Gospel Songs by Cathy Viljoen

Cathy Viljoen sings lots of good gospel songs. She hails from South Africa. (Darkest Africa!)

1. Somebody touched me

2. The hem of His garment

In the Bible, a lady touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. I heard a record in Rhodesia by Cowboy Copas singing gospel songs and one of the songs had the same title.

3. You made life worth living

4. Someday my ship will sail – Cathy Viljoen Gospel Song

5. A Wedding Song

This song by Cathy Viljoen would be a great song to sing at a wedding.

6. When my last song is sung

7. Die man met die purper kleed

This is an Afrikaans gospel song that Cathy Viljoen sings about the crucifixion of Jesus. The man with the purple robe.

8. Jesus sal nimmer se nee

9. Alle nasies moet die here dien

Cathy Viljoen sings lots of Afrikaans gospel songs, and is very popular over there.