and received Jesus as your Savior? If not, do it now, before it is too late. I was nearly killed by a car when I was little.

23. Old country church

24. Old rugged cross

25. Old Time religion

26. On the Jericho road

27. Peace in the valley – Million Dollar Quartet

28. Precious memories – “live” – talking

29. Precious memories – talking – with photos

30. Softly and tenderly

31. Softly and tenderly – Million Dollar Quartet

32. Speak a little louder to us Jesus

33. Swing down sweet chariot – with the Rust College Quintet

34. This train – with Carl, Roy and Johnny

Carl says it is the last train.

35. This world is not my home

36. Too much to gain to lose

I have often sung this song from Mr. Lewis’ country gospel record. Thanks Jerry Lee.

37. When the saints go marching in

In the New Testament, the word “saint” is mentioned 66 times, while the word “Christian” is only mentioned 3 times. (KJV)

38. When they ring those golden bells

39. Where He leads me

This is a very powerful old gospel song. There is one very serious verse he doesn’t sing: “I’ll go with Him through the judgment.”

40. Will the circle be unbroken

This looks like it is at a memorial service for Johnny Cash and June Carter.